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This article is about the official Mojang bug tracker. For a list of pages where issues were previously recorded, see Minecraft Wiki:Issues.
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The Mojang Bug Tracker (officially known as Mojira) is the official website location for players to report bugs for Minecraft. Similar to the feedback site, it is community moderated. The bug tracker is located at bugs.mojang.com.



The first screenshot of the bug tracker.

Previously, the issues page on the Minecraft Wiki was used to maintain issue reports. Many people complained that the process was too complicated. Due to the high demand for a proper bug tracker instead of using the wiki, Mojang contacted Atlassian, which became their choice due to being flexible and customizable. An email was sent to Atlassian to gain help on making a proper bug tracker. Atlassian immediately offered to help, providing a free JIRA license. A video was published to showcase their improved JIRA developer's API for JIRA v5.0.


Although this new Minecraft bug tracker will mostly be community organized and run, it will be the official location to report bugs in Minecraft that we’ll be keeping an eye on. [...] We’ll be using this new bug tracker for all future releases of Minecraft. If you’re already familiar with JIRA and want to get right into reporting a bug, go check out the new Minecraft Bug Tracker here!


On October 24, 2012, the bug tracker was officially released by Erik Broes and Atlassian using their issue tracker, JIRA.


The following projects are currently present or were once present on the bug tracker:

Project Key Supported? Accessible? Description Link
Minecraft: Java Edition MC Yes Yes Used to track issues for Minecraft: Java Edition. Minecraft: Java Edition - Jira
Minecraft (Bedrock codebase) MCPE Yes Yes Used to track issues for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. Minecraft (Bedrock codebase) - Jira
Bedrock Dedicated Server BDS Yes Yes Used to track issues for Bedrock Edition server software. Bedrock Dedicated Server - Jira
Minecraft Console Edition MCCE No Partially Was used to track issues for Legacy Console Edition versions. Issues may only be viewed if the direct link to an issue is provided. Minecraft Console Edition - Jira
Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS Edition MCDS No No Was used to track issues for Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS Edition. Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS Edition (archived)
Minecraft Dungeons MCD Yes Yes Used to track issues for Minecraft Dungeons. Minecraft Dungeons - Jira
Minecraft: Earth MCE No No Was used to track issues for Minecraft Earth. Minecraft: Earth - Jira (archived)
Minecraft Legends MCLG Yes Yes Used to track issues for Minecraft Legends. Minecraft Legends - Jira
Minecraft Launcher MCL Yes Yes Used to track issues for the launcher of Minecraft: Java Edition and Minecraft Dungeons. Minecraft Launcher - Jira
Minecraft Realms REALMS Yes Yes Used to track issues for Realms. Minecraft Realms - Jira
Mojang Web Services WEB Yes Yes Used to track issues for websites of Mojang Studios. Mojang Web Service - Jira
Scrolls SC No No Was used to track issues for Scrolls. Scrolls - JIRA (archived)
Trash TRASH Yes No Used as a permanent storage for invalid bug reports that are breaking the bug tracker rules. Project not found - Jira (unavailable)
Minecraft API MCAPI No No Was used for Minecraft API suggestions. Minecraft API - Jira (archived)
Minecraft Pocket Edition Archive ARCHMCPE No No Was a read-only archive of Pocket Edition feature requests and suggestions that were previously submitted to the main tracker so that people could easily migrate their feature requests/suggestions to the Minecraft Forums. The only issues that were visible to users were the ones that they submitted. Was originally planned to be removed "in a few weeks", although it didn't get removed until at some point between July 8[2] and October 11,[3] 2014. Minecraft Pocket Edition Archive - Mojira (archived)


  • Bedrock Edition's MCPE tag comes from when it was the Pocket Edition. The Bedrock Edition's page was originally used for Pocket Edition.
  • Several bug reports have resulted in the addition of entire new blocks to the game:
    • MC-7449 was fixed by adding infested cracked stone bricks, infested mossy stone bricks and infested chiseled stone bricks.
    • MC-55228 was fixed by adding red sandstone.
    • MC-126564 was fixed by adding specific dead variants of each type of coral.
    • MC-170833 was fixed by adding potted crimson and warped fungi.
    • MC-214684 was fixed by adding potted azaleas.
    • MC-215847 was fixed by adding infested deepslate.
  • As of April 22, 2023, 740 Java Edition bug tickets remain open which have 5 or less digits. Of these, one has a single digit (MC-4), three have two digits, fourteen have three digits, and eighty-nine have four digits, leaving 633 five-digit tickets.



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