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October 13, 2017

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Beta (also known as 1.2.5 build 1) is the first build released for 1.2.5 that added new features and fixed bugs.[1]



  • New 3 buttons to Classic UI: "Inventory only", "Inventory with Recipe Book" and "Recipe Book only"
  • Pressing the A button on the Creative inventory will now place one item in the inventory, not a full stack. Pressing the Y button button will place a full stack and X button will clear the hotbar in Creative mode (Controllers only)


  • Add and View Ratings


  • Fixed a crash that occurred when closing the skin picker
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when using uppercase letters in /gamerule commands
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when using the /fill command with several different blocks
  • Decreased the sensitivity of placing blocks
  • Fixed torches and other light sources giving off very little light when Smooth Lighting was enabled
  • Attacking or mining with an enchanted book will no longer apply the book's enchantment
  • Cobweb will now drop as an item when cut with shears
  • Food particles now appear when feeding animals
  • All mobs can now be spawned on water by players
  • It's now easier to see the texture animation of flowing water
  • When placing layered snow, only one block will now be taken from the inventory
  • Flint and Steel no longer takes damage when hitting mobs
  • Using Pick Block on giant mushrooms will no longer give unobtainable mushroom blocks
  • Arrows that are picked up will now join an existing stack in the offhand slot, not creating a separate stack
  • Minecarts and boats can no longer be destroyed by Ender Pearls
  • Door and fence gates can now be placed on dirt path blocks
  • Items moving in flowing water will no longer have jittery movement
  • Dead bushes can now be replaced when placing blocks and items
  • Decreased the hitbox size on crops
  • The hitbox size of Nether Wart will now increase as it grows
  • Light Gray Shulker Boxes now have the proper name
  • Shulker Boxes now only give a full Redstone signal when filled with 27 full item stacks
  • Top snow is now destroyed immediately after placing water or lava over it
  • Food particles no longer come out of players' foreheads
  • Crafting and container screens now close when a player takes from another player or mob
  • It is no longer possible for players to place a block in the same space they are sneaking, causing them to fall
  • Uncraftable and unobtainable items no longer appear in the Recipe Book in Survival mode
  • The tooltip for Stone variants in the Recipe Book now properly show they're in the "Nature" category
  • Mooshroom now displays a particle effect when sheared
  • Eating and drinking animations are now visible when a player is seen from third-person view while under the invisibility status effect
  • Additional Map items are no longer lost when more than one Map is placed in an Anvil’s input slot while creating a Locator Map
  • Fixed player's camera Y-value from flickering up/down when the player teleports
  • Fixed "Custom" skin name appearing as placeholder text on player skin change notifications
  • Fixed the left leg being rotated the wrong way on armor stand poses
  • Scroll bars in menus no longer jitter when using the right stick to scroll
  • When pressing tab to complete a command, the choices are now sorted correctly
  • Flowers and beds are now properly cloned by the /clone command
  • Using the /give command when the inventory is full will drop items in front of the player
  • Resource Packs downloaded from the store will no longer appear in the Behavior Packs section of the Storage screen
  • Content is now fully removed from Storage if deleted after restarting the game
  • The "Import started" notification will no longer be delayed to appear when importing large content packs
  • Several fixes to Marketplace menus
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when destroying a piston during its extend animation and there is a block on top of the piston
  • Flying is no longer activated when trying to sprint in water with Auto Jump enabled in Creative mode
  • Hitting mobs will now produce an impact/damage sound
  • Parrots will now react to being on fire in Survival mode but will no longer burn when perched on a player's shoulder in Creative mode
  • Pistons no longer get stuck or break randomly
  • Non-full blocks no longer appear as the full width of a block when moved by pistons
  • Blocks moved by pistons no longer leave stretched graphical artifacts
  • The Ender Dragon can no longer get stuck in boats
  • Sheep that spawned from breeding will now drop loot
  • Fixed banner items being too bright
  • Slightly increased the spawn rate of Ocelots
  • Players without block breaking permissions can no longer break crops by jumping
  • Fixed an incorrect error message when the /replaceitem command has an out of range value