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This feature is exclusive to Java Edition. 

The customization screen for Buffet.

Buffet is a world type in which the entire Overworld consists of one biome (Single Biome). It is considered a substitute for the old customized world type. By comparison, the Buffet world type is simple to customize.

World types[]

There is one world type as part of Buffet:

  • Single Biome: Uses the regular generation settings in Overworld: the world generates with a bedrock floor at the Y=-64 lower height limit, and the rest of the terrain is generated on top of it. However, there is only one biome in Overworld, which is selected by the player.

Custom biomes[]

Buffet world types allow the player to choose a biome that the world uses in generating terrain of Overworld. Biome choice determines things such as terrain, vegetation, generated structures (if applicable), and to some extent, mob spawning. Buffet worlds can be customized to use any one of the available biomes and use only that particular biome for the entire world. The player can choose any of the existing biomes, including technical biomes (such as different End island types).

Attempting to use custom biomes from data packs causes a crash.


Java Edition
1.1318w16aAdded Buffet world type. At this time, the world generation options were "Overworld" and "End".
18w19aAdded the "Caves" generation option.
Changed the "Overworld" generator option to "Surface", and changed the "End" option to "Floating Islands".
Before this snapshot, players could change the level.dat's  generatorOptions tag to {"biome_source":{"type":"minecraft:fixed","biomes":["minecraft:plains"]},"chunk_generator":{"type":"minecraft:nether"}} to create the "Caves" generation option.
pre4Biome names are now sorted alphabetically in the Buffet menu.
1.1620w21aThe world generator types are now world type values instead of being an option in the Buffet world type.
Renamed "Surface" generator to "Single Biome".
1.1721w06aCaves and Floating Islands worlds now make use of the full height of the world.
1.18Pre-release 1Removed the "Caves" and "Floating Islands" generation options from the world creation screen.


  • If the Nether or The End is used as the world generation, then the sky would appear, as if it is a mixture of the Overworld and the dimensions.