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1.6 releases

Bedrock Edition

Released versions

This guide is a simplified overview of all the changes in the Bedrock Edition 1.6 releases, which assumes at least some familiarity with the Update Aquatic (Bedrock Edition 1.4.x - 1.5.x releases).



Name Image Habitat Drops Note
Phantom JE2 BE1.png
Phantoms spawn at night and during thunderstorms high above players who are above sea level, have no obstructions above them, and have not entered a bed for at least three ingame days.
  • Phantoms are the fastest mob in the Overworld. Players are unable to outrun them. A good strategy versus phantoms is to obstruct their path, since they fly up if they collide with any block during an attack.
  • Cats hiss at phantoms that are currently attacking players, and phantoms try to stay at least 16 blocks away from them.
  • Phantoms do not spawn if the player has a solid block above them, meaning they do not spawn around players underground or within enclosed structures. Additionally, they do not spawn if the player is below sea level.
  • Sleeping through the night is not actually required. The statistic that controls their spawning is reset when the player leaves a bed, so simply entering and then leaving a bed is enough.



Name Image Obtaining Tool Required Uses
Barrier (held) JE2 BE2.png
  • Only obtainable via commands
  • Cannot be broken in survival
  • Acts like bedrock, but is completely transparent.
  • Can be used to create impenetrable boundaries.


Name Image Changed
TNT JE3 BE2.png
No longer damages players and mobs when it explodes in water.



Name Image Obtaining Uses
Phantom Membrane
Phantom Membrane JE1 BE1.png

Spawn Egg

Phantom Spawn Egg JE2 BE1.png
  • Can be obtained only via creative inventory.


Name Image Changed
Elytra JE2 BE2.png

Broken Elytra (item) JE1 BE1.png
Elytra now requires the phantom membrane to be repaired.



Name Obtaining Effects
Potion of Slow Falling
Ingredients Brewing recipe
Phantom Membrane +
Awkward Potion

Potion of Slow Falling
Slow Falling