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The Carrot on a Stick is an item that allows players to control pigs while riding them.


When a pig is saddled, it can be controlled with a carrot on a stick. Point the stick in the desired direction, and the pig will follow, similar to holding a carrot without mounting. The pig will gradually eat away at the stick's durability, though, leaving a regular fishing rod when the durability is used up. When the carrot on a stick is right-clicked, a quarter of the durability will be spent, and the pig will temporarily double its speed, like a speed boost.


Carrot on a Stick

(Shapeless recipe)
None None None
Fishing Rod
None None


  • The Carrot on a Stick was an idea from Dinnerbone, who is the same developer who came up with ender chests, flower pots, and item frames.
  • Carrots on a stick are perfect to use while pig racing since players can use them to control their pigs.
  • A carrot on a stick cannot be crafted if the fishing rod is damaged.
    Despite its name, it should be called "Carrot on a Fishing Rod" due to the fact that it was crafted with the said item. The name "Carrot on a Stick" was probably a simpler and easier term.


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