A Bucket is a tool that can hold water, lava, or milk, which can then be consumed (milk only), or spilled to make a pool (water and lava only).

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The main use of the bucket is to obtain liquids, mostly water, which is necessary for farming. Keeping some water on hand while mining can "guard" a player from lava. Thus, it is highly recommended to have at least one water bucket when mining to help avoid damage from lava and the occasional fire. Water cannot be drunk unless it is put into Glass Bottles.

Buckets can also hold lava which can be used in mob traps and creating useful resources like obsidian and cobblestone. Milk is also hold-able in buckets, and it can cure all status effects (e.g. Food Poisoning, Swiftness, Wither, etc.). It can also be used to make Cakes. All liquids can be obtained by simply right clicking on the source of liquid, e.g., a cow in the case of milk.



Buckets can sometimes be found inside of Dungeon and Woodland Mansion chests. Alternatively, it can be made in a Crafting Table in the following arrangement:

None None None
Iron Ingot
Iron Ingot
Iron Ingot


  • Interestingly enough, buckets are destroyed by lava (when dropped), but they can hold lava (when used).
  • Even though not quite as obvious as other items, a bucket can be used as a "griefing" tool on servers (as they can be used to pick up/place water and lava). For this reason, several servers ban this item.
  • Even though buckets are stack-able, if two buckets are filled with the same liquid they can't stack and stay separate.
  • A single bucket filled with lava can be used to smelt up to 100 items.
    • After the lava is used up, the bucket will be given back to a player.
    • Before Beta 1.8, the bucket would not be given back to a player after the smelting process was finished.
  • Placing an empty bucket in the fuel slot of a furnace while it is smelting a wet sponge will fill the bucket up with water after the wet sponge is finished smelting.



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