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Bees are neutral mobs that live in bee nests and bee hives. When provoked, they attack in a swarm to sting the player and inflict poison.

They were added in Java Edition 1.15 snapshot 19w34a and Bedrock Edition 1.14 beta


Bees are flying neutral mobs that are found in plains biomes or flower biomes. They will go around the area collecting pollen from flowers, and will take it back to a bee nest which generates in those biomes (Take notice to the change of their texture and the pollen particles spreading). Players can harvest honeycombs by right clicking on a hive with shears equipped. Players can also get a honey bottle by right clicking on a nest while holding an empty glass bottle. Players can drink these honey bottles to restore 6 hunger points (FoodbariconFoodbariconFoodbaricon). If players collect the honey or shear the bee nest with 1 or more bees in it or hit a bee, they may become hostile towards the player, and they will have red eyes and sting the player, dealing 1 HP (9px-Half Heart.svg) of damage and giving the poison effect. Once successful, they will lose their stinger and will become passive, but will instantly die after 20 seconds. Placing a campfire under a hive will prevent hostility. They will go into bee boxes.

Bees do not drop items nor experience upon death, regardless of the cause.

Bees can be bred using any variety of flowers.


  • The idea of using campfires in neutralizing bees is similar to using an invention called the "bee smoker".
  • Dying after being stung by a bee causes a new death message: "<player> was stung to death".
  • Due to the bees having the same breeding mechanic to numerous animal mobs, it can be safe to assume that a queen bee does not exist in the hive.
  • Bees will still pollinate and be bred by wither roses. While feeding them the rose will have no additional effect, but they will get damaged while pollinating the rose itself.
  • Bees can be caught with a lead.
  • Bees are significantly more faster in the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft than in the Java Edition.



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