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This feature is exclusive to Java Edition. 

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I'm so proud of that name! Brigadier is the name of the command engine that Minecraft uses.

Dinnerbone on Brigadier[1]

Brigadier is a command parser and dispatcher, designed and developed for Java Edition,[2] mainly maintained by Dinnerbone.[3] It is the first library used by Java Edition that Mojang has released under an open-source license.[4]


Brigadier is used for parsing and executing string commands.


  • Define command nodes with argument or literal branches
  • Modify/fork command source in command contexts
  • Active inspection on command parsing[6]
  • Listing all possible commands from current command node[7]
  • Handle command result real-time on execution success/failure
  • Recursive command node redirection
    • /execute run redirects to the root node of the vanilla command dispatcher

Limitations and issues[]

Brigadier has various numbers of limitations while executing the command, such as the numeric limitations on integer data types such as /effect, /weather, and floating-point data types such as /time, making many integer values parsed in the commands inaccessible.

Since 1.15, whenever the chat cursor is positioned at the start of a node after a whitespace character, command suggestion will say "Incorrect argument for command at position <position number>" instead of displaying the command suggestions, especially the command arguments that requires numbers or strings before parsing and the trailing spaces beyond the command argument list.[8]


October 25, 2014Dinnerbone mentions Brigadier in the comments on MC-10880.
July 27, 2017Dinnerbone discloses a non-obfuscated command parser library called "brigadier".
Java Edition
1.1317w45aCommands are now handled with Brigadier.
Minecraft introduces Brigadier as a dependency.
September 26, 2018Brigadier is open sourced under the MIT License.[9]
1.1419w08aNow allows single quotes for strings in commands.[10]

Version history[]

Version Date Changes
1.0.15 September 26, 2018[11]
  • Initial release
1.0.17 February 19, 2019[12]
  • Allow single quotes in strings
  • Added long argument
  • Implement calculation of suggestions for any text position
  • No longer depend on Guava
1.0.18 July 16, 2021[13]
  • Peformance optimizations