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This feature is exclusive to Bedrock Edition. 
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This article needs to be updated. 
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Reason: Changes to numeric IDs in 1.16.100+.

These data values refer to the different types of blocks and items on Bedrock Edition. They are used in many places in Minecraft. Block IDs are used to define blocks placed in the world and inventory items (including items in chests and items dropped in the world). Item IDs are valid only for items. Block data further defines blocks placed, describing for example the height of water or the direction a torch points. These data values differ greatly from Java Edition.

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I Has a different ID as an inventory item.
D Use the item's Damage field to define its durability.
S Requires additional data from the saved game's Data array to fully define the block.
B Requires additional data in the item's Damage field to fully define the inventory item.
N Requires additional data in the item's NBT data to fully define the inventory item.
E Requires a block entity to store additional data.
Red Cannot be legitimately obtained. Only available using the /give command or via inventory editors.
Light Blue Cannot be obtained as an item. (Can only be placed using block-placement commands such as /setblock or /fill.)
Blue Available in the Creative mode inventory by item list.
Purple Available in Creative mode by block picking.
Teal Can be obtained by trading with villagers or in the Creative mode inventory.
Green Only available by having Enchanted tools or in the Creative mode inventory.
Lime Green Only available by having Enchanted tools or via use of /give or inventory editors, but unobtainable in the Creative mode inventory.
Gray Unused data.

Block IDs[]

For a full table of block-metadata combinations, see Bedrock Edition data values/Metadata table.

Block as an item with an ID over 255 are stored internally as negative using the formula 255 - (original ID) to avoid block IDs being overlapped into the item ID space.

Icon Dec Hex Resource location Block
0 0 air Air
Stone JE5 BE3.png 1 1 stone Stone S B
Grass Block JE7 BE6.png 2 2 grass Grass Block
Dirt JE2 BE2.png 3 3 dirt Dirt S B
Cobblestone JE5 BE3.png 4 4 cobblestone Cobblestone
Oak Planks JE6 BE3.png 5 5 planks Wooden Planks S B
Oak Sapling JE5 BE3.png 6 6 sapling Sapling S B
Bedrock JE2 BE2.png 7 7 bedrock Bedrock
Water BE (animated).png 8 8 flowing_water Water I S
Water BE (animated).png 9 9 water Stationary Water I S
Lava BE4.gif 10 A flowing_lava Lava I S
Lava BE4.gif 11 B lava Stationary Lava I S
Sand JE5 BE3.png 12 C sand Sand S B
Gravel JE5 BE4.png 13 D gravel Gravel
Gold Ore JE7 BE4.png 14 E gold_ore Gold Ore
Iron Ore JE6 BE4.png 15 F iron_ore Iron Ore
Coal Ore JE5 BE4.png 16 10 coal_ore Coal Ore
Oak Log (UD) JE5 BE3.png 17 11 log Log S B
Oak Leaves BE5.png 18 12 leaves Leaves S B
Sponge JE3 BE3.png 19 13 sponge Sponge S B
Glass JE4 BE2.png 20 14 glass Glass
Lapis Lazuli Ore JE4 BE4.png 21 15 lapis_ore Lapis Lazuli Ore
Block of Lapis Lazuli JE3 BE3.png 22 16 lapis_block Lapis Lazuli Block
Dispenser (S) JE4.png 23 17 dispenser Dispenser S E
Sandstone JE6 BE3.png 24 18 sandstone Sandstone S B
Note Block JE2 BE2.png 25 19 noteblock Note Block E
Red Bed JE4 BE3.png 26 1A bed Bed I S
Powered Rail (NS) JE2 BE2.png 27 1B golden_rail Powered Rail S
Detector Rail (NS) JE2 BE2.png 28 1C detector_rail Detector Rail S
Sticky Piston (U) BE2.png 29 1D sticky_piston Sticky Piston S
Cobweb JE2 BE2.png 30 1E web Cobweb
Grass JE7.png 31 1F tallgrass Tall Grass S B
Dead Bush JE2 BE2.png 32 20 deadbush Dead Bush
Piston (U) BE2.png 33 21 piston Piston S
Piston Head (U) BE2.png 34 22 pistonarmcollision Piston Head I S E
White Wool JE2 BE2.png 35 23 wool Wool S B
Unknown Element.png 36 24 element_0 Unknown Element (???)
Dandelion JE2 BE2.png 37 25 yellow_flower Dandelion
Poppy JE3 BE2.png 38 26 red_flower Flower S B
Brown Mushroom JE2 BE2.png 39 27 brown_mushroom Brown Mushroom
Red Mushroom JE2 BE2.png 40 28 red_mushroom Red Mushroom
Block of Gold JE6 BE3.png 41 29 gold_block Block of Gold
Block of Iron JE4 BE3.png 42 2A iron_block Block of Iron
Double Smooth Stone Slab JE2 BE2.png 43 2B double_stone_slab Double Stone Slab I S B
Smooth Stone Slab JE2 BE2.png 44 2C stone_slab Stone Slab S B
Bricks JE5 BE3.png 45 2D brick_block Brick Block
TNT JE3 BE2.png 46 2E tnt TNT S B
Bookshelf JE4 BE2.png 47 2F bookshelf Bookshelf
Mossy Cobblestone JE4 BE2.png 48 30 mossy_cobblestone Mossy Cobblestone
Obsidian JE3 BE2.png 49 31 obsidian Obsidian
Torch JE6 BE2.png 50 32 torch Torch S
Fire.gif 51 33 fire Fire I S
Spawner BE2.png 52 34 mob_spawner Spawner I E
Oak Stairs (N) JE7 BE6.png 53 35 oak_stairs Oak Stairs S
Chest (S) JE2 BE2.png 54 36 chest Chest S N E
Inactive Redstone Wire (NESW) BE.png 55 37 redstone_wire Redstone Wire I S
Diamond Ore JE5 BE5.png 56 38 diamond_ore Diamond Ore
Block of Diamond JE6 BE3.png 57 39 diamond_block Block of Diamond
Crafting Table JE4 BE3.png 58 3A crafting_table Crafting Table
Wheat Age 7 JE4 BE2.png 59 3B wheat Wheat Crops I S
Farmland JE4 BE6.png 60 3C farmland Farmland I S
Furnace (S) JE4.png 61 3D furnace Furnace S N E
Lit Furnace (S) JE4.png 62 3E lit_furnace Burning Lit Furnace I S N E
Oak Standing Sign (S) JE2 BE2.png 63 3F standing_sign Oak Standing Sign I S E
Oak Door JE7.png 64 40 oak_door Oak Door I S
Ladder (S) JE3 BE2.png 65 41 ladder Ladder
Rail (NS) JE3 BE2.png 66 42 rail Rail S
Cobblestone Stairs (N) JE6 BE6.png 67 43 stone_stairs Cobblestone Stairs S
Oak Wall Sign (S) JE2 BE2.png 68 44 wall_sign Oak Wall Sign I S E
Wall Lever (S) JE5 BE2.png 69 45 lever Lever S
Stone Pressure Plate JE5 BE2.png 70 46 stone_pressure_plate Stone Pressure Plate S
Iron Door JE4.png 71 47 iron_door Iron Door I S
Oak Pressure Plate JE5 BE2.png 72 48 wooden_pressure_plate Oak Pressure Plate S
Redstone Ore JE4 BE3.png 73 49 redstone_ore Redstone Ore
Redstone Ore JE4 BE3.png 74 4A lit_redstone_ore Glowing Redstone Ore I
Unlit Redstone Torch JE4.png 75 4B unlit_redstone_torch Unlit Redstone Torch I S
Redstone Torch BE3.png 76 4C redstone_torch Redstone Torch S
Stone Button (S) JE5 BE2.png 77 4D stone_button Stone Button S
Snow (layers 1) JE3 BE3.png 78 4E snow_layer Top Snow S
Ice JE2 BE3.png 79 4F ice Ice
Snow Block JE2 BE2.png 80 50 snow Snow
Cactus BE4.png 81 51 cactus Cactus S
Clay JE2 BE2.png 82 52 clay Clay
Sugar Cane JE2 BE2.png 83 53 reeds Sugar Cane I S
Jukebox JE2 BE2.png 84 54 jukebox Jukebox S E
Oak Fence JE4 BE2.png 85 55 fence Oak Fence S B
Carved Pumpkin (N) JE5.png 86 56 pumpkin Pumpkin
Netherrack JE4 BE2.png 87 57 netherrack Netherrack
Soul Sand JE2 BE2.png 88 58 soul_sand Soul Sand
Glowstone JE4 BE2.png 89 59 glowstone Glowstone
Nether Portal (EW) BE.gif 90 5A portal Portal I S
Jack o'Lantern (S) JE4.png 91 5B lit_pumpkin Jack o'Lantern S
Cake JE2.png 92 5C cake Cake I S
Redstone Repeater (S) JE5 BE2.png 93 5D unpowered_repeater Redstone Repeater I S
Powered Redstone Repeater (S) JE9.png 94 5E powered_repeater Powered Redstone Repeater I S
95 5F invisiblebedrock Invisible Bedrock
Oak Trapdoor JE4 BE2.png 96 60 wooden_trapdoor Oak Trapdoor S
Stone JE5 BE3.png 97 61 monster_egg Monster Egg I S B
Stone Bricks JE3 BE2.png 98 62 stonebrick Stone Bricks S B
Brown Mushroom Block (ESU) JE2 BE2.png 99 63 brown_mushroom_block Brown Mushroom Block I S B
Icon Dec Hex Resource location Block
Red Mushroom Block (ESU) JE2 BE2.png 100 64 red_mushroom_block Red Mushroom Block I S B
Iron Bars (EW) JE3 BE2.png 101 65 iron_bars Iron Bars S
Glass Pane (EW) JE3 BE4.png 102 66 glass_pane Glass Pane S
Melon JE2 BE2.png 103 67 melon_block Melon
Pumpkin Stem Age 7 JE7.png 104 68 pumpkin_stem Pumpkin Stem I S
Stem Age 7 JE6.png 105 69 melon_stem Melon Stem I S
Vines JE2 BE2.png 106 6A vine Vines S
Oak Fence Gate JE4 BE2.png 107 6B fence_gate Oak Fence Gate S
Brick Stairs (N) JE5 BE2.png 108 6C brick_stairs Brick Stairs S
Stone Brick Stairs (N) JE5 BE2.png 109 6D stone_brick_stairs Stone Brick Stairs S
Mycelium JE2 BE2.png 110 6E mycelium Mycelium
Lily Pad JE2 BE2.png 111 6F waterlily Lily Pad S
Nether Bricks JE3 BE4.png 112 70 nether_brick Nether Brick
Nether Brick Fence JE3 BE4.png 113 71 nether_brick_fence Nether Brick Fence S
Nether Brick Stairs (N) JE5 BE2.png 114 72 nether_brick_stairs Nether Brick Stairs S
Nether Wart.png 115 73 nether_wart Nether Wart I S
Enchanting Table JE4 BE2.png 116 74 enchanting_table Enchantment Table E
Brewing Stand.png 117 75 brewing_stand Brewing Stand I S N E
Cauldron BE2.png 118 76 cauldron Cauldron I S B E
End Portal.png 119 77 end_portal End Portal E
End Portal Frame (S) JE5 BE2.png 120 78 end_portal_frame End Portal Frame S B
End Stone JE3 BE2.png 121 79 end_stone End Stone
Dragon Egg JE1 BE1.png 122 7A dragon_egg Dragon Egg
Redstone Lamp JE3 BE2.png 123 7B redstone_lamp Redstone Lamp (inactive)
Lit Redstone Lamp JE3 BE2.png 124 7C lit_redstone_lamp Redstone Lamp (active) I
Dropper (S) JE3.png 125 7D dropper Dropper S E
Activator Rail (NS) JE2 BE2.png 126 7E activator_rail Activator Rail S
Cocoa Age 2 (S) JE5.png 127 7F cocoa Cocoa I S
Sandstone Stairs (N) JE6 BE3.png 128 80 sandstone_stairs Sandstone Stairs S
Emerald Ore JE4 BE3.png 129 81 emerald_ore Emerald Ore
Ender Chest (S) JE2 BE2.png 130 82 ender_chest Ender Chest S E
Tripwire Hook (S) JE6 BE2.png 131 83 tripwire_hook Tripwire Hook S
Tripwire.png 132 84 tripwire Tripwire I S
Block of Emerald JE4 BE3.png 133 85 emerald_block Block of Emerald
Spruce Stairs (N) JE5 BE2.png 134 86 spruce_stairs Spruce Stairs S
Birch Stairs (N) JE4 BE2.png 135 87 birch_stairs Birch Stairs S
Jungle Stairs (N) JE4 BE2.png 136 88 jungle_stairs Jungle Stairs S
Impulse Command Block.gif 137 89 command_block Impulse Command Block S N E
Beacon JE6 BE2.png 138 8A beacon Beacon E
Cobblestone Wall JE2 BE2.png 139 8B cobblestone_wall Cobblestone Wall S B
Flower Pot JE2 BE2.png 140 8C flower_pot Flower Pot I S E
Carrots Age 3 JE2 BE2.png 141 8D carrots Carrots I S
Potatoes Age 3 JE2 BE2.png 142 8E potatoes Potatoes I S
Oak Button (S) JE4.png 143 8F wooden_button Oak Button S
Player Head.png 144 90 skull Mob head I S E
Anvil (N) JE3.png 145 91 anvil Anvil S B
Trapped Chest (S) JE1 BE1.png 146 92 trapped_chest Trapped Chest S N E
Light Weighted Pressure Plate JE3 BE2.png 147 93 light_weighted_pressure_plate Weighted Pressure Plate (Light) S
Heavy Weighted Pressure Plate JE2 BE2.png 148 94 heavy_weighted_pressure_plate Weighted Pressure Plate (Heavy) S
Redstone Comparator (S) BE.png 149 95 unpowered_comparator Redstone Comparator (unpowered) I S E
Powered Redstone Comparator (S) BE.png 150 96 powered_comparator Redstone Comparator (powered) I S E
Daylight Detector JE1 BE1.png 151 97 daylight_detector Daylight Sensor E
Block of Redstone JE2 BE2.png 152 98 redstone_block Block of Redstone
Nether Quartz Ore JE3 BE2.png 153 99 quartz_ore Nether Quartz Ore
Hopper (D) JE8.png 154 9A hopper Hopper I S N E
Block of Quartz JE3.png 155 9B quartz_block Block of Quartz S B
Quartz Stairs (N) JE3.png 156 9C quartz_stairs Quartz Stairs S
Oak Planks JE6 BE3.png 157 9D double_wooden_slab Wooden Double Slab I S B
Oak Slab JE5 BE2.png 158 9E wooden_slab Wooden Slab S B
White Terracotta JE1 BE1.png 159 9F stained_hardened_clay Terracotta S B
White Stained Glass Pane JE3 BE2.png 160 A0 stained_glass_pane Stained Glass Pane S B
Acacia Leaves BE2.png 161 A1 leaves2 Acacia Leaves S B
Acacia Log (UD) JE5 BE3.png 162 A2 log2 Acacia Log S B
Acacia Stairs (N) JE4 BE2.png 163 A3 acacia_stairs Acacia Stairs S
Dark Oak Stairs (N) JE4 BE2.png 164 A4 dark_oak_stairs Dark Oak Stairs S
Slime Block JE2 BE3.png 165 A5 slime Slime Block
White Glow Stick.png 166 A6 glow_stick Glow Stick D B
Iron Trapdoor JE3 BE2.png 167 A7 iron_trapdoor Iron Trapdoor S
Prismarine JE2 BE2.gif 168 A8 prismarine Prismarine S B
Sea Lantern JE1.gif 169 A9 sealantern Sea Lantern
Hay Bale (UD) JE2 BE2.png 170 AA hay_block Hay Bale S
White Carpet.png 171 AB carpet Carpet S B
Terracotta JE2 BE2.png 172 AC hardened_clay Terracotta S B
Block of Coal JE3 BE2.png 173 AD coal_block Block of Coal
Packed Ice JE2 BE3.png 174 AE packed_ice Packed Ice
Sunflower JE2 BE2.png 175 AF double_plant Sunflower S B
Free-standing Banner (Small).png 176 B0 standing_banner Standing Banner I S E
Wall-mounted Banner (Small).png 177 B1 wall_banner Wall Banner I S E
Inverted Daylight Detector JE1 BE1.png 178 B2 daylight_detector_inverted Inverted Daylight Detector I E
Red Sandstone JE4 BE2.png 179 B3 red_sandstone Red Sandstone S B
Red Sandstone Stairs (N) JE4 BE2.png 180 B4 red_sandstone_stairs Red Sandstone Stairs S
Red Sandstone JE4 BE2.png 181 B5 double_stone_slab2 Double Red Sandstone Slab I S B
Red Sandstone Slab JE4 BE2.png 182 B6 stone_slab2 Red Sandstone Slab S B
Spruce Fence Gate JE4 BE2.png 183 B7 spruce_fence_gate Spruce Fence Gate S
Birch Fence Gate JE3 BE2.png 184 B8 birch_fence_gate Birch Fence Gate S
Jungle Fence Gate JE3 BE2.png 185 B9 jungle_fence_gate Jungle Fence Gate S
Dark Oak Fence Gate JE3 BE2.png 186 BA dark_oak_fence_gate Dark Oak Fence Gate S
Acacia Fence Gate JE3 BE2.png 187 BB acacia_fence_gate Acacia Fence Gate S
Repeating Command Block.gif 188 BC repeating_command_block Repeating Command Block S N E
Chain Command Block.gif 189 BD chain_command_block Chain Command Block S N E
Hardened Glass Pane BE1.png 190 BE hard_glass_pane Hardened Glass Pane S B
Hardened White Stained Glass Pane BE1.png 191 BF hard_stained_glass_pane Hardened Stained Glass Pane S B
Heat Block BE1.gif 192 C0 chemical_heat Heat Block
Spruce Door JE3 BE2.png 193 C1 spruce_door Spruce Door I S
Birch Door JE3 BE2.png 194 C2 birch_door Birch Door I S
Jungle Door JE4 BE2.png 195 C3 jungle_door Jungle Door I S
Acacia Door JE4 BE2.png 196 C4 acacia_door Acacia Door I S
Dark Oak Door JE3 BE2.png 197 C5 dark_oak_door Dark Oak Door I S
Dirt Path JE2 BE2.png 198 C6 grass_path Grass Path
Item Frame JE2 BE2.png 199 C7 frame Item Frame I S N
Icon Dec Hex Resource location Block
Chorus Flower JE2 BE2.png 200 C8 chorus_flower Chorus Flower S
Purpur Block JE2 BE2.png 201 C9 purpur_block Purpur Block S B
Red Torch BE1.png 202 CA colored_torch_rg Red Torch and Green Torch S B
Purpur Stairs (N) JE2 BE2.png 203 CB purpur_stairs Purpur Stairs S
Blue Torch BE1.png 204 CC colored_torch_bp Blue Torch and Purple Torch S B
Shulker Box.png 205 CD undyed_shulker_box Shulker Box (Undyed) S N E
End Stone Bricks JE2 BE2.png 206 CE end_bricks End Stone Bricks
Ice JE2 BE3.png 207 CF frosted_ice Frosted Ice S
End Rod (U) JE2 BE2.png 208 D0 end_rod End Rod S
End Gateway JE2 BE1.png 209 D1 end_gateway End Gateway I E
Allow BE1.png 210 D2 allow Allow
Deny BE1.png 211 D3 deny Deny
Border BE1.png 212 D4 border_block Border
Magma Block JE2 BE2.gif 213 D5 magma Magma Block
Nether Wart Block JE3.png 214 D6 nether_wart_block Nether Wart Block
Red Nether Bricks JE3 BE2.png 215 D7 red_nether_brick Red Nether Brick
Bone Block (UD) JE2 BE2.png 216 D8 bone_block Bone Block S
Structure Void (held) BE3.png 217 D9 structure_void Structure Void
White Shulker Box.png 218 DA shulker_box Shulker Box S B N E
Purple Glazed Terracotta JE1 BE1.png 219 DB purple_glazed_terracotta Purple Glazed Terracotta
White Glazed Terracotta JE2 BE2.png 220 DC white_glazed_terracotta White Glazed Terracotta
Orange Glazed Terracotta JE2 BE2.png 221 DD orange_glazed_terracotta Orange Glazed Terracotta
Magenta Glazed Terracotta JE2 BE2.png 222 DE magenta_glazed_terracotta Magenta Glazed Terracotta
Light Blue Glazed Terracotta JE1 BE1.png 223 DF light_blue_glazed_terracotta Light Blue Glazed Terracotta
Yellow Glazed Terracotta JE1 BE1.png 224 E0 yellow_glazed_terracotta Yellow Glazed Terracotta
Lime Glazed Terracotta JE1 BE1.png 225 E1 lime_glazed_terracotta Lime Glazed Terracotta
Pink Glazed Terracotta JE1 BE1.png 226 E2 pink_glazed_terracotta Pink Glazed Terracotta
Gray Glazed Terracotta JE1 BE1.png 227 E3 gray_glazed_terracotta Gray Glazed Terracotta
Light Gray Glazed Terracotta JE1 BE1.png 228 E4 silver_glazed_terracotta Light Gray Glazed Terracotta
Cyan Glazed Terracotta JE2 BE2.png 229 E5 cyan_glazed_terracotta Cyan Glazed Terracotta
Chalkboard.png 230 E6 chalkboard Chalkboard I S B
Blue Glazed Terracotta JE1 BE1.png 231 E7 blue_glazed_terracotta Blue Glazed Terracotta
Brown Glazed Terracotta JE1 BE1.png 232 E8 brown_glazed_terracotta Brown Glazed Terracotta
Green Glazed Terracotta JE1 BE1.png 233 E9 green_glazed_terracotta Green Glazed Terracotta
Red Glazed Terracotta JE1 BE1.png 234 EA red_glazed_terracotta Red Glazed Terracotta
Black Glazed Terracotta JE1 BE1.png 235 EB black_glazed_terracotta Black Glazed Terracotta
White Concrete.png 236 EC concrete Concrete S B
White Concrete Powder.png 237 ED concretepowder Concrete Powder S B
Compound Creator (S) BE1.png 238 EE chemistry_table Compound Creator S B
Underwater Torch BE1.png 239 EF underwater_torch Underwater Torch S
Chorus Plant JE2 BE2.png 240 F0 chorus_plant Chorus Plant I S
White Stained Glass JE3 BE3.png 241 F1 stained_glass Stained Glass S B
Camera Block.png 242 F2 camera Camera [note 1]
Podzol JE2 BE2.png 243 F3 podzol Podzol
Beetroots Age 3 JE2 BE2.png 244 F4 beetroot Beetroots I S
Stonecutter (Old) BE1.png 245 F5 stonecutter Stonecutter
Glowing Obsidian BE1.png 246 F6 glowingobsidian Glowing Obsidian
Nether Reactor Core BE2.png 247 F7 netherreactor Nether Reactor Core
Info update BE1.png 248 F8 info_update info_update [note 2]
Info update BE1.png 249 F9 info_update2 info_update2
250 FA movingblock Block moved by Piston I E
Observer JE4 BE3.png 251 FB observer Observer S
Structure Block JE2 BE1.png 252 FC structure_block Structure Block S N
Hardened Glass BE1.png 253 FD hard_glass Hardened Glass S B
Hardened White Stained Glass BE1.png 254 FE hard_stained_glass Hardened Stained Glass S B
Info update BE1.png 255 FF reserved6 reserved6
256 100 (unused)
Prismarine Stairs JE2 BE2.png 257 101 prismarine_stairs Prismarine Stairs S
Dark Prismarine Stairs (N) JE2 BE2.png 258 102 dark_prismarine_stairs Dark Prismarine Stairs S
Prismarine Brick Stairs (N) JE2 BE2.png 259 103 prismarine_bricks_stairs Prismarine Brick Stairs S
Stripped Spruce Log (UD) JE2.png 260 104 stripped_spruce_log Stripped Spruce Log S
Stripped Birch Log (UD) JE2 BE2.png 261 105 stripped_birch_log Stripped Birch Log S
Stripped Jungle Log (UD) JE4 BE3.png 262 106 stripped_jungle_log Stripped Jungle Log S
Stripped Acacia Log (UD) JE2 BE2.png 263 107 stripped_acacia_log Stripped Acacia Log S
Stripped Dark Oak Log (UD) JE2.png 264 108 stripped_dark_oak_log Stripped Dark Oak Log S
Stripped Oak Log (UD) JE2 BE2.png 265 109 stripped_oak_log Stripped Oak Log S
Blue Ice JE1 BE1.png 266 10A blue_ice Blue Ice
Hydrogen.png 267 10B element_1 Hydrogen
Helium.png 268 10C element_2 Helium
Lithium.png 269 10D element_3 Lithium
Beryllium.png 270 10E element_4 Beryllium
Boron.png 271 10F element_5 Boron
Carbon.png 272 110 element_6 Carbon
Nitrogen.png 273 111 element_7 Nitrogen
Oxygen.png 274 112 element_8 Oxygen
Fluorine.png 275 113 element_9 Fluorine
Neon.png 276 114 element_10 Neon
Sodium.png 277 115 element_11 Sodium
Magnesium.png 278 116 element_12 Magnesium
Aluminum.png 279 117 element_13 Aluminum
Silicon.png 280 118 element_14 Silicon
Phosphorus.png 281 119 element_15 Phosphorus
Sulfur.png 282 11A element_16 Sulfur
Chlorine.png 283 11B element_17 Chlorine
Argon.png 284 11C element_18 Argon
Potassium.png 285 11D element_19 Potassium
Calcium.png 286 11E element_20 Calcium
Scandium.png 287 11F element_21 Scandium
Titanium.png 288 120 element_22 Titanium
Vanadium.png 289 121 element_23 Vanadium
Chromium.png 290 122 element_24 Chromium
Manganese.png 291 123 element_25 Manganese
Iron.png 292 124 element_26 Iron
Cobalt.png 293 125 element_27 Cobalt
Nickel.png 294 126 element_28 Nickel
Copper.png 295 127 element_29 Copper
Zinc.png 296 128 element_30 Zinc
Gallium.png 297 129 element_31 Gallium
Germanium.png 298 12A element_32 Germanium
Arsenic.png 299 12B element_33 Arsenic
Icon Dec Hex Resource location Block
Selenium.png 300 12C element_34 Selenium
Bromine.png 301 12D element_35 Bromine
Krypton.png 302 12E element_36 Krypton
Rubidium.png 303 12F element_37 Rubidium
Strontium.png 304 130 element_38 Strontium
Yttrium.png 305 131 element_39 Yttrium
Zirconium.png 306 132 element_40 Zirconium
Niobium.png 307 133 element_41 Niobium
Molybdenum.png 308 134 element_42 Molybdenum
Technetium.png 309 135 element_43 Technetium
Ruthenium.png 310 136 element_44 Ruthenium
Rhodium.png 311 137 element_45 Rhodium
Palladium.png 312 138 element_46 Palladium
Silver.png 313 139 element_47 Silver
Cadmium.png 314 13A element_48 Cadmium
Indium.png 315 13B element_49 Indium
Tin.png 316 13C element_50 Tin
Antimony.png 317 13D element_51 Antimony
Tellurium.png 318 13E element_52 Tellurium
Iodine.png 319 13F element_53 Iodine
Xenon.png 320 140 element_54 Xenon
Cesium.png 321 141 element_55 Cesium
Barium.png 322 142 element_56 Barium
Lanthanum.png 323 143 element_57 Lanthanum
Cerium.png 324 144 element_58 Cerium
Praseodymium.png 325 145 element_59 Praseodymium
Neodymium.png 326 146 element_60 Neodymium
Promethium.png 327 147 element_61 Promethium
Samarium.png 328 148 element_62 Samarium
Europium.png 329 149 element_63 Europium
Gadolinium.png 330 14A element_64 Gadolinium
Terbium.png 331 14B element_65 Terbium
Dysprosium.png 332 14C element_66 Dysprosium
Holmium.png 333 14D element_67 Holmium
Erbium.png 334 14E element_68 Erbium
Thulium.png 335 14F element_69 Thulium
Ytterbium.png 336 150 element_70 Ytterbium
Lutetium.png 337 151 element_71 Lutetium
Hafnium.png 338 152 element_72 Hafnium
Tantalum.png 339 153 element_73 Tantalum
Tungsten.png 340 154 element_74 Tungsten
Rhenium.png 341 155 element_75 Rhenium
Osmium.png 342 156 element_76 Osmium
Iridium.png 343 157 element_77 Iridium
Platinum.png 344 158 element_78 Platinum
Gold.png 345 159 element_79 Gold
Mercury.png 346 15A element_80 Mercury
Thallium.png 347 15B element_81 Thallium
Lead (element).png 348 15C element_82 Lead
Bismuth.png 349 15D element_83 Bismuth
Polonium.png 350 15E element_84 Polonium
Astatine.png 351 15F element_85 Astatine
Radon.png 352 160 element_86 Radon
Francium.png 353 161 element_87 Francium
Radium.png 354 162 element_88 Radium
Actinium.png 355 163 element_89 Actinium
Thorium.png 356 164 element_90 Thorium
Protactinium.png 357 165 element_91 Protactinium
Uranium.png 358 166 element_92 Uranium
Neptunium.png 359 167 element_93 Neptunium
Plutonium.png 360 168 element_94 Plutonium
Americium.png 361 169 element_95 Americium
Curium.png 362 16A element_96 Curium
Berkelium.png 363 16B element_97 Berkelium
Californium.png 364 16C element_98 Californium
Einsteinium.png 365 16D element_99 Einsteinium
Fermium.png 366 16E element_100 Fermium
Mendelevium.png 367 16F element_101 Mendelevium
Nobelium.png 368 170 element_102 Nobelium
Lawrencium.png 369 171 element_103 Lawrencium
Rutherfordium.png 370 172 element_104 Rutherfordium
Dubnium.png 371 173 element_105 Dubnium
Seaborgium.png 372 174 element_106 Seaborgium
Bohrium.png 373 175 element_107 Bohrium
Hassium.png 374 176 element_108 Hassium
Meitnerium.png 375 177 element_109 Meitnerium
Darmstadtium.png 376 178 element_110 Darmstadtium
Roentgenium.png 377 179 element_111 Roentgenium
Copernicium.png 378 17A element_112 Copernicium
Nihonium.png 379 17B element_113 Nihonium
Flerovium.png 380 17C element_114 Flerovium
Moscovium.png 381 17D element_115 Moscovium
Livermorium.png 382 17E element_116 Livermorium
Tennessine.png 383 17F element_117 Tennessine
Oganesson.png 384 180 element_118 Oganesson
Seagrass JE1 BE2.gif 385 181 seagrass Seagrass S
Tube Coral JE1 BE1.png 386 182 coral Coral S B
Tube Coral Block JE2 BE1.png 387 183 coral_block Coral Block S B
Tube Coral Fan JE1 BE2.png 388 184 coral_fan Coral Fan S B
Dead Tube Coral Fan JE1 BE2.png 389 185 coral_fan_dead Dead Coral Fan S B
Tube Coral Fan JE1 BE2.png 390 186 coral_fan_hang Coral Fan S B
Bubble Coral Fan JE1 BE2.png 391 187 coral_fan_hang2 Coral Fan S B
Horn Coral Fan JE1 BE2.png 392 188 coral_fan_hang3 Coral Fan S B
Kelp JE3 BE2.gif 393 189 kelp Kelp I
Dried Kelp Block JE1 BE2.png 394 18A dried_kelp_block Dried Kelp Block
Acacia Button JE3 BE2.png 395 18B acacia_button Acacia Button S
Birch Button JE3 BE2.png 396 18C birch_button Birch Button S
Dark Oak Button JE3 BE2.png 397 18D dark_oak_button Dark Oak Button S
Jungle Button JE3 BE2.png 398 18E jungle_button Jungle Button S
Spruce Button JE4 BE2.png 399 18F spruce_button Spruce Button S
Icon Dec Hex Resource location Block
Acacia Trapdoor JE1 BE1.png 400 190 acacia_trapdoor Acacia Trapdoor S
Birch Trapdoor JE1 BE1.png 401 191 birch_trapdoor Birch Trapdoor S
Dark Oak Trapdoor JE1 BE1.png 402 192 dark_oak_trapdoor Dark Oak Trapdoor S
Jungle Trapdoor JE1 BE1.png 403 193 jungle_trapdoor Jungle Trapdoor S
Spruce Trapdoor JE2 BE2.png 404 194 spruce_trapdoor Spruce Trapdoor S
Acacia Pressure Plate JE3 BE2.png 405 195 acacia_pressure_plate Acacia Pressure Plate S
Birch Pressure Plate JE3 BE2.png 406 196 birch_pressure_plate Birch Pressure Plate S
Dark Oak Pressure Plate JE3 BE2.png 407 197 dark_oak_pressure_plate Dark Oak Pressure Plate S
Jungle Pressure Plate JE3 BE2.png 408 198 jungle_pressure_plate Jungle Pressure Plate S
Spruce Pressure Plate JE4 BE2.png 409 199 spruce_pressure_plate Spruce Pressure Plate S
Carved Pumpkin (S) JE5.png 410 19A carved_pumpkin Carved Pumpkin S
Sea Pickle 1 JE1 BE1.png 411 19B sea_pickle Sea Pickle S
Conduit JE1 BE1.png 412 19C conduit Conduit S E
413 19D (unused)
Turtle Egg 1.png 414 19E turtle_egg Sea Turtle Egg S
Bubble Column Whirlpool (non-fancy) BE1.png 415 19F bubble_column Bubble Column I S
416 1A0 barrier Barrier
End Stone Brick Slab JE1 BE1.png 417 1A1 stone_slab3 End Stone Brick Slab S B
Leafless Bamboo JE1 BE2.png 418 1A2 bamboo Bamboo S
Bamboo Shoot JE1 BE1.png 419 1A3 bamboo_sapling Bamboo Sapling I
Standing Scaffolding.png 420 1A4 scaffolding Scaffolding S
Mossy Stone Brick Slab JE2 BE2.png 421 1A5 stone_slab4 Mossy Stone Brick Slab S B
End Stone Bricks JE2 BE2.png 422 1A6 double_stone_slab3 Double End Stone Brick Slab I S B
Mossy Stone Bricks JE3 BE2.png 423 1A7 double_stone_slab4 Double Mossy Stone Brick Slab I S B
Granite Stairs (N) JE1 BE1.png 424 1A8 granite_stairs Granite Stairs S
Diorite Stairs (N) JE3 BE2.png 425 1A9 diorite_stairs Diorite Stairs S
Andesite Stairs (N) JE2 BE1.png 426 1AA andesite_stairs Andesite Stairs S
Polished Granite Stairs (N) JE1 BE1.png 427 1AB polished_granite_stairs Polished Granite Stairs S
Polished Diorite Stairs (N) JE2 BE2.png 428 1AC polished_diorite_stairs Polished Diorite Stairs S
Polished Andesite Stairs (N) JE2 BE1.png 429 1AD polished_andesite_stairs Polished Andesite Stairs S
Mossy Stone Brick Stairs (N) JE2 BE1.png 430 1AE mossy_stone_brick_stairs Mossy Stone Brick Stairs S
Smooth Red Sandstone Stairs (N) JE3 BE1.png 431 1AF smooth_red_sandstone_stairs Smooth Red Sandstone Stairs
Smooth Sandstone Stairs (N) JE4 BE2.png 432 1B0 smooth_sandstone_stairs Smooth Sandstone Stairs S
End Stone Brick Stairs (N) JE1 BE1.png 433 1B1 end_brick_stairs End Stone Brick Stairs S
Mossy Cobblestone Stairs (N) JE2 BE1.png 434 1B2 mossy_cobblestone_stairs Mossy Cobblestone Stairs S
Stone Stairs (N) JE2 BE2.png 435 1B3 normal_stone_stairs Stone Stairs S
Spruce Standing Sign (S) JE2 BE2.png 436 1B4 spruce_standing_sign Spruce Standing Sign I S E
Spruce Wall Sign (S) JE2 BE2.png 437 1B5 spruce_wall_sign Spruce Wall Sign I S E
Smooth Stone JE2 BE2.png 438 1B6 smooth_stone Smooth Stone
Red Nether Brick Stairs (N) JE1 BE1.png 439 1B7 red_nether_brick_stairs Red Nether Brick Stairs S
Smooth Quartz Stairs (N) JE2 BE1.png 440 1B8 smooth_quartz_stairs Smooth Quartz Stairs S
Birch Standing Sign (S) JE2 BE2.png 441 1B9 birch_standing_sign Birch Standing Sign I S E
Birch Wall Sign (S) JE2 BE2.png 442 1BA birch_wall_sign Birch Wall Sign I S E
Jungle Standing Sign (S) JE2 BE2.png 443 1BB jungle_standing_sign Jungle Standing Sign I S E
Jungle Wall Sign (S) JE2 BE2.png 444 1BC jungle_wall_sign Jungle Wall Sign I S E
Acacia Standing Sign (S) JE2 BE2.png 445 1BD acacia_standing_sign Acacia Standing Sign I S E
Acacia Wall Sign (S) JE2 BE2.png 446 1BE acacia_wall_sign Acacia Wall Sign I S E
Dark Oak Standing Sign (S) JE2 BE2.png 447 1BF darkoak_standing_sign Dark Oak Standing Sign I S E
Dark Oak Wall Sign (S) JE2 BE2.png 448 1C0 darkoak_wall_sign Dark Oak Wall Sign I S E
Lectern JE2 BE1.png 449 1C1 lectern Lectern S N E
Grindstone JE2 BE2.png 450 1C2 grindstone Grindstone S
Blast Furnace (S) JE1.png 451 1C3 blast_furnace Blast Furnace S N E
Stonecutter JE2 BE1.png 452 1C4 stonecutter_block Stonecutter Block S
Smoker (S) JE2.png 453 1C5 smoker Smoker S N E
Lit Smoker (S) JE1.gif 454 1C6 lit_smoker Lit Smoker I S N E
Cartography Table JE2 BE1.png 455 1C7 cartography_table Cartography Table
Fletching Table JE2 BE1.png 456 1C8 fletching_table Fletching Table
Smithing Table JE2 BE2.png 457 1C9 smithing_table Smithing Table
Barrel (U) JE1 BE1.png 458 1CA barrel Barrel S N E
Loom (S) JE1 BE1.png 459 1CB loom Loom S
460 1CC (unused)
Floor Bell (N) JE4.png 461 1CD bell Bell S E
Sweet Berry Bush Age 3 JE1 BE1.png 462 1CE sweet_berry_bush Sweet Berry Bush I S
Lantern JE1 BE1.png 463 1CF lantern Lantern S
Campfire JE2 BE2.gif 464 1D0 campfire Campfire I S N E
Lava Cauldron BE2.png 465 1D1 lava_cauldron Lava Cauldron I S B E
Jigsaw Block (S) JE3 BE2.png 466 1D2 jigsaw Jigsaw S N E
Oak Wood (UD) JE5 BE2.png 467 1D3 wood Wood S
Composter JE1.png 468 1D4 composter Composter S
Lit Blast Furnace JE1.gif 469 1D5 lit_blast_furnace Lit Blast Furnace I S N E
470 1D6 light_block Light Block S B
Wither Rose JE1 BE1.png 471 1D7 wither_rose Wither Rose
Sticky Piston Head (U) BE2.png 472 1D8 stickypistonarmcollision Sticky Piston Head I E
Bee Nest (S) JE1.png 473 1D9 bee_nest Bee Nest S B N
Beehive (S) JE1.png 474 1DA beehive Beehive S B N
Honey Block JE1 BE2.png 475 1DB honey_block Honey Block
Honeycomb Block JE1 BE1.png 476 1DC honeycomb_block Honeycomb Block
Lodestone JE1 BE1.png 477 1DD lodestone Lodestone
Crimson Roots JE1 BE1.png 478 1DE crimson_roots Crimson Roots
Warped Roots JE1 BE1.png 479 1DF warped_roots Warped Roots
Crimson Stem (UD) JE1.png 480 1E0 crimson_stem Crimson Stem S
Warped Stem (UD) JE1.png 481 1E1 warped_stem Warped Stem S
Warped Wart Block JE1 BE1.png 482 1E2 warped_wart_block Warped Wart Block
Crimson Fungus JE1 BE1.png 483 1E3 crimson_fungus Crimson Fungus
Warped Fungus JE1 BE1.png 484 1E4 warped_fungus Warped Fungus
Shroomlight JE1 BE1.png 485 1E5 shroomlight Shroomlight
Weeping Vines Age 0 BE1.png 486 1E6 weeping_vines Weeping Vines
Crimson Nylium JE1 BE1.png 487 1E7 crimson_nylium Crimson Nylium
Warped Nylium JE1 BE1.png 488 1E8 warped_nylium Warped Nylium
Basalt (UD) JE1 BE1.png 489 1E9 basalt Basalt S
Polished Basalt (UD) JE1 BE1.png 490 1EA polished_basalt Polished Basalt S
Soul Soil JE1 BE1.png 491 1EB soul_soil Soul Soil
Soul Fire JE1.gif 492 1EC soul_fire Soul Fire I S
Nether Sprouts JE2 BE2.png 493 1ED nether_sprouts Nether Sprouts I
Target JE1 BE1.png 494 1EE target Target
Stripped Crimson Stem (UD) JE2 BE1.png 495 1EF stripped_crimson_stem Stripped Crimson Stem S
Stripped Warped Stem (UD) JE2 BE1.png 496 1F0 stripped_warped_stem Stripped Warped Stem S
Crimson Planks JE1 BE1.png 497 1F1 crimson_planks Crimson Planks
Warped Planks JE1 BE1.png 498 1F2 warped_planks Warped Planks
Crimson Door JE2 BE2.png 499 1F3 crimson_door Crimson Door I S
Icon Dec Hex Resource location Block
Warped Door JE2 BE2.png 500 1F4 warped_door Warped Door I S
Crimson Trapdoor JE1 BE1.png 501 1F5 crimson_trapdoor Crimson Trapdoor S
Warped Trapdoor JE1 BE1.png 502 1F6 warped_trapdoor Warped Trapdoor S
503 1F7 (unused)
504 1F8 (unused)
Crimson Standing Sign (S) JE1 BE1.png 505 1F9 crimson_standing_sign Crimson Standing Sign I S
Warped Standing Sign (S) JE1 BE1.png 506 1FA warped_standing_sign Warped Standing Sign I S
Crimson Wall Sign (S) JE1 BE1.png 507 1FB crimson_wall_sign Crimson Wall Sign I S
Warped Wall Sign (S) JE1 BE1.png 508 1FC warped_wall_sign Warped Wall Sign I S
Crimson Stairs (N) JE1 BE1.png 509 1FD crimson_stairs Crimson Stairs S
Warped Stairs (N) JE1 BE1.png 510 1FE warped_stairs Warped Stairs S
Crimson Fence JE1 BE1.png 511 1FF crimson_fence Crimson Fence
Warped Fence JE1 BE1.png 512 200 warped_fence Warped Fence
Crimson Fence Gate JE1 BE1.png 513 201 crimson_fence_gate Crimson Fence Gate S
Warped Fence Gate JE1 BE1.png 514 202 warped_fence_gate Warped Fence Gate S
Crimson Button JE1 BE1.png 515 203 crimson_button Crimson Button S
Warped Button JE1 BE1.png 516 204 warped_button Warped Button S
Crimson Pressure Plate JE1 BE1.png 517 205 crimson_pressure_plate Crimson Pressure Plate S
Warped Pressure Plate JE1 BE1.png 518 206 warped_pressure_plate Warped Pressure Plate S
Crimson Slab JE1 BE1.png 519 207 crimson_slab Crimson Slab S
Warped Slab JE1 BE1.png 520 208 warped_slab Warped Slab S
Crimson Planks JE1 BE1.png 521 209 crimson_double_slab Crimson Double Slab I S
Warped Planks JE1 BE1.png 522 20A warped_double_slab Warped Double Slab I S
Soul Torch JE1.png 523 20B soul_torch Soul Torch S
Soul Lantern.png 524 20C soul_lantern Soul Lantern S
Block of Netherite JE1 BE1.png 525 20D netherite_block Block of Netherite
Ancient Debris JE1 BE1.png 526 20E ancient_debris Ancient Debris
Respawn Anchor Charges 0 JE1 BE1.png 527 20F respawn_anchor Respawn Anchor S B
Blackstone JE3 BE2.png 528 210 blackstone Blackstone
Polished Blackstone Bricks JE2.png 529 211 polished_blackstone_bricks Polished Blackstone Bricks
Polished Blackstone Brick Stairs (N) JE1 BE1.png 530 212 polished_blackstone_brick_stairs Polished Blackstone Brick Stairs S
Blackstone Stairs (N) JE1.png 531 213 blackstone_stairs Blackstone Stairs S
Blackstone Wall JE1 BE1.png 532 214 blackstone_wall Blackstone Wall
Polished Blackstone Brick Wall JE1 BE1.png 533 215 polished_blackstone_brick_wall Polished Blackstone Brick Wall
Chiseled Polished Blackstone JE1 BE1.png 534 216 chiseled_polished_blackstone Chiseled Polished Blackstone
Cracked Polished Blackstone Bricks JE2.png 535 217 cracked_polished_blackstone_bricks Cracked Polished Blackstone Bricks
Gilded Blackstone JE2 BE2.png 536 218 gilded_blackstone Gilded Blackstone
Blackstone Slab BE1.png 537 219 blackstone_slab Blackstone Slab S
Double Blackstone Slab BE1.png 538 21A blackstone_double_slab Blackstone Double Slab I S
Polished Blackstone Brick Slab JE1 BE1.png 539 21B polished_blackstone_brick_slab Polished Blackstone Brick Slab S
Polished Blackstone Bricks JE2.png 540 21C polished_blackstone_brick_double_slab Polished Blackstone Brick Double Slab I S
Chain (UD) JE1 BE1.png 541 21D chain Chain
Twisting Vines Age 0 JE1 BE1.png 542 21E twisting_vines Twisting Vines
Nether Gold Ore JE2 BE1.png 543 21F nether_gold_ore Nether Gold Ore
Crying Obsidian JE1 BE1.png 544 220 crying_obsidian Crying Obsidian
Soul Campfire JE1 BE1.gif 545 221 soul_campfire Soul Campfire I S N
Polished Blackstone JE1 BE1.png 546 222 polished_blackstone Polished Blackstone
Polished Blackstone Stairs (N) JE1 BE1.png 547 223 polished_blackstone_stairs Polished Blackstone Stairs S
Polished Blackstone Slab JE1 BE1.png 548 224 polished_blackstone_slab Polished Blackstone Slab S
Polished Blackstone JE1 BE1.png 549 225 polished_blackstone_double_slab Polished Blackstone Double Slab I S
Polished Blackstone Pressure Plate JE1 BE1.png 550 226 polished_blackstone_pressure_plate Polished Blackstone Pressure Plate S
Polished Blackstone Button JE1.png 551 227 polished_blackstone_button Polished Blackstone Button S
Polished Blackstone Wall JE1 BE1.png 552 228 polished_blackstone_wall Polished Blackstone Wall
Warped Hyphae (UD) JE1.png 553 229 warped_hyphae Warped Hyphae
Crimson Hyphae (UD) JE1.png 554 22A crimson_hyphae Crimson Hyphae
Stripped Crimson Hyphae (UD) JE1.png 555 22B stripped_crimson_hyphae Stripped Crimson Hyphae
Stripped Warped Hyphae (UD) JE1.png 556 22C stripped_warped_hyphae Stripped Warped Hyphae
Chiseled Nether Bricks JE2 BE2.png 557 22D chiseled_nether_bricks Chiseled Nether Bricks
Cracked Nether Bricks JE1 BE1.png 558 22E cracked_nether_bricks Cracked Nether Bricks
Quartz Bricks JE2.png 559 22F quartz_bricks Quartz Bricks
Info update BE1.png 560 230 unknown Unknown
Powder Snow JE1 BE1.png 561 231 powder_snow Powder Snow
Sculk Sensor JE1 BE2.gif 562 232 sculk_sensor Sculk Sensor
Pointed Dripstone Tip (D) JE1 BE1.png 563 233 pointed_dripstone Pointed Dripstone
564 234 (unused)
565 235 (unused)
Copper Ore JE2 BE2.png 566 236 copper_ore Copper Ore
Lightning Rod (U) JE3.png 567 237 lightning_rod Lightning Rod
568 238 (unused)
569 239 (unused)
570 23A (unused)
571 23B (unused)
Dripstone Block JE1 BE1.png 572 23C dripstone_block Dripstone Block
Rooted Dirt JE1 BE1.png 573 23D rooted_dirt Rooted Dirt
Hanging Roots JE2 BE1.png 574 23E hanging_roots Hanging Roots
Moss Block JE1 BE1.png 575 23F moss_block Moss Block
Spore Blossom JE1.png 576 240 spore_blossom Spore Blossom
Cave Vines (head) JE1 BE1.png 577 241 cave_vines Cave Vines
Big Dripleaf JE2 BE1.png 578 242 big_dripleaf Big Dripleaf
Azalea Leaves JE1.png 579 243 azalea_leaves Azalea Leaves
Flowering Azalea Leaves BE1.png 580 244 flowered_azalea_leaves Flowered Azalea Leaves
Calcite JE2 BE1.png 581 245 calcite Calcite
Block of Amethyst JE3 BE1.png 582 246 amethyst_block Amethyst Block
Budding Amethyst JE3 BE1.png 583 247 budding_amethyst Budding Amethyst
Amethyst Cluster (U) JE1.png 584 248 amethyst_cluster Amethyst Cluster
Large Amethyst Bud (U) JE1.png 585 249 large_amethyst_bud Large Amethyst Bud
Medium Amethyst Bud (U) JE1.png 586 24A medium_amethyst_bud Medium Amethyst Bud
Small Amethyst Bud (U) JE1.png 587 24B small_amethyst_bud Small Amethyst Bud
Tuff JE1 BE1.png 588 24C tuff Tuff
Tinted Glass JE2 BE1.png 589 24D tinted_glass Tinted Glass
Moss Carpet JE1 BE1.png 590 24E moss_carpet Moss Carpet
Small Dripleaf JE3.png 591 24F small_dripleaf Small Dripleaf
Azalea JE2 BE2.png 592 250 azalea Azalea
Flowering Azalea JE2 BE2.png 593 251 flowering_azalea Flowering Azalea
Glow Item Frame JE1 BE3.png 594 252 glow_frame Glow Frame
Copper Block JE1 BE1.png 595 253 copper_block Copper Block
Exposed Copper Block JE1 BE1.png 596 254 exposed_copper Exposed Copper
Weathered Copper Block JE1 BE1.png 597 255 weathered_copper Weathered Copper
Oxidized Copper Block JE1 BE1.png 598 256 oxidized_copper Oxidized Copper
Copper Block JE1 BE1.png 599 257 waxed_copper Waxed Copper
Icon Dec Hex Resource location Block
Exposed Copper Block JE1 BE1.png 600 258 waxed_exposed_copper Waxed Exposed Copper
Weathered Copper Block JE1 BE1.png 601 259 waxed_weathered_copper Waxed Weathered Copper
Cut Copper JE2 BE1.png 602 25A cut_copper Cut Copper
Exposed Cut Copper JE1 BE1.png 603 25B exposed_cut_copper Exposed Cut Copper
Weathered Cut Copper JE1 BE1.png 604 25C weathered_cut_copper Weathered Cut Copper
Oxidized Cut Copper JE1 BE1.png 605 25D oxidized_cut_copper Oxidized Cut Copper
Cut Copper JE2 BE1.png 606 25E waxed_cut_copper Waxed Cut Copper
Exposed Cut Copper JE1 BE1.png 607 25F waxed_exposed_cut_copper Waxed Exposed Cut Copper
Weathered Cut Copper JE1 BE1.png 608 260 waxed_weathered_cut_copper Waxed Weathered Cut Copper
Cut Copper Stairs (N) JE2 BE1.png 609 261 cut_copper_stairs Cut Copper Stairs
Exposed Cut Copper Stairs (N) JE1 BE1.png 610 262 exposed_cut_copper_stairs Exposed Cut Copper Stairs
Weathered Cut Copper Stairs (N) JE1 BE1.png 611 263 weathered_cut_copper_stairs Weathered Cut Copper Stairs
Oxidized Cut Copper Stairs (N) JE1 BE1.png 612 264 oxidized_cut_copper_stairs Oxidized Cut Copper Stairs
Cut Copper Stairs (N) JE2 BE1.png 613 265 waxed_cut_copper_stairs Waxed Cut Copper Stairs
Exposed Cut Copper Stairs (N) JE1 BE1.png 614 266 waxed_exposed_cut_copper_stairs Waxed Exposed Cut Copper Stairs
Weathered Cut Copper Stairs (N) JE1 BE1.png 615 267 waxed_weathered_cut_copper_stairs Waxed Weathered Cut Copper Stairs
Cut Copper Slab JE2 BE1.png 616 268 cut_copper_slab Cut Copper Slab
Exposed Cut Copper Slab JE1 BE1.png 617 269 exposed_cut_copper_slab Exposed Cut Copper Slab
Weathered Cut Copper Slab JE1 BE1.png 618 26A weathered_cut_copper_slab Weathered Cut Copper Slab
Oxidized Cut Copper Slab JE1 BE1.png 619 26B oxidized_cut_copper_slab Oxidized Cut Copper Slab
Cut Copper Slab JE2 BE1.png 620 26C waxed_cut_copper_slab Waxed Cut Copper Slab
Exposed Cut Copper Slab JE1 BE1.png 621 26D waxed_exposed_cut_copper_slab Waxed Exposed Cut Copper Slab
Weathered Cut Copper Slab JE1 BE1.png 622 26E waxed_weathered_cut_copper_slab Waxed Weathered Cut Copper Slab
Cut Copper JE2 BE1.png 623 26F cut_copper Cut Copper
Exposed Cut Copper JE1 BE1.png 624 270 exposed_cut_copper Exposed Cut Copper
Weathered Cut Copper JE1 BE1.png 625 271 weathered_cut_copper Weathered Cut Copper
Oxidized Cut Copper JE1 BE1.png 626 272 oxidized_cut_copper Oxidized Cut Copper
Cut Copper JE2 BE1.png 627 273 waxed_cut_copper Waxed Cut Copper
Exposed Cut Copper JE1 BE1.png 628 274 waxed_exposed_cut_copper Waxed Exposed Cut Copper
Weathered Cut Copper JE1 BE1.png 629 275 waxed_weathered_cut_copper Waxed Weathered Cut Copper
Cave Vines Plant (berries) JE1 BE1.png 630 276 cave_vines_body_berries Cave Vines Body Berries
Cave Vines (berries) JE1 BE1.png 631 277 cave_vines_head_berries Cave Vines Head Berries
Smooth Basalt JE1 BE1.png 632 278 smooth_basalt Smooth Basalt
Deepslate (UD) BE1.png 633 279 deepslate Deepslate
Cobbled Deepslate JE2 BE1.png 634 27A cobbled_deepslate Cobbled Deepslate
Cobbled Deepslate Slab JE3.png 635 27B cobbled_deepslate_slab Cobbled Deepslate Slab
Cobbled Deepslate Stairs JE3.png 636 27C cobbled_deepslate_stairs Cobbled Deepslate Stairs
Cobbled Deepslate Wall JE2.png 637 27D cobbled_deepslate_wall Cobbled Deepslate Wall
Polished Deepslate JE2 BE1.png 638 27E polished_deepslate Polished Deepslate
Polished Deepslate Slab JE2.png 639 27F polished_deepslate_slab Polished Deepslate Slab
Polished Deepslate Stairs JE2.png 640 280 polished_deepslate_stairs Polished Deepslate Stairs
Polished Deepslate Wall JE2.png 641 281 polished_deepslate_wall Polished Deepslate Wall
Deepslate Tiles JE2 BE1.png 642 282 deepslate_tiles Deepslate Tiles
Deepslate Tile Slab JE2.png 643 283 deepslate_tile_slab Deepslate Tile Slab
Deepslate Tile Stairs JE2.png 644 284 deepslate_tile_stairs Deepslate Tile Stairs
Deepslate Tile Wall JE2.png 645 285 deepslate_tile_wall Deepslate Tile Wall
Deepslate Bricks JE2 BE1.png 646 286 deepslate_bricks Deepslate Bricks
Deepslate Brick Slab JE2.png 647 287 deepslate_brick_slab Deepslate Brick Slab
Deepslate Brick Stairs JE2.png 648 288 deepslate_brick_stairs Deepslate Brick Stairs
Deepslate Brick Wall JE2.png 649 289 deepslate_brick_wall Deepslate Brick Wall
Chiseled Deepslate JE2 BE1.png 650 28A chiseled_deepslate Chiseled Deepslate
Cobbled Deepslate JE2 BE1.png 651 28B cobbled_deepslate_double_slab Cobbled Deepslate Double Slab I S
Polished Deepslate JE2 BE1.png 652 28C polished_deepslate_double_slab Polished Deepslate Double Slab I S
Deepslate Tiles JE2 BE1.png 653 28D deepslate_tile_double_slab Deepslate Tile Double Slab I S
Deepslate Bricks JE2 BE1.png 654 28E deepslate_brick_double_slab Deepslate Brick Double Slab I S
Deepslate Lapis Lazuli Ore JE3 BE2.png 655 28F deepslate_lapis_lazuli_ore Deepslate Lapis Lazuli Ore
Deepslate Iron Ore JE2 BE1.png 656 290 deepslate_iron_ore Deepslate Iron Ore
Deepslate Gold Ore JE2 BE1.png 657 291 deepslate_gold_ore Deepslate Gold Ore
Deepslate Redstone Ore JE2 BE1.png 658 292 deepslate_redstone_ore Deepslate Redstone Ore
Deepslate Redstone Ore JE2 BE1.png 659 293 lit_deepslate_redstone_ore Glowing Deepslate Redstone Ore I
Deepslate Diamond Ore JE2 BE1.png 660 294 deepslate_diamond_ore Deepslate Diamond Ore
Deepslate Coal Ore JE1 BE2.png 661 295 deepslate_coal_ore Deepslate Coal Ore
Deepslate Emerald Ore JE1 BE1.png 662 296 deepslate_emerald_ore Deepslate Emerald Ore
Deepslate Copper Ore JE2 BE2.png 663 297 deepslate_copper_ore Deepslate Copper Ore
Cracked Deepslate Tiles JE1 BE1.png 664 298 cracked_deepslate_tiles Cracked Deepslate Tiles
Cracked Deepslate Bricks JE1 BE1.png 665 299 cracked_deepslate_bricks Cracked Deepslate Bricks
Glow Lichen (N) JE1.png 666 29A glow_lichen Glow Lichen
Candle JE1 BE1.png 667 29B candle Candle
White Candle.png 668 29C white_candle White Candle
Orange Candle.png 669 29D orange_candle Orange Candle
Magenta Candle.png 670 29E magenta_candle Magenta Candle
Light Blue Candle.png 671 29F light_blue_candle Light Blue Candle
Yellow Candle.png 672 2A0 yellow_candle Yellow Candle
Lime Candle.png 673 2A1 lime_candle Lime Candle
Pink Candle.png 674 2A2 pink_candle Pink Candle
Gray Candle.png 675 2A3 gray_candle Gray Candle
Light Gray Candle.png 676 2A4 light_gray_candle Light Gray Candle
Cyan Candle.png 677 2A5 cyan_candle Cyan Candle
Purple Candle.png 678 2A6 purple_candle Purple Candle
Blue Candle.png 679 2A7 blue_candle Blue Candle
Brown Candle.png 680 2A8 brown_candle Brown Candle
Green Candle.png 681 2A9 green_candle Green Candle
Red Candle.png 682 2AA red_candle Red Candle
Black Candle.png 683 2AB black_candle Black Candle
Cake with Candle JE1.png 684 2AC candle_cake Cake with Candle
Cake with White Candle JE1.png 685 2AD white_candle_cake Cake with White Candle
Cake with Orange Candle JE1.png 686 2AE orange_candle_cake Cake with Orange Candle
Cake with Magenta Candle JE1.png 687 2AF magenta_candle_cake Cake with Magenta Candle
Cake with Light Blue Candle JE1.png 688 2B0 light_blue_candle_cake Cake with Light Blue Candle
Cake with Yellow Candle JE1.png 689 2B1 yellow_candle_cake Cake with Yellow Candle
Cake with Lime Candle JE1.png 690 2B2 lime_candle_cake Cake with Lime Candle
Cake with Pink Candle JE1.png 691 2B3 pink_candle_cake Cake with Pink Candle
Cake with Gray Candle JE1.png 692 2B4 gray_candle_cake Cake with Gray Candle
Cake with Light Gray Candle JE1.png 693 2B5 light_gray_candle_cake Cake with Light Gray Candle
Cake with Cyan Candle JE1.png 694 2B6 cyan_candle_cake Cake with Cyan Candle
Cake with Purple Candle JE1.png 695 2B7 purple_candle_cake Cake with Purple Candle
Cake with Blue Candle JE1.png 696 2B8 blue_candle_cake Cake with Blue Candle
Cake with Brown Candle JE1.png 697 2B9 brown_candle_cake Cake with Brown Candle
Cake with Green Candle JE1.png 698 2BA green_candle_cake Cake with Green Candle
Cake with Red Candle JE1.png 699 2BB red_candle_cake Cake with Red Candle
Cake with Black Candle JE1.png 700 2BC black_candle_cake Cake with Black Candle
Oxidized Copper Block JE1 BE1.png 701 2BD waxed_oxidized_copper Waxed Oxidized Copper
Oxidized Cut Copper JE1 BE1.png 702 2BE waxed_oxidized_cut_copper Waxed Oxidized Cut Copper
Oxidized Cut Copper Stairs (N) JE1 BE1.png 703 2BF waxed_oxidized_cut_copper_stairs Waxed Oxidized Cut Copper Stairs
Oxidized Cut Copper Slab JE1 BE1.png 704 2C0 waxed_oxidized_cut_copper_slab Waxed Oxidized Cut Copper Slab
Oxidized Cut Copper JE1 BE1.png 705 2C1 waxed_oxidized_double_cut_copper_slab Waxed Oxidized Double Cut Copper Slab
Block of Raw Iron JE3 BE2.png 706 2C2 block_of_raw_iron Block of Raw Iron
Block of Raw Copper JE2 BE2.png 707 2C3 block_of_raw_copper Block of Raw Copper
Block of Raw Gold JE3 BE2.png 708 2C4 block_of_raw_gold Block of Raw Gold
Education Edition
Unknown Element.png 36 24 element_0 Unknown Element (???)
Hardened White Stained Glass Pane BE1.png 191 BF hard_stained_glass_pane Hardened Stained Glass Pane
Red Torch BE1.png 202 CA colored_torch_rg Red Torch and Green Torch
Blue Torch BE1.png 204 CC colored_torch_bp Blue Torch and Purple Torch
Chalkboard.png 230 E6 chalkboard Chalkboard
Compound Creator (S) BE1.png 238 EE chemistry_table Compound Creator
Hardened White Stained Glass BE1.png 254 FE hard_stained_glass Hardened Stained Glass
Hydrogen.png 266-384 0 element_1-element_118 Elements 1-118
  1. Due in some servers software can be obtainable with /give command, the camera (Block) is in the game code, obtainable only with inventory editors or Add-ons in vanilla.
  2. Default block for any invalid ID.

Item IDs[]

All items have values above 255, making it easy to separate the Block IDs from the Item IDs.

The item IDs seem to correlate with item IDs from the Java Edition. This list is based on a list of all item variables in the Item class.

Icon Dec Hex Resource location Items
256 100 iron_shovel Iron Shovel D
257 101 iron_pickaxe Iron Pickaxe D
258 102 iron_axe Iron Axe D
259 103 flint_and_steel Flint and Steel D
260 104 apple Apple
261 105 bow Bow D
262 106 arrow Arrow B
263 107 coal Coal B
264 108 diamond Diamond
265 109 iron_ingot Iron Ingot
266 10A gold_ingot Gold Ingot
267 10B iron_sword Iron Sword D
268 10C wooden_sword Wooden Sword D
269 10D wooden_shovel Wooden Shovel D
270 10E wooden_pickaxe Wooden Pickaxe D
271 10F wooden_axe Wooden Axe D
272 110 stone_sword Stone Sword D
273 111 stone_shovel Stone Shovel D
274 112 stone_pickaxe Stone Pickaxe D
275 113 stone_axe Stone Axe D
276 114 diamond_sword Diamond Sword D
277 115 diamond_shovel Diamond Shovel D
278 116 diamond_pickaxe Diamond Pickaxe D
279 117 diamond_axe Diamond Axe D
280 118 stick Stick
281 119 bowl Bowl
282 11A mushroom_stew Mushroom Stew
283 11B golden_sword Golden Sword D
284 11C golden_shovel Golden Shovel D
285 11D golden_pickaxe Golden Pickaxe D
286 11E golden_axe Golden Axe D
287 11F string String
288 120 feather Feather
289 121 gunpowder Gunpowder
290 122 wooden_hoe Wooden Hoe D
291 123 stone_hoe Stone Hoe D
292 124 iron_hoe Iron Hoe D
293 125 diamond_hoe Diamond Hoe D
294 126 golden_hoe Golden Hoe D
295 127 wheat_seeds Seeds
296 128 wheat Wheat
297 129 bread Bread
298 12A leather_helmet Leather Cap D
299 12B leather_chestplate Leather Tunic D
300 12C leather_leggings Leather Pants D
301 12D leather_boots Leather Boots D
302 12E chainmail_helmet Chain Helmet D
303 12F chainmail_chestplate Chain Chestplate D
304 130 chainmail_leggings Chain Leggings D
305 131 chainmail_boots Chain Boots D
Icon Dec Hex Resource location Items
306 132 iron_helmet Iron Helmet D
307 133 iron_chestplate Iron Chestplate D
308 134 iron_leggings Iron Leggings D
309 135 iron_boots Iron Boots D
310 136 diamond_helmet Diamond Helmet D
311 137 diamond_chestplate Diamond Chestplate D
312 138 diamond_leggings Diamond Leggings D
313 139 diamond_boots Diamond Boots D
314 13A golden_helmet Golden Helmet D
315 13B golden_chestplate Golden Chestplate D
316 13C golden_leggings Golden Leggings D
317 13D golden_boots Golden Boots D
318 13E flint Flint
319 13F porkchop Raw Porkchop
320 140 cooked_porkchop Cooked Porkchop
321 141 painting Painting
322 142 golden_apple Golden Apple B
323 143 sign Oak Sign N
324 144 wooden_door Oak Door
325 145 bucket Bucket B
326 146 (unused)
327 147 (unused)
328 148 minecart Minecart
329 149 saddle Saddle
330 14A iron_door Iron Door
331 14B redstone Redstone
332 14C snowball Snowball
333 14D boat Boat B
334 14E leather Leather
335 14F kelp Kelp
336 150 brick Brick
337 151 clay_ball Clay
338 152 reeds Sugar Canes
339 153 paper Paper
340 154 book Book
341 155 slime_ball Slimeball
342 156 chest_minecart Minecart with Chest
343 157 (unused)
344 158 egg Egg
345 159 compass Compass
346 15A fishing_rod Fishing Rod D
347 15B clock Clock
348 15C glowstone_dust Glowstone Dust
349 15D fish Raw Cod
350 15E cooked_fish Cooked Cod
351 15F dye Dye B
352 160 bone Bone
353 161 sugar Sugar
354 162 cake Cake
355 163 bed Bed B
Icon Dec Hex Resource location Items
356 164 repeater Redstone Repeater
357 165 cookie Cookie
358 166 map Filled Map B
359 167 shears Shears D
360 168 melon Melon
361 169 pumpkin_seeds Pumpkin Seeds
362 16A melon_seeds Melon Seeds
363 16B beef Raw Beef
364 16C cooked_beef Cooked Beef
365 16D chicken Raw Chicken
366 16E cooked_chicken Cooked Chicken
367 16F rotten_flesh Rotten Flesh
368 170 ender_pearl Ender Pearl
369 171 blaze_rod Blaze Rod
370 172 ghast_tear Ghast Tear
371 173 gold_nugget Gold Nugget
372 174 nether_wart Nether Wart
373 175 potion Potion B
374 176 glass_bottle Glass Bottle
375 177 spider_eye Spider Eye
376 178 fermented_spider_eye Fermented Spider Eye
377 179 blaze_powder Blaze Powder
378 17A magma_cream Magma Cream
379 17B brewing_stand Brewing Stand
380 17C cauldron Cauldron B
381 17D ender_eye Eye of Ender
382 17E speckled_melon Glistering Melon
383 17F spawn_egg Spawn Egg B
384 180 experience_bottle Bottle o' Enchanting
385 181 fire_charge Fire Charge
386 182 writable_book Book and Quill
387 183 written_book Written Book
388 184 emerald Emerald
389 185 frame Item Frame
390 186 flower_pot Flower Pot
391 187 carrot Carrot
392 188 potato Potato
393 189 baked_potato Baked Potato
394 18A poisonous_potato Poisonous Potato
395 18B emptymap Empty Map
396 18C golden_carrot Golden Carrot
397 18D skull Mob head B
398 18E carrotonastick Carrot on a Stick D
399 18F netherstar Nether Star
400 190 pumpkin_pie Pumpkin Pie
401 191 firework_rocket Firework Rocket B
402 192 fireworkscharge Firework Star B
403 193 enchanted_book Enchanted Book
404 194 comparator Redstone Comparator
405 195 netherbrick Nether Brick
Icon Dec Hex Resource location Items
406 196 quartz Nether Quartz
407 197 tnt_minecart Minecart with TNT
408 198 hopper_minecart Minecart with Hopper
409 199 prismarine_shard Prismarine Shard
410 19A hopper Hopper
411 19B rabbit Raw Rabbit
412 19C cooked_rabbit Cooked Rabbit
413 19D rabbit_stew Rabbit Stew
414 19E rabbit_foot Rabbit's Foot
415 19F rabbit_hide Rabbit Hide
416 1A0 horsearmorleather Leather Horse Armor
417 1A1 horsearmoriron Iron Horse Armor
418 1A2 horsearmorgold Gold Horse Armor
419 1A3 horsearmordiamond Diamond Horse Armor
420 1A4 lead Lead
421 1A5 name_tag Name Tag
422 1A6 prismarine_crystals Prismarine Crystals
423 1A7 muttonraw Raw Mutton
424 1A8 muttoncooked Cooked Mutton
425 1A9 armor_stand Armor Stand
426 1AA end_crystal End Crystal
427 1AB spruce_door Spruce Door
428 1AC birch_door Birch Door
429 1AD jungle_door Jungle Door
430 1AE acacia_door Acacia Door
431 1AF dark_oak_door Dark Oak Door
432 1B0 chorus_fruit Chorus Fruit
433 1B1 chorus_fruit_popped Popped Chorus Fruit
434 1B2 banner_pattern Banner Pattern B
435 1B3 (unused)
436 1B4 (unused)
437 1B5 dragon_breath Dragon's Breath
438 1B6 splash_potion Splash Potion B
439 1B7 (unused)
440 1B8 (unused)
441 1B9 lingering_potion Lingering Potion B
442 1BA sparkler Orange Sparkler B
443 1BB command_block_minecart Minecart with Command Block
444 1BC elytra Elytra D B
445 1BD shulker_shell Shulker Shell
446 1BE banner Banner B
447 1BF medicine Medicine
448 1C0 balloon White Balloon B
449 1C1 super_fertilizer Super Fertilizer
450 1C2 totem Totem of Undying
451 1C3 bleach Bleach
452 1C4 iron_nugget Iron Nugget
453 1C5 ice_bomb Ice Bomb
455 1C7 trident Trident D
457 1C9 beetroot Beetroot
Icon Dec Hex Resource location Items
458 1CA beetroot_seeds Beetroot Seeds
459 1CB beetroot_soup Beetroot Soup
460 1CC salmon Raw Salmon
461 1CD clownfish Tropical Fish
462 1CE pufferfish Pufferfish
463 1CF cooked_salmon Cooked Salmon
464 1D0 dried_kelp Dried Kelp
465 1D1 nautilus_shell Nautilus Shell
466 1D2 appleenchanted Enchanted Apple
467 1D3 heart_of_the_sea Heart of the Sea
468 1D4 turtle_shell_piece Scute
469 1D5 turtle_helmet Turtle Shell
470 1D6 phantom_membrane Phantom Membrane
471 1D7 crossbow Crossbow D
472 1D8 spruce_sign Spruce Sign
473 1D9 birch_sign Birch Sign
474 1DA jungle_sign Jungle Sign
475 1DB acacia_sign Acacia Sign
476 1DC darkoak_sign Dark Oak Sign
477 1DD sweet_berries Sweet Berries
478 1DE – 497 1F1 (unused)
Camera Block.png 498 1F2 camera Camera [note 1]
499 1F3 compound Salt B
500 1F4 record_13 13 Disc
501 1F5 record_cat Cat Disc
502 1F6 record_blocks Blocks Disc
503 1F7 record_chirp Chirp Disc
504 1F8 record_far Far Disc
505 1F9 record_mall Mall Disc
506 1FA record_mellohi Mellohi Disc
507 1FB record_stal Stal Disc
508 1FC record_strad Strad Disc
509 1FD record_ward Ward Disc
510 1FE record_11 11 Disc
511 1FF record_wait Wait Disc
512 200 (unused)
513 201 shield Shield D
514 202 – 719 2CF (unused)
720 2D0 campfire Campfire
721 2D1 – 733 2DD (unused)
734 2DE suspicious_stew Suspicious Stew B
735 2DF (unused)
736 2E0 honeycomb Honeycomb
737 2E1 honey_bottle Honey Bottle
738 2E2 (unused)
739 2E3 (unused)
740 2E4 (unused)
741 2E5 lodestonecompass Lodestonecompass
742 2E6 netherite_ingot Netherite Ingot
743 2E7 netherite_sword Netherite Sword
744 2E8 netherite_shovel Netherite Shovel
745 2E9 netherite_pickaxe Netherite Pickaxe
746 2EA netherite_axe Netherite Axe
747 2EB netherite_hoe Netherite Hoe
748 2EC netherite_helmet Netherite Helmet
749 2ED netherite_chestplate Netherite Chestplate
750 2EE netherite_leggings Netherite Leggings
751 2EF netherite_boots Netherite Boots
752 2F0 netherite_scrap Netherite Scrap
753 2F1 crimson_sign Crimson Sign
754 2F2 warped_sign Warped Sign
755 2F3 crimson_door Crimson Door
756 2F4 warped_door Warped Door
757 2F5 warped_fungus_on_a_stick Warped Fungus on a Stick
758 2F6 chain Chain
759 2F7 record_pigstep Pigstep Disc
Nether Sprouts (item) JE3 BE2.png 760 2F8 nether_sprouts Nether Sprouts
761 2F9 – 800 320 (unused)
801 321 soul_campfire Soul Campfire
Minecraft: Education Edition
454 1C6 board Chalkboard B
456 1C8 portfolio Portfolio
Camera Block.png 498 1F2 camera Camera
  1. Due in PocketMine server can be obtainable with /give command, the camera is in the game code, obtainable only with inventory editors in vanilla.

Entity IDs[]

Several entity names do not correlate with entity names from the Java Edition. The standard for naming new entities change with subsequent releases, however existing entity names have not been changed.

Icon Dec Hex Name Entity
64 40 item Dropped item
69 45 xp_orb Experience Orb
65 41 tnt Primed TNT
66 42 falling_block Falling block
67 43 moving_block Moving Block
Immobile and projectiles
61 3D armor_stand Armor stand
68 44 xp_bottle Thrown Bottle o' Enchanting
70 46 eye_of_ender_signal Eye of Ender
71 47 ender_crystal Ender Crystal
72 48 fireworks_rocket Firework rocket
73 49 thrown_trident Trident
76 4C shulker_bullet Shulker bullet
77 4D fishing_hook Fishing Rod hook
79 4F dragon_fireball Dragon fireball
80 50 arrow Shot arrow
81 51 snowball Thrown snowball
82 52 egg Thrown egg
83 53 painting Painting
84 54 minecart Minecart
85 55 fireball Ghast fireball
86 56 splash_potion Thrown splash potion
87 57 ender_pearl Thrown Ender Pearl
88 58 leash_knot Leash knot
89 59 wither_skull Wither skull
90 5A boat Boat
91 5B wither_skull_dangerous Blue wither skull
93 5D lightning_bolt Lightning Bolt
94 5E small_fireball Blaze fireball
95 5F area_effect_cloud Area Effect Cloud
96 60 hopper_minecart Minecart with Hopper
97 61 tnt_minecart Minecart with TNT
98 62 chest_minecart Minecart with Chest
100 64 command_block_minecart Minecart with Command Block
101 65 lingering_potion Thrown lingering potion
102 66 llama_spit Llama spit
103 67 evocation_fang Evocation fangs
106 6A ice_bomb Ice Bomb
107 6B balloon Balloon
Hostile mobs
32 20 zombie Zombie
33 21 creeper Creeper
34 22 skeleton Skeleton
35 23 spider Spider
36 24 zombie_pigman Zombified Piglin
37 25 slime Slime
38 26 enderman Enderman
39 27 silverfish Silverfish
40 28 cave_spider Cave Spider
41 29 ghast Ghast
42 2A magma_cube Magma Cube
43 2B blaze Blaze
44 2C zombie_villager Zombie Villager
45 2D witch Witch
46 2E stray Stray
47 2F husk Husk
48 30 wither_skeleton Wither Skeleton
49 31 guardian Guardian
50 32 elder_guardian Elder Guardian
52 34 wither Wither
53 35 ender_dragon Ender Dragon
54 36 shulker Shulker
55 37 endermite Endermite
57 39 vindicator Vindicator
58 3A phantom Phantom
59 3B ravager Ravager
104 68 evocation_illager Evoker
105 69 vex Vex
110 6E drowned Drowned
114 72 pillager Pillager
116 74 zombie_villager_v2 Zombie Villager
123 7B piglin Piglin
124 7C hoglin Hoglin
126 7E zoglin Zoglin
127 7F piglin_brute Piglin Brute
Passive and neutral mobs
10 A chicken Chicken
11 B cow Cow
12 C pig Pig
13 D sheep Sheep
14 E wolf Wolf
15 F villager Villager
16 10 mooshroom Mooshroom
17 11 squid Squid
18 12 rabbit Rabbit
19 13 bat Bat
20 14 iron_golem Iron Golem
21 15 snow_golem Snow Golem
22 16 ocelot Ocelot
23 17 horse Horse
24 18 donkey Donkey
25 19 mule Mule
26 1A skeleton_horse Skeleton Horse
27 1B zombie_horse Zombie Horse
28 1C polar_bear Polar Bear
29 1D llama Llama
30 1E parrot Parrot
31 1F dolphin Dolphin
74 4A turtle Turtle
75 4B cat Cat
108 6C pufferfish Pufferfish
109 6D salmon Salmon
111 6F tropicalfish Tropical Fish
112 70 cod Cod
113 71 panda Panda
115 73 villager_v2 Villager
118 76 wandering_trader Wandering Trader
121 79 fox Fox
122 7A bee Bee
125 7D strider Strider
128 80 goat Goat
63 3F player Player
117 75 shield Shield
120 78 elder_guardian_ghost Elder Guardian Ghost
Education Edition
51 33 npc NPC
56 38 agent Agent
62 3E tripod_camera Camera
78 4E chalkboard Chalkboard

Effect IDs[]

Effect ID Namespaced ID Particle
Speed 1 speed
Slowness 2 slowness
Haste 3 haste
Mining Fatigue 4 mining_fatigue
Strength 5 strength
Instant Health 6 instant_health
Instant Damage 7 instant_damage
Jump Boost 8 jump_boost
Nausea 9 nausea
Regeneration 10 regeneration
Resistance 11 resistance
Fire Resistance 12 fire_resistance
Water Breathing 13 water_breathing
Invisibility 14 invisibility
Blindness 15 blindness
Night Vision 16 night_vision
Hunger 17 hunger
Weakness 18 weakness
Poison 19 poison
Wither 20 wither
Health Boost 21 health_boost
Absorption 22 absorption
Saturation 23 saturation
Levitation 24 levitation
Fatal Poison 25 fatal_poison
Conduit Power 26 conduit_power
Slow Falling 27 slow_falling
Bad Omen 28 bad_omen
Hero of the Village 29 village_hero

Enchantment IDs[]

Enchantment Namespaced ID ID
Protection protection 0
Fire Protection fire_protection 1
Feather Falling feather_falling 2
Blast Protection blast_protection 3
Projectile Protection projectile_protection 4
Thorns thorns 5
Respiration respiration 6
Depth Strider depth_strider 7
Aqua Affinity aqua_affinity 8
Sharpness sharpness 9
Smite smite 10
Bane of Arthropods bane_of_arthropods 11
Knockback knockback 12
Fire Aspect fire_aspect 13
Looting looting 14
Efficiency efficiency 15
Silk Touch silk_touch 16
Unbreaking unbreaking 17
Fortune fortune 18
Power power 19
Punch punch 20
Flame flame 21
Infinity infinity 22
Luck of the Sea luck_of_the_sea 23
Lure lure 24
Frost Walker frost_walker 25
Mending mending 26
Curse of Binding binding_curse 27
Curse of Vanishing vanishing_curse 28
Impaling impaling 29
Riptide riptide 30
Loyalty loyalty 31
Channeling channeling 32
Multishot multishot 33
Piercing piercing 34
Quick Charge quick_charge 35
Soul Speed soul_speed 36