A Brewing Stand is a craftable utility block in Minecraft used in the brewing process to make potions, splash potions, and lingering potions.


The collision box of the brewing stand involves the bottle holders and the central rod. When right-clicked, the brewing stand interface displays which have 5 slots. The bottom 3 slots are for glass bottles. These bottles must be filled with Water or a potion. The upper slot is used to add an ingredient into the potions below (i.e. Nether Wart), and the upper left slot is for Blaze Powder, which will fuel 20 ingredients per powder.

Brewing stands will only yield itself if destroyed with a pickaxe. Brewing stands also emit a light level of 1. While distilling a reagent into the glass bottles filled with water or potions, one ingredient will distill into all three slots - e.g. one Nether Wart will create three awkward potions. Many items can be used in the brewing process, and they are usually split into two categories: bases and secondary ingredients. As of 1.14, brewing stands are also used by cleric villagers. If there is a brewing stand in a village but no cleric, then a nitwit (no profession) villager has a chance to become a cleric.


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Bases are the ingredients that start the brewing process by making awkward, mundane, or thick potions.

Secondary Ingredients

Secondary ingredients are the ingredients that determine the type of potion (in other words, the effect).


Brewing Stand
None None None
Blaze Rod


  • No matter what kind of potion is in the brewing stand, it will always look like a red-colored potion when it's not being viewed from the brewing stand menu.
  • There are brewing stands found in igloos as of 1.9, and they will have splash potions of weakness in them. 
    • You could also find them in village churches as of 1.14.
      • These brewing stands will have no fuel, requiring that the player must go to the Nether in order to obtain blaze powder.
  • If a brewing stand is placed on top of a fence, then a player and/or other mobs can jump onto the fence.
  • Smoke particles appear above the brewing stand while it is brewing a potion. 
  • Earlier versions did not require blaze powder as a source of fuel.
  • Brewing stands can also be found on End Ships. They will always contain two Instant Health Potions.



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