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A Bonus Chest is a chest with items that act as a starter kit. If the "Bonus Chest" option is set to "ON", a single bonus chest is generated within a few blocks of the player's spawn point, with up to four torches generated around it on adjacent blocks.

The bonus chest generates with a semi-random collection of basic items that can help the player survive early on, getting them started at gathering resources and making the objective of building an initial shelter easier.

Bonus Chests are unable to generate in Hardcore Mode or on servers.

BonusChest Loot

Example of loot in a bonus chest.

2019-05-01 09.59.08

Bonus Chest floating in 1.14


There can be food, blocks, tools, or a combination of each within a bonus chest. The contents are randomized from a list of possible items. Some of the many things a bonus chest may contain are:

Console Edition exclusives (Former as of the Better Together Update)

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