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This page describes content that exists only in outdated versions of Bedrock Edition. 
This feature used to be in the game but has since been removed.

Since the beginning of the development of Pocket and Bedrock editions, there have been a number of features that were removed from the game. These features may have been replaced, or a developer decided against the feature later on.

Note: This page only documents game features that were removed; features of an existing game element that were removed are noted in that element's history. See Bedrock Edition unused features for features that are still currently in the game.




Nether reactor[]

Nether Reactor.png
Main article: Nether Reactor

Prior to Pocket Edition v0.12.1 alpha, a Nether reactor could be activated by tapping its core, sending the client message "Active!". Immediately after activation, a massive 35×17×17 structure of netherrack with multiple rooms, unofficially referred to as a "Nether Spire",[1] was generated around the reactor, then the cobblestone would turn to glowing obsidian and pigmen would start spawning along with nether related items such as quartz. Over time the reactor would cool, and once it diminished the glowing obsidian would turn into normal obsidian. The reactor was constructed by placing gold blocks, cobblestone, and a nether reactor core in the 3×3×3 arrangement shown below. The Nether Reactor's functions were removed after the Nether was added into Pocket Edition, but can still be obtained, without its functionality, using an external editor.


Powered rail[]

Prior to Pocket Edition v0.13.0 alpha build 1, any placed powered rail would be always active. This was because redstone mechanics did not exist at the time.


When a splash is removed, the line it occupied in splashes.json is deleted, meaning the line number of all subsequent splashes lowers by one.

Splash text Explanation Version added Version removed
Redstone free! Until v0.8.0, there was no redstone, other than the ore. Pocket Edition v0.7.3 alpha Pocket Edition v0.8.0 alpha
100% dragon free! Pocket Edition now has the ender dragon. Pocket Edition v0.8.0 alpha Pocket Edition 1.0
It's alpha! Pocket Edition is no longer in Alpha. Pocket Edition v0.8.0 alpha Pocket Edition 1.0
MCPE! The edition is no longer using the term Pocket Edition. Bedrock Edition 1.2 Bedrock Edition 1.8
D Pocket Edition v0.7.3 alpha ?
Touch compatible! Not all Bedrock Edition platforms use touch controls. Pocket Edition v0.7.3 alpha Bedrock Edition 1.9
1 star! Deal with it notch! All splashes mentioning Markus Persson or ez have been removed due to Notch leaving Mojang. Pocket Edition v0.8.1 alpha Bedrock Edition 1.9
Open-world alpha sandbox! The game is no longer in Alpha. Pocket Edition v0.9.2 alpha Bedrock Edition 1.9
[snapshot intensifies]! Pocket Edition v0.9.2 alpha Bedrock Edition 1.12
Also try Monument Valley! Pocket Edition v0.12.2 alpha Bedrock Edition 1.9
BAYKN Pocket Edition v0.15.0 alpha Bedrock Edition 1.9

Sprinting in water[]

Prior to Bedrock Edition beta the player could sprint in water. This feature was removed soon after due to the new swimming mechanic. In Mobile on Bedrock Edition however, you can still do that by sprinting first then hold sprint and one of the buttons that uses to go up in the water simultaneously.


There have been many UIs that have been changed, such as the crafting table. The crafting table UI has changed since Bedrock Edition 1.2, but before that version, the crafting table had already previously been changed. Early UI for the crafting table had text showing item information could be crafted. This is similar to the stonecutter UI, which later changed in Pocket Edition v0.9.0 alpha. From v0.13.0, when the crafting table's UI was changed, the stonecutter UI was completely removed and its use was re-purposed to a decorative block. Also, the furnace text of output items and information of that item could be used.

UI text information[]

As the old UI was removed, text information showed in that UI was also removed.

Enhanced underwater visibility[]

Before Bedrock Edition 1.4.0, wearing an enchanted helmet with the Respiration enchantment would boost underwater vision. The higher the level, the better it improved the player's vision. This enhanced vision has since been removed, due to the water texture being changed and because the player can now see clearly underwater without effects or enchantments. However, Night Vision is still required for better visibility. Also, enhanced underwater vision is still obtainable from other methods, such as Conduit Power from conduits added in Bedrock Edition 1.5.0.

Full hotbar[]

Before the Better Together update, creating a world in Creative mode always had a full hotbar, which included oak saplings, bricks, oak planks, spruce planks, cobblestone walls, dirt, etc. (dependent on the sixth to ninth hotbar slots).

Tilling grass[]

In older versions, tilling a grass block with a hoe had a small chance of dropping wheat seeds.

Crafting and smelting recipes[]

Crafting recipes[]

Cocoa beans[]

See also: Dyes

In Pocket Edition v0.8.0 alpha build 3, cocoa beans were added with their own exclusive recipe. Since v0.9.0 build 1, cocoa beans were made able to be obtained with cocoa pods. In the v0.16.0 official release, cocoa beans' crafting recipe was removed.

The recipe was removed because cocoa beans could be obtained from cocoa pods. It was reported by a user in the bug tracker and was confirmed as a bug.[2]

Ingredients Crafting recipe
Ink Sac +
Rose Red +
Dandelion Yellow
Ink Sac +
Orange Dye

Enchanted golden apple[]

See also: Golden Apple

The enchanted golden apple recipe was removed in 1.2 beta

However, enchanted golden apples may still be obtained in other ways.

Ingredients Crafting recipe
Block of Gold +

Enchanted Golden Apple


See also: Bed

The recipe of crafting the red bed with any wool color was removed in Pocket Edition 1.1.0 with the addition of multiple colored beds. This recipe was removed because prior to 1.1.0, only red beds existed in the game, and now it is required to have matching red wool to craft a red bed.

Old Stonecutter[]

See also: Stonecutter/old

In v0.13.0 build 1, the crafting recipe for the old stonecutter was removed, but it is only available through add-ons.

In Bedrock Edition beta, the old stonecutter was not removed but functionally replaced with the new stonecutter.

Ingredients Crafting recipe

Nether reactor core[]

The nether reactor core's recipe was made no longer available and it no longer appears in the creative inventory. It will drop its ingredients when broken.

Ingredients Crafting recipe
Iron Ingot +

Smooth stone slab[]

In older versions, the smooth stone slab could be crafted using any stone. However, the recipe changed to use stone only, and in 1.9, the recipe changed again so it requires smooth stone.

Ingredients Crafting recipe
Any Stone

Stone bricks[]

In older versions, stone bricks could be crafted using andesite, granite, diorite, and their polished variants. However, in 1.9, stone bricks were changed to be crafted with stone only.

Ingredients Crafting recipe
Any Stone

Redstone repeater[]

In older versions, redstone repeaters could be crafted using andesite, granite, diorite, and their polished variants. However, the recipes then changed to use only stone.

Ingredients Crafting recipe
Redstone Torch +
Redstone Dust +
Any Stone

Redstone comparator[]

In older versions, redstone comparators could be crafted using andesite, granite, diorite, and their polished variants. However, the recipes then changed to use only stone.

Ingredients Crafting recipe
Redstone Torch +
Nether Quartz +
Any Stone

Sandstone and red sandstone stairs[]

Sandstone and red sandstone stairs were previously crafted from any type of Sandstone or Red Sandstone, but in Bedrock Edition 1.9.0, the recipe changed to use regular sandstone or red sandstone only.

Ingredients Crafting recipe
Any Sandstone or
Any Red Sandstone

Sandstone and red sandstone slab[]

Sandstone and red sandstone slabs were previously crafted from any type of sandstone or red sandstone, but in Bedrock Edition 1.9, the recipe changed to use regular sandstone or red sandstone only.

Ingredients Crafting recipe
Any Sandstone or
Any Red Sandstone

Honeycomb Block[]

Main article: Honeycomb Block

Honeycomb blocks were previously crafted from 9 honeycombs. Now, honeycomb block can be crafted from 4 honeycombs.

Smelting recipes[]

Red dye[]

See also: Dyes

The reason for the removal of the red dye recipe is unknown. It may have been because of the name being "rose red", implying it came from roses instead of mushrooms, although the name was changed to "red dye" in 1.8.0.

Ingredients Smelting recipe
Red Mushroom +
Any fuel

Accidental Education Edition additions[]

Several features intended to be exclusive to Education Edition were accidentally added in the first build of Pocket Edition v0.16.0 alpha, and were removed shortly after. Among these features were the Allow and Deny blocks, the chalkboard, the border block and the portfolio item. Some of these items were readded in 1.12.0, 1.13.0, and 1.16.0.






Instant chicken jockeys[]

Prior to Pocket Edition v0.14.0 alpha build 1, chicken jockeys had a chance of spawning from zombies, zombified piglins, and their spawn eggs. At that time, baby zombies and baby zombified piglins had a 5% chance to spawn as a chicken jockey. However, as of v0.14.0 build 1, chicken jockeys were partially removed and no longer spawn naturally, but baby zombies, baby zombie villagers and baby husks have a 15% chance to spawn as a jockey when trying to attack the player, villagers, iron golems or snow golems. Said jockeys will seek and mount nearby mobs that can be ridden, such as cows, zombie villagers, spiders, and horses. However, baby zombified piglins did not have the ability to mount nearby mobs, causing zombified piglin chicken jockeys to be completely removed.

Chickens spawning in the Nether[]

Due to the natural zombified piglin chicken jockey removal, chickens are no longer able to spawn naturally in the Nether, as zombified piglins will no longer spawn as zombified piglin chicken jockeys.

Hostile zombified piglin drops and behavior[]

Before Pocket Edition v0.11.0 alpha, zombified piglins dropped feathers as common drops and potatoes or carrots as rare drops. This was changed in v0.11.0 build 1; in this update, the zombified piglin's common drop was changed to rotten flesh and its rare drop was changed to gold ingots. In Alpha 0.12.1 build 1, gold nuggets were also added as common drops.

Before Alpha 0.12.1 build 1, zombified piglins were hostile mobs that burned in sunlight but were also immune to fire. However, during this time, fire particles would still be shown around them, even though the zombified piglins themselves did not take any damage. During this time, they also lacked a hat layer, moved slowly, and both of their hands did not draw up. In Alpha 0.11.0 build 1, they had a chicken jockey variant, but in v0.14.0 build 1, their chicken jockey variant was removed and prior to v0.12.1 build 1, the only way to make the variant spawn naturally was from an active nether reactor core. In v0.14.0 build 1, adult zombified piglins were mountable by the baby zombified variants. In v0.12.0, zombie pigmen had a small chance to spawn with armor but then removed.

Tamed ocelots[]

Ocelots were tameable by feeding them raw cod or raw salmon to transform them into cats. However, in Beta, ocelots and cats became separate mobs, and giving them any type of fish will just breed them and gain the trust of the player and increase baby ocelot growth speed by 10% rather than taming them.

Mob behavior[]

Magma cubes taking damage when wet[]

Magma cubes previously took damage when they became wet, as the vanilla behavior pack had the magma cube's behavior magma_cube_hurt_when_wet set to true. Magma cubes would also take damage if exposed to sunlight or moonlight during rain and while in the water. However, as of an unknown build in 1.1, this feature was considered a bug and removed, as its vanilla behavior of taking damage when wet was set to false again.


When horses were added, they used an older model, which was replaced with a newer model in 1.2.6. In the earlier versions of v0.15.0 builds, horses could be tamed by feeding them food, although this feature was removed and now the player is required to mount the horse to tame it.

Breedable dolphins[]

When the dolphin was added in Bedrock Edition beta, it was breedable by feeding them raw cod or raw salmon. However, in beta, feeding a dolphin with raw fish will make it swim toward the nearest ocean ruins or shipwreck. Baby dolphins can only spawn naturally in the ocean and not via breeding.

Villagers avoiding monsters[]

At an earlier version where villagers were added to the game, they would avoid any type of monster, including neutral mobs such as endermen and spiders. However, in Pocket Edition v0.12.0 alpha, this feature was removed, as villagers now only avoid zombie variants and illagers as of Bedrock Edition 1.1.

Baby mobs with adult sounds[]

In earlier versions of Pocket Edition Alpha, all baby versions of mobs used the same sounds as their adult counterparts, rather than the high-pitched versions that they use now.

Burning attack[]

In Pocket Edition Alpha, if a mob that is set on fire attacks to another mob, the mob would always transfer its burning effect to the mob it attacked. For mobs that could fire a projectile, such as the Snow Golem, its projectiles would always be set on fire. However, as of an unknown update, burning attacks now depend on regional difficulty.

Mobs always dropping armor but not items[]

In Pocket Edition v0.12.1 alpha, mobs could spawn with equipment, but if the mob was killed, it would always drop its armor, even when killed from cacti, falling, drowning, or otherwise dying. However, they would never drop an item held in their hand (an exception was the witch, which would always drop whichever potion it was drinking upon death).

As of 1.2.0, this feature was removed, and now a mob with a weapon and/or armor equipped will drop any of its equipped items when killed by a player, and only at an 8.5% chance for each item. This includes potions dropped by witches.

Mobs breathing in lava[]

Previously, any mobs under the Fire Resistance effect could stay submerged under lava without suffocation. As of an unknown update, this feature was removed and only some mobs, such as the Blaze and the Ghast, are able to breathe in lava. Now, the player and most other mobs require either the Water Breathing or Conduit Power status effects in order to breathe in lava.

Guardians attacking fish[]

In beta, guardians were hostile toward cod, salmon, pufferfish, and tropical fish, but this feature was removed in the 1.6.0 betas due to a performance issue with low-end devices when the player is near a monument.


For testing purposes, some particles which couldn't generate naturally were added in several versions.[3] However, these particles have since been removed.

Name Added in Removed in
minecraft:example_beziercurve 1.8.0 1.11.0
minecraft:example_bounce 1.8.0 1.11.0
minecraft:example_catmullromcurve 1.8.0 1.11.0
minecraft:example_colorcurve 1.8.0 1.11.0
minecraft:example_combocurve 1.8.0 1.11.0
minecraft:example_highrestitution 1.8.0 1.11.0
minecraft:example_linearcurve 1.8.0 1.11.0
minecraft:test_mule 1.8.0 1.10.0
minecraft:example_smoke_puff 1.8.0 1.11.0
minecraft:test_sphere 1.8.0 1.10.0
minecraft:example_spiral 1.8.0 1.11.0
minecraft:example_watertest 1.8.0 1.11.0
minecraft:example_flipbook 1.9.0 1.11.0
minecraft:example_vertexrandom 1.9.0 1.11.0



Prior to 0.12.1 build 1, eating food would heal the player directly. With the addition of the hunger bar, this feature was removed.


Before 0.12.1 build 1, eating pufferfish would not inflict the poison status effect.

World generation[]


Biomes prior to Pocket Edition v0.9.0 alpha

Before Alpha 0.9.0, many biomes existed, most of which were removed. Biomes prior to Alpha 0.9.0 are identical to Java Edition's biomes between the Halloween Update and the Adventure Update, as well as Legacy Console Edition's biomes before TU5.

Biomes that got removed in Alpha 0.9.0:

Before Bedrock Edition 1.2.0, the extreme hills biome and its variants did not generate snow above Y=90.


Gravel paths

Before Pocket Edition v0.11.0 alpha build 1, villages used gravel paths; however, this was changed and grass paths are now used instead.

Oak savanna villages

Prior to Pocket Edition v0.15.0 alpha build 1, villages that would generate in savanna biomes used oak wood, oak wood planks, oak fences, and oak stairs, but this village was later replaced with the acacia village.


"Cold-en" oak trees

The "cold-en" oak was a tree formed by a very rare glitch in older versions of Bedrock Edition prior to v0.9.0. It was a small tree with a shape identical to that of a small oak or birch tree that is generated on the border of a forest and a snowy area (one of which is usually mountainous). It was made of spruce leaves and spruce logs (seen in both the "lite" and paid versions prior to v0.9.0) or, rarely, oak logs (paid only). It is rarity is compared to the modified jungle edge.

Old oak trees

At the same time that cold-en oak trees existed, oak trees at the time would only generate with 2 logs in a canopy rather than 3.


Spider spawners

When mineshafts were added to Pocket Edition in v0.9.0 build 1, it would generate a spawner with a spider inside of it instead of a cave spider, which was because cave spiders didn't exist in Pocket Edition yet.

Nether Spires[]

A Nether Spire in v0.5.0.

A Nether Spire in v0.9.0.

The Nether Spire was a huge structure consisting of netherrack that generated when a nether reactor core was activated. It would replace many blocks and started spawning multiple rare items and zombie pigmen. When the nether reactor core stopped working, all the reactor blocks that had already become glowing obsidian transformed into normal obsidian. The Nether Spire structure would start to break, causing holes to form on the outside. It also set the time to night. The Nether Spire consisted of many floors and would destroy many blocks in its path.

If the Nether Spire generated in a high place, the upper part of the nether spire would not generate properly and become cut off due to the height limit, which was only 128 blocks high at the time. Activating the Nether Reactor Core at y=1 would cause the bedrock to be replaced with netherrack (making it possible to fall into the Void if the player's difficulty was set higher than Peaceful).


Many sounds were removed in Bedrock Edition, such as old footsteps, old breaking block sounds, old glass and metal block sounds, old sounds for cows, zombie villagers, husks, strays, explosion sounds, water, and squids, along with others.

"Old Hurt" still exists with the /playsound command.

Game sounds Track
Explosion - Used before Pocket Edition v0.12.1 alpha
Splash - Currently used as of Bedrock Edition 1.8.1
Old Hurt - Used before Pocket Edition v0.12.1 alpha
Arrow Contact - Used before Pocket Edition v0.13.0 alpha
Bow - Used before Pocket Edition v0.12.1 alpha
Lava - Used before Pocket Edition v0.10.0 alpha
Door open - Used before Pocket Edition v0.9.0 alpha
Door close - Used before Pocket Edition v0.9.0 alpha
Flint and Steel - Used before Pocket Edition v0.12.1 alpha


Crying Obsidian texture[]

Main article: Crying Obsidian

The old texture of Crying Obsidian was added in Pocket Edition v0.1.0 alpha with terrain.png what matches Java Edition Beta 1.3. It was removed in v0.2.0, due terrain.png has now been changed to match up with Java Edition 1.1.

As of 1.16, these blocks were added to the game. For Java Edition since 1.16 (20w10a), this texture was re-added in Programmer Art.



123123.png was added to the game files in Pocket Edition v0.3.0 alpha with the last changed date April 5, 2012. Presumably, a screenshot from a test of Minecraft Advanced Touch Technology Interface System (MATTIS) crafting system, first publicly announced on April 17, 2012.[4] It was removed in Pocket Edition v0.3.3 alpha.

/summon command[]

In v0.16.0, it was possible to summon fireballs, small fireballs, Wither Skulls and their dangerous variants. These were removed in 1.0.