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Not to be confused with Caves & Cliffs.

Camps & Clubs is an update for Education Edition. Development for this update started with beta Education Edition 1.14.60. This update expands eligibility to camps, after-school programs, homeschools, nonprofits and other organizations.[1][2][3] Education Edition 1.14.70 was released on May 26, 2021.



The 5 new construction worker NPC skins.

The 5 new teacher NPC skins.

  • Added 10 new NPC skins.


Pause menu
  • Added links in the pause menu to a related Flipgrid topic, Forms quiz, or web tool when assigning a lesson from the Library.
  • Added an option that enabled hosts of a world to share a link that takes users directly into their world.
World settings
  • Added the ability to add resource links to a Flipgrid topic.
  • Added a Classroom tab to the Settings menu to access common world settings.
Main article: Classroom Mode
  • Added the ability to launch the game (including specific worlds) from a Learning Management System.


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