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This guide is a simplified overview of all the changes in Bedrock Edition 1.13.x releases, which assumes at least some familiarity with Bedrock Edition 1.12.x releases.



Name Image Habitat Drops Note
Brown Mooshroom
Brown Mooshroom
  • Red mooshrooms will turn into brown mooshrooms when struck by lightning.
  • Breeding two red mooshrooms has 11024 chance to spawn a brown baby variant, and vice versa.
  • Brown mooshrooms will give the player suspicious stew when fed a flower and milked with a bowl.

FoxSnow FoxSitting FoxSitting Snow FoxSleeping FoxSleeping Snow Fox Baby FoxBaby Snow FoxSitting Baby FoxSitting Baby Snow FoxSleeping Baby FoxSleeping Baby Snow Fox

  • Foxes can spawn in taiga and snowy taiga biomes.
  • Foxes can also spawn in taiga villages in groups of 1–3.
  • Wolves and polar bears are aggressive towards foxes.
  • Baby foxes born by breeding two adult foxes will be loyal towards the player.
  • Foxes will eat any food-item, and can pick up any item in their mouth.
  • Foxes sleep during the day and are active at night.


Name Image Changed
Fish CodSalmonClownfish
  • Now drop experience when killed.
Illager captain Pillager with Ominous BannerVindicator with Ominous Banner
  • The player now correctly receives the Bad Omen effect whenever the illager captain dies in combat with the player.
Players SteveAlex
  • Are now 1.8 blocks tall.
  • Default Steve, Alex and character creator skins can now blink.
  • Can now spawn in rivers.
Villager Plains Villager BaseDesert Villager BaseJungle Villager BaseSavanna Villager BaseSnowy Villager BaseSwamp Villager BaseTaiga Villager Base
  • Can now heal if they have bread in their inventory.
  • Master-level farmers can now sell suspicious stew.
  • Cartographer trades now require 11 glass panes instead of 10.
  • Villager trade levels now match Java Edition with 5 profession level badges, rather than 3 level badges.



Name Image Obtaining Tool Required Uses
Dead Coral

Dead Tube CoralDead Brain CoralDead Bubble CoralDead Fire CoralDead Horn Coral

  • Can be obtained by placing their living variety in any area not directly adjacent to water.
  • Can be broken with any tool as well as by hand.
Can be used as decorative blocks.
Light Block

Light 0 BE1Light 1 BE1Light 2 BE1Light 3 BE1Light 4 BE1Light 5 BE1Light 6 BE1Light 7 BE1Light 8 BE1Light 9 BE1Light 10 BE1Light 11 BE1Light 12 BE1Light 13 BE1Light 14 BE1Light 15 BE1

  • Can be obtained only with commands.
To give this block. /give @p light_block 0-15
Structure Void
Structure Void BE1
  • /give @p structure_void
  • An intangible block used to indicate to the structure blocks that certain air blocks can be overridden by previously existing blocks in the destination.
  • Invisible and have a small hitbox.
    • Visible only when they are inside a structure being saved by a save structure blocks and the toggle option "show invisible blocks" is true.
  • Allows for empty spaces in a structure.
Wither Rose
Wither Rose
  • A wither rose will drop from mobs killed by a Wither.
Wither Roses can be broken with any tool as well as by hand.
  • Wither Roses can be used to craft suspicious stew with the Wither effect.
  • Any mob standing on a Wither rose will be inflicted with one second of the Wither effect for as long as they continue to touch it.


Name Image Changed
Coral Tube CoralBrain CoralBubble CoralFire CoralHorn Coral
  • Can now be placed on surface air, but turns to dead coral if it has no water.
Grass Path
Grass Path
  • Can now be found in the creative inventory.
Item Frame
Item Frame
  • Can now be placed on the top and bottom of blocks.
Structure Block
Structure Block JE2 BE1
  • Added Save and Load behind the Experimental Gameplay toggle.



Name Image Obtaining Uses
Suspicious Stew
Suspicious Stew JE1 BE1
Ingredients Crafting recipe
Brown Mushroom +
Red Mushroom +
Bowl +
Any Flower

  • Suspicious stew gives a status effect to the player after eating it, the effect given depends on the flower used to craft it.
  • The effect is hidden after suspicious stew is crafted, making it impossible to tell ones with negative effect from ones with positive effects.


Name Image Changed
  • Worn armor no longer turns red when a player or mob takes damage.
  • Can no longer be obtained with the /give commands.
  • Added functionality. Screenshots took by the camera can now be saved into the screenshots folder.
Turtle Egg
Turtle Egg (item) JE2 BE2
Locked Map (item)
  • Locked maps now have a unique inventory icon.



Name Image Generates Chests Mobs Description
Abandoned Village
Abandoned Village
  • Readded abandoned (zombie) villages, but with Village & Pillage architecture.