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This page is about upcoming features for Minecraft Pocket Edition that have been announced by Mojang employees.

NOTICE: Unfortunately, because of misleading speculation, we are no longer allowed to post release dates or submission status. To find this information, please check the official sources, which are cited in this page.

Upcoming Features

Version Planned changes


  • Chests now have an open/close animation and sound
Bug fixes:
  • Many realms fixes
  • Fix Login Problem
  • MCPE-3988 - Furnace crash bug *SEVERE*
  • MCPE-3989 - Inventory bug (throwing items in hand while in a gui)
  • MCPE-4122 - Glowing Obsidian can yield resources with an Iron pickaxe, but obsidian can only be mined with a Diamond one
  • MCPE-4546 - Capital "W" can't be typed when creating world

Planned features, items, and blocks

Feature Description
Camera implementation[9] At the Minecraft Pocket Edition panel at MineCon 2012, as well as one of Jbernhardsson's livestreams, it was stated that future plans include trying to have a proper use for cameras, perhaps an easier way to take screenshots and share them with others.
Infinite worlds[9] At the Minecraft Pocket Edition panel at MineCon 2012, it was stated that future plans include trying to implement infinite worlds.
Redstone[9] At the Minecraft Pocket Edition panel at MineCon 2012, it was stated that future plans include implementing redstone.
Customizable skins[10][11] Johan tweeted, in response to a question, that customizable skins will be available soon.
Caves[12] Jeb stated that caves may be available as an option the user can toggle in later updates.
Replacement of the Nether Reactor[13] Johan mentioned on the issue tracker that the Nether Reactor may be replaced in the future. However, if the Nether does get implemented, it will most likely be next year because of preparations for the Beta Release.
Foods [14] Johan mentioned on the Live Stream "Minecraft Pocket Edition MCO Beta" that in a future, more foods will be added.
Wolves [15] Johan mentioned on the 0.5.0 livestream that wolves will possibly be added in the future
Breeding [14] Johan answered a question that Breeding will be added in a no-distant future (possibly this year)
Endermen [14] Johan mentioned in the Live Stream Minecraft MCO Beta that Enderman will be added soon.
In-Game Music [14] Johan (Livestream) answered in a question that In-Game Music will be added for the next 4-5 updates more.
Enchanting [14] Johan said in the Live Stream Minecraft MCO Beta "I think we will get that in the future", it is planned but he isn't sure if he can implement Enchanting.
Chat Scrolling [16] Johan said he would keep it in mind for future versions.
IP Address Join [17] Johan said on twitter before 0.7.0 released, that they need to get out the 0.7.0 update of Pocket Edition before they can consider the join by IP idea.
Add Realm to Your Worlds Menu [18] Amir said to a reply that he plans to add a option available to add the current Realm your in onto your worlds menu, making it playable. It is on their features list and is planned to be added in Beta.
Change of texture to buttons [19] Tommaso mentioned that he would like to add "some rocky texture" to the buttons, as the current texture is "too plain".
Flat Worlds/Shadows Tommaso tweeted that he was working on flat worlds and shadows, but that they would not be in 0.7.3