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For the Java Edition version of this guide, see Java Edition guides/Village & Pillage.
Village & Pillage

Bedrock Edition

Official name

Village & Pillage

Released versions

This guide is a simplified overview of all the changes in the Village & Pillage update (Bedrock Edition 1.11.x releases), which assumes at least some familiarity with the Bedrock Edition 1.10 release.



Name Image Habitat Drops Note
Illager captain Pillager with Ominous Banner.pngVindicator with Ominous Banner.png
  • Various Items


Name Image Changed
  • Renamed from Illager Beast to ravager.
  • Added bite and roar attacks.
  • Now has a chance of getting stunned when their attack is blocked by a shield.
  • Can now be ridden by vindicators, pillagers, and evokers.
  • Added sounds and animation.
  • Now has the ability to destroy certain blocks, and will avoid cactus and sweet berry bushes.
  • No longer attacks baby villagers.
  • Are no longer only available through Experimental Gameplay.
  • No longer attack baby villagers.
  • Now drop special loot if spawned from raids.
  • No longer attack baby villagers.
  • Now drop special loot if spawned from raids.
  • Can now break down doors during raids.
Evoker and Vex Evoker.pngVex.png
  • No longer attack baby villagers.
Villager Plains Villager Base.pngDesert Villager Base.pngJungle Villager Base.pngSavanna Villager Base.pngSnowy Villager Base.pngSwamp Villager Base.pngTaiga Villager Base.png
  • Old villagers in existing worlds will now convert to new villagers.
  • Removed old villager spawn egg.
  • New villagers are no longer only available through Experimental Gameplay.
  • Now restore health by sleeping in beds.
  • No longer teleport through or get stuck in walls when trying to sleep.
  • Farmers now choose composters instead of farmland as their job site blocks.
  • Farmers and Librarians now properly go to work.
  • Improved pathfinding.
  • Now hide in houses during raids.
  • Some other fixes and optimizations.
Iron Golem
Iron Golem.png



Name Image Obtaining Tool Required Uses
Illager Banner
Ominous Banner.gif
Can be mined with any tool, but an axe is the fastest