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This article is about features mentioned by Mojang developers. For features currently being added, see Planned versions § Bedrock Edition.
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This feature is exclusive to Bedrock Edition. 

Many features have been mentioned for inclusion in in Bedrock Edition.

This page documents features that have been mentioned but are not yet in the game. Features in development versions are described on the parent version page.


Mojang plans to implement the following features, although a particular version has not been announced.


Main article: RenderDragon

Bedrock Edition versions using RenderDragon currently doesn't support for third-party shader packs. However, there are considerations to make ways for shader support.[1]


Minecraft may be ported to Xbox Series X|S, which would support ray tracing.[2] However, as of March 31, 2022, there are currently no plans of adding ray tracing support for Xbox Series X|S.[3]


Originally announced for the Caves & Cliffs update, development of this gameplay feature was delayed for a future version. Archaeology involves players being able to use a new tool known as the brush to sweep away dirt and gravel in order to discover artifacts. Among these artifacts are ceramic shards, which can be incorporated into clay pots to make painted clay pots. This feature is not coming in 1.19.0, although archaeology is coming to the game "soon".


Originally announced for the Caves & Cliffs update, development of this item was delayed for a future version. Bundles are a storage item that can be used for managing items inside the player's inventory, and allow for combination of multiple item types within single inventory slots.


Firefly.gif Fireflies were originally going to be eaten by frogs to produce Froglights, but this was scrapped after the developers found out that some species of fireflies are poisonous to frogs in real life.[4] They would have glowed in the dark and they would have been two pixels in size, which would have made it the smallest mob in the game. Some players still had hope that it would still be added, but it was officially bluntly confirmed that they were scrapped in an Ask Mojang episode.[5]


In Java Edition 1.13, many IDs were changed, and numerical IDs were removed. This process, known as The Flattening, is also planned for Bedrock Edition. Certain items and blocks to be added include spectral arrows and air variants.

Combat changes[]

Changes to Java Edition's combat system is planned for Bedrock as well.[6]

Fletching table functionality[]

Fletching tables will gain functionality in a later update, planned for both Java Edition and Bedrock Edition.

Voted updates[]

The desert and savanna biome reworks are the two remaining biome reworks from the MINECON Earth 2018 biome chooser vote. Both biomes are promised to be updated in the future:

  • Deserts will include palm trees, oases, and meerkats.
  • Savannas will include baobab trees, termites, and ostriches.

The badlands biome rework is the last remaining biome rework from the MINECON Live 2019 biome vote, as the winning mountains rework was implemented in 1.18.0, and the swamp rework will be part of 1.19.0. It's currently unknown if the Badlands will come in 1.19.0 and is promised to be updated in a future update:

  • Badlands will include vultures, tumbleweed, and a new cactus based on the prickly pear.

The moobloom and the iceologer are the two remaining mobs from the Minecraft Live 2020 mob vote. Both mobs could come in an unknown future update as stated by LadyAgnes.

The glare and the copper golem are the two remaining mobs from the Minecraft Live 2021 mob vote.

Partially implemented[]

These features had been shown by a Mojang staff member, but either had no further development or were canceled shortly after.


On September 19, 2014, Tommaso stated that when adding boats to Pocket Edition, he would add a "paddle" item,[7] which would be required to move boats.[8] Paddles were never implemented as items, but rather as part of the boat model. Additionally, the crafting recipe requires a wooden shovel to represent the paddle in Bedrock Edition. It is not part of the crafting recipe in Java Edition.

Minecart with Furnace[]

On January 23, 2016, Tommaso stated that he'd like to add minecart with furnace, but is unsure of how to implement.[citation needed]


These features were mentioned at one point, but later abandoned or their current status is unknown. Note that some of these features were mentioned by developers who either no longer work at Mojang Studios, or no longer work on Minecraft.

World generation[]

There have been a number of mentioned changes to world generation from the developers. Tommasso had planned a Far biome (probably changed Far Lands, made into its own biome), found at the edge of infinite worlds was going to be implemented in 0.9.0 but was delayed for unknown reasons.[9][10][11][12] He also proposed a unique underworld underground structure[13] and a dream dimension,[14] however none of these ideas (other than the "unique underground structure", which is currently being added as Ancient City) came to fruition.

Tommaso stated on Reddit that he would like to add a "difficulty" number that mobs could have depending on their circumstances, such as resource that it spawns from and weather.[15] This would vary the amount of hostile mobs at night and the amount of resources gained from each biome. He also stated that he would like more biome-specific mobs as well as biomes with specific difficulty/mob distributions (Partially added with more biome-specific mobs added in the last couple updates).

Many of these ideas were reiterated again at MINECON 2016, where the developers stated they could either port the world generation changes from PC (added in Caves & Cliffs) or create a new world generation altogether. They said this new world generation system could have a better progression over time with harder biomes further from spawn, more space underground (also added in Caves & Cliffs), possibly raising the sea level to y=96 and making the terrain less predictable (also added in Caves & Cliffs).[16]

As the world generation got completely overhauled in Bedrock Edition 1.18.0 for the first time since Pocket Edition v0.9.0 alpha, and with the new Caves, Terrain port from Java Edition, and the addition of Ancient City, 4 of the mentioned changes were/are officially added into the game, with 1 being partially added (more biome-specific mobs).

Mob A, Monster of the Ocean Depths.

Monster of the ocean depths / barnacle[]

In the 2017 Mob Vote, a sea creature was one of the options. It was known as "Mob A", "the monster of the ocean depths", or the barnacle. It would have spawned in deep water and attacked players with a tentacle-like tongue to pull players down to drown them.

Mob C, the Great Hunger.

Mob D, the Hovering Inferno.

The great hunger and wildfire[]

Two other creatures in the Minecon vote of 2017 were given. One was "Mob C, the great hunger." It would have had a large mouth capable of removing enchantments from items and would have camouflaged itself by entering the ground with its mouth open upwards. Jeb mentioned that the mob wouldn't have been aggressive, only damaging the player if they accidentally fell into its mouth, and wouldn't have stripped items from players unless players fed it intentionally.

The other mob was "Mob D, the hovering inferno." It would have looked like a large blaze with shields instead of rods, and would have spawned with groups of blazes in the nether. This mob was also planned to appear in the Minecraft Dungeons DLC Flames of the Nether under the name "wildfire," but was cut due to time constraints.

Mob B, the "monster of the night skies", was the phantom, which won the vote and has been added.

Alligator, monkey, deer, and river dolphin[]

In 2018, a mob vote was held in which Chinese users could vote on which Chinese animal should be added to Minecraft, to promote the release of Minecraft China. There were five options: giant panda, Chinese alligator, snub-nosed monkey, white-lipped deer, or baiji. The panda won the vote and was added into the game. It was later stated on Minecraft Feedback[citation needed] that alligators and/or crocodiles would likely not be added as hostile mobs as, like the shark, hostile mobs had to be fantasy creatures.

Meerkat, ostrich, and termite[]

In 2018, a biome vote was held between which biome should be the priority to update next. The updated biomes would also come with brand new mobs. There were three options: desert, savanna, or taiga. The taiga won the vote and would be the first biome to be updated. The taiga included the fox, while the desert would have included the meerkat, and the savanna would have included the ostrich and the termite. There has been no information as to when the desert and savanna would be updated.


In 2019, another biome vote was held between which biome should be the priority to update next. The updated biomes would also come with brand new mobs. There were three options: badlands, swamp, or mountains. The mountains won the vote and would be the first biome to be updated. The mountains included the goat, and the swamp included the frog, while the badlands would have included the vulture. The goat was added in 1.17.0, while the frog was announced for 1.19.0. There has been no information as to when the badlands would be updated.

Moobloom and iceologer[]

In 2020, a mob vote was held between which mob should be added to the game next. There were three options: moobloom, iceologer, or glow squid. The glow squid won the vote and was added into the game. There has been no information as to whether the moobloom or iceologer would be added, as they are not planned, but have been mentioned as a future possibility.

Glare and copper golem[]

In 2021, another mob vote was held between which new mob should be added to the game. There were three options: glare, allay, or copper golem. The allay won the vote and is planned to be added in Bedrock Edition 1.19.0. There has been no information as to whether the glare or copper golem would be added, as they are not planned, but have been mentioned as a future possibility.


At MINECON 2016, the developers mentioned potential future improvements to the controls to make them vector-based, allowing full mouse support on Android (added in 1.17.0) and having better in-built controller support.[16]

In addition, at a previous panel, they also mentioned the ability to remap long touch to hardness-based touch (3D Touch) for capable iPhones.[14]

In a Twitch stream previewing the Nintendo Switch version, the developers mentioned that they would like to look into adding motion-controlled aiming, but currently have no plans to add it.[17]

Other world sizes[]

Tommasso stated on reddit that they may make other limited world sizes available, in addition to the current Old world type (256×256). Mentioned world sizes were 1000×1000 and 10000×10000.[18] The addition of different world sizes was again mentioned at MINECON 2016.[16]

Loading external files on console[]

Roger Carpenter talked about this in a stream of the 1.2 beta for Xbox One.[19] They would like for the console versions to support the loading of files from external media such as a USB stick. This would allow the use of Add-Ons, custom worlds, skins and resource packs, etcetera, like on the other platforms. However, console companies are worried about "security issues" that this could cause. Other games that loaded content from external media have sometimes been exploited by hackers to run unauthorized code on consoles. If loading add-ons from external media is not an option, they would "work it out some other way". (Partially added with full add-on and behavior packs support for Xbox One)

Brief mentions[]

These features were briefly mentioned, but no further information was given after that.

Exclusive features[]

Mentioned in 2016
Mentioned in 2018

More specific features[]

Mentioned in 2013
  • Demo/lite version re-release[10]
    • Partially implemented with the release of Minecraft Trial in the Google Play Store.
Mentioned in 2015
  • Minecraft for Google Cardboard.[14]
  • The following mobs were mentioned in a Q&A session, which although far fetched were tossed around – penguins and wizards (but not spell-casting).[14]
  • Smoother auto-jump/auto-climb[22]

From Java Edition[]

All features from Java Edition will make their way to Bedrock Edition sometime in the future.[23] Specific mentions include:

  • Hardcore mode[24]
  • Spectator mode[25]. It technically Exists in-game but can only be accessed via editing NBT data, and it lacks several features
  • Sharing worlds on all Bedrock Edition versions[26]
  • Mojang account sync on Bedrock Edition (i.e. being able to use Mojang account for skins etc.)[14]
    • However, this will not be accomplished as Java Edition itself is moving to Microsoft account from 2021.
  • More off-hand slot items.
  • Java Edition 1.9 combat mechanics[27]
  • Advancements[28]
  • More commands[29]
  • Banner map markers.[30]


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