A campfire is a Light-emitting block.


Campfires can be crafted (See recipe below), but they can be found in some Village houses, acting as a chimney.



Players can light a campfire to create a "cozy" light source. They originally emitted a light level of 9, but as of snapshot 19w03c, campfires now emit a light level of 15. The fire can also be put out at any time.

A Hay Bale can be placed directly under a campfire block to create smoke signals, which can be seen from very far away, increasing smoke height from 10 blocks to 25 blocks.
Campfire Haybale

Left: Without hay bale and Right: With hay bale.

Campfires can also be used to cook food, although it takes longer for it to cook than if a Furnace or Smoker is used. The progress of the food cooking is not displayed, and the food will pop out of the campfire once cooked.

If a player were to walk on the campfire, they would take 9px-Half Heart.svg of damage.

If a campfire is destroyed, it will drop 2 Charcoal and Sticks.


Stripped Log
Stripped Log
Stripped Log

Note: The stripped log variants cannot be mixed and must be the same variant.



A campfire appeared in the lead-up to Minecon Earth 2018.

Campfires were revealed as a possible addition in the lead-up to the Minecon Earth.[1] Viewers were encouraged to vote for one of three existing Biomes during the livestream, and the one with the most votes would be updated with various additions.


First glimpse of what campfires look like in-game.

In an animated video, developers Jens Bergensten and Agnes Larsson revealed campfires as a feature of a taiga update, if it were to get the most votes (Sweet Berry Bushes, and Foxes were also mentioned).

Following the Minecon Earth livestream, Mojang announced the winner in a Twitter post:[2]

"The winner of the MINECON Earth biome vote is Taiga!!!
Foxes, berries and campfires coming to an Overworld near you!"

On January 9, 2019 Mojang revealed that campfires were now available as part of Snapshot 19w02a.[3]


  • If a player dies from being on a campfire, then the death message will say: "discovered the floor is lava". This is the same death message that appears when a player dies while standing on Magma Blocks.
  • The April Fools special in 2019, Minecraft 3D, features campfires.
  • Fishermen Villagers have a chance to sell campfires in exchange for Emeralds.
  • The original texture of the campfire had a burning animation while the player held it.
  • Campfires can be relit into many other ways other than using Flint and Steel. Some of them can be done through Fire Charges, or by using a Bow enchanted with Flame.
  • Campfires will not be extinguished by Rain, but can be extinguished if Water runs over it or if splashed with a Splash Water Bottle.
  • Animals that drop meat will not drop the cooked versions of their meat when they die on the campfire.
  • It takes 30 seconds for food to cook on a campfire.
  • You can cook up to four pieces of food at a time on a campfire.
  • Putting a campfire underneath a hive will not make bees attack you when you are collecting Honey. This is similar to a tool that is used in real life, which is called a bee smoker.




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