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This article is about the mineral block. For the Minecraft Dungeons mob, see Redstone Cube. For other uses, see Redstone (disambiguation).

A block of redstone is a mineral block equivalent to nine redstone dust. It acts as a permanently powered redstone power source that can be pushed by pistons.


Natural generation[]

In each ancient city, 2 blocks of redstone can be found integrated into circuitry within a secret room at the city center.


A block of redstone can be mined using any pickaxe (unlike redstone ore, which requires an iron pickaxe or better).[1] If mined without a pickaxe, a block of redstone drops nothing.

Block Block of Redstone
Hardness 5
Breaking time[A]
Default 25
Wooden 3.75
Stone 1.9
Iron 1.25
Diamond 0.95
Netherite 0.85
Golden 0.65
  1. Times are for unenchanted tools as wielded by players with no status effects, measured in seconds. For more information, see Breaking § Speed.


Ingredients Crafting recipe
Redstone Dust


A block of redstone can be used as a redstone power source and can be crafted back into redstone dust. It can also be used as storage if the player's inventory is full of redstone dust from mining.

Crafting ingredient[]

Blocks of redstone can be crafted back into redstone dust, and thus provide compact storage for redstone, like other blocks of materials (block of iron, block of gold, etc.).

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe
Redstone Dust Block of Redstone

Redstone component[]

Block of redstone behavior

A block of redstone powers dust and repeaters, deactivates attached torches, and activate mechanisms (left) – but does not power adjacent opaque blocks (right).

See also: Redstone circuit

To place a block of redstone, use the Place Block control.

Blocks of redstone are always active and cannot be turned off. A block of redstone:

Adjacent opaque blocks are not powered.

If a redstone torch is attached to a block of redstone, it deactivates after 1 redstone tick and does not reactivate (which is normal behavior for a redstone torch attached to a powered block).

A block of redstone can be moved by a piston. Water and lava flow around a block of redstone without affecting it.


Java Edition:

SoundSubtitlesSourceDescriptionResource locationTranslation keyVolumePitchAttenuation
Block brokenBlocksOnce the block has brokenblock.metal.breaksubtitles.block.generic.break1.01.216
Block placedBlocksWhen the block is placedblock.metal.placesubtitles.block.generic.place1.01.216
Block breakingBlocksWhile the block is in the process of being brokenblock.metal.hitsubtitles.block.generic.hit0.250.7516
None[sound 1]Entity-DependentFalling on the block with fall damageblock.metal.fallNone[sound 1]0.51.2516
FootstepsEntity-DependentWalking on the blockblock.metal.stepsubtitles.block.generic.footsteps0.151.516
  1. a b MC-177082

Bedrock Edition:

SoundSourceDescriptionResource locationVolumePitch
BlocksOnce the block has brokendig.stone1.01.1-1.2
BlocksWhen the block is placeduse.stone1.01.2-1.25
BlocksWhile the block is in the process of being brokenhit.stone0.30.75
PlayersFalling on the block with fall damagefall.stone0.41.0
PlayersWalking on the blockstep.stone0.351.0
PlayersJumping from the blockjump.stone0.121.0
PlayersFalling on the block without fall damageland.stone0.221.0

Data values[]


Java Edition:

NameIdentifierFormTranslation key
Block of Redstoneredstone_blockBlock & Itemblock.minecraft.redstone_block

Bedrock Edition:

NameIdentifierNumeric ID FormItem ID[i 1]Translation key
Block of Redstoneredstone_block152Block & Giveable Item[i 2]Identical[i 3]tile.redstone_block.name
  1. ID of block's direct item form, which is used in savegame files and addons.
  2. Available with /give command.
  3. The block's direct item form has the same id as the block.


Java Edition
1.513w01aBlock of Redstone JE1 BE1 Added blocks of redstone.
The unused locked chest texture has been changed to have a block of redstone texture on the side, due to the redstone block taking up its texture space.
1.814w02aMobs now suffocate inside of the redstone block.
1.1317w47aPrior to The Flattening, this block's numeral ID was 152.
1.1418w43aBlock of Redstone JE2 BE2 The texture of blocks of redstone has now been changed.
1.1620w10aBlocks of redstone can now support ladders and tripwire hooks.[2]
1.1922w13aBlocks of redstone can now be found within redstone circuits in ancient cities.
Pocket Edition Alpha
v0.11.0build 1Block of Redstone JE1 BE1 Added blocks of redstone.
The only purpose of blocks of redstone is to store redstone dust.
v0.13.0build 1Redstone blocks now have an unspecified proper purpose.
Bedrock Edition
1.10.0beta of Redstone JE2 BE2 The texture of blocks of redstone has now been changed.
Legacy Console Edition
TU19CU7 1.12 Patch 11.0.1Block of Redstone JE1 BE1 Added blocks of redstone.
1.90 Block of Redstone JE2 BE2 The texture of blocks of redstone has now been changed.
New Nintendo 3DS Edition
0.1.0Block of Redstone JE1 BE1 Added blocks of redstone.


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  • As the block of redstone is not fully opaque, chests can be opened when covered by one and so can shulker boxes.



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  2. MC-146824

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