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Xbox One, Windows 10, Android: August 23, 2018

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Beta is the first beta version released for Bedrock Edition 1.7.0, released on August 23, 2019,[1] which adds basic scoreboard functions, changes some functions and fixes several bugs.





Chorus fruit
  • Moved from the Nature inventory section to the Items section.


  • Mentions of player names are now highlighted yellow in chat.
  • Typing @ in chat will now show an autocomplete list of player names.
  • Made it easier to find purchased content, search, and go home from the top of the Marketplace screen.


  • Fixed several crashes that occurred during gameplay
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when breaking a door that many Villagers were trying to open or enter (MCPE-34742)
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when attempting to stack Explorer Maps when trading with a Cartographer Villager
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when a Trident with Channeling was shot from a Dispenser and hit a mob or player during a thunderstorm
  • It is now easier to see through water in Flat worlds (MCPE-36078, MCPE-35244)
  • If a pet forgets what player is their owner after updating the game, it will sit down and wait for someone to interact with them & this player becomes the new owner of the pet. The pet doesn't need to be re-tamed with items (MCPE-33152)
  • Monster Spawners no longer drop as items after an explosion (MCPE-32657)
  • Crouching on ladders will no longer stop when opening the pause menu or inventory screen (MCPE-33209)
  • Rails are once again broken by flowing water
  • Land-based mobs now play sounds underwater
  • Fixed visual effects not appearing when using an enchanted Trident with Riptide (MCPE-34448)
  • Sound once again resumes after receiving a notification on iOS devices (MCPE-15841)
  • Mobs can no longer spawn in small gaps unless they can fit (MCPE-31193)
  • Flaming arrows once again ignite Minecarts with TNT (MCPE-35776)
  • Fixed several items not stacking properly in inventory and chests when using touch input (MCPE-32347)
  • Barrier Blocks can no longer be destroyed by the Ender Dragon (MCPE-34410)
  • When dealing killing blows to mobs using Knockback, they now actually get knocked back! (MCPE-19222)
  • Infinity Bow arrows are no longer picked up immediately after being fired when the Bow is slightly drawn (MCPE-35821)
  • Enderman can no longer spawn in two block high gaps with Slabs above (MCPE-28626)
  • Cured Zombie Villagers spawned from Zombie Villages can now be traded with (MCPE-34603)
  • Mobs can now walk through Soul Sand with Nether Wart (MCPE-12719)
  • Banners now have the correct placing and breaking sounds (MCPE-31188)
  • Renamed spawn eggs now produce renamed mobs
  • Fixed trapdoors losing their orientation after being cloned
  • Item tooltips that display "Can break" and "Can be placed on" now show the proper translation for the given blocks
  • Fixed structures generating inside Ocean Monuments
  • Fixed overlapping text on the Enchantment Table screen
  • Raw Cod and Cooked Cod items are now properly named
  • Armored Withers can no longer be damaged with thrown Tridents
  • Adjusted in-hand placement of Bows and Tridents in split screen
  • Fixed input on Minecarts with Command Block not saving between game sessions
  • Pigs with Saddles now throw players off their back when they start moving though 2-block-high bodies of water
  • Fixed players getting stuck in the edges of Old Worlds at 128 or in the Void
  • The inventory of ridden mounts can no longer be accessed by another player while you are riding it
  • Synced cloud worlds on Xbox One now display the proper date on the Worlds list
  • Enchantment Books are no longer lost after using an Anvil to rename an item and adding an incompatible enchantment
  • Tridents with Loyalty no longer get lost in the void when used in the End
  • Drowned no longer have swimming animation while riding in boat
  • Removed the "Take Half" tooltip when highlighting the Anvil's output slot
  • Releasing a Tropical Fish from a Bucket of Fish no longer releases a random fish but the one that was originally caught
  • Using the Quick Move option now properly stacks the taken items with stacks of the same item in the player inventory when there is an empty hotbar slot
  • Phantom spawn eggs can now be obtained using Pick Block
  • The /title <entity> subtitle command can now run whilst a title is visible on screen (MCPE-25685)
  • Sea Pickles now break instantly in Survival mode (MCPE-36250)
  • Swimming while moving the camera with touch controls no longer breaks blocks (MCPE-33470)
  • Autofill commands now recognize a player name in brackets and places it between quotes (MCPE-34913)
  • Leads no longer detach and disappear when reentering a world (MCPE-33263)
  • Fixed a bug where it was sometimes not possible for a player to place a block in the same block space where they are standing (MCPE-31030)
  • The /teleport command now reliably teleports riders with entities
  • Players no longer teleport to vehicles/mobs that are hit by an Ender Pearl when the vehicle/mob is in the player's render distance
  • When a player equips a carved pumpkin as a helmet, the player's marker now disappears from the Locator Maps of other players
  • Only the player riding a mount can now access the mount's inventory
  • Players using controllers can again drop held items while in a minecart
  • Mobs now stop moving when all movement components are removed from their behavior
  • Using behavior files to change the shooting location of a projectile no longer makes the projectile shoot and miss the target
  • Horses in the same boat as you no longer get hit when targeted by blocks in front of you (MCPE-30299)
  • Items can once again be dropped while in a boat
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when loading the settings screen right after loading a resource pack
  • Cursor d-pad input no longer gets stuck on the inventory screen or pause menu (MCPE-33895)