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Windows, Android, iOS, iPadOS, Xbox - June 15, 2022

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Beta (Android) or Preview (Windows, iOS, iPadOS, Xbox) is the fourth beta/Preview version for Bedrock Edition 1.19.10, released on June 15, 2022[1], which added biome and structure subcommand to /locate, bringing more parity changes from Java Edition, and fixed some bugs.


Command format

  • Added /locate biome, which can locate specific biomes.



  • The strength of the poison effect has been decreased from IV to II.


Cod, salmon, pufferfish, and tropical fish
  • Reduced the health from 6 Heart (icon).png Heart (icon).png Heart (icon).png to 3 Heart (icon).png Half Heart (icon).png to match Java Edition.

Command format

  • Split from /locate -> /locate structure.
    • The original /locate still exists however.


  • Items held by Allays now glow in darkness (MCPE-153533)
  • Mangrove Signs now use Mangrove Plank textures for breaking particles (MCPE-156568)
  • Mangrove Propagule is now placed at a random offset (MCPE-153735)
  • Iron Bars and Glass Panes now connect to Mangrove Roots (MCPE-153871)
  • Darkness effect now works in the Nether and the End dimensions
  • Lava and Powder Snow fogs now take priority over Darkness and Blindness fogs (MCPE-154928)
Sculk Shrieker
  • Sculk Shrieker now detects players when riding all types of entities, including Striders, Skeleton Horses, Pigs, and Llamas (MCPE-153814)
  • Bell now rings when hit by any type of projectile
  • Hit sound is now played when Amethyst block is hit by projectiles (MCPE-137090)
  • Fixed Bottles not usable on water and Boats not placeable on water (MCPE-156451)
  • Warden's hurt animation no longer differs between Bedrock Edition and Java Edition (MCPE-153967)
  • Fixed a bug on certain flat worlds where below-0 terrain was accidentally being removed on level load, if there was bedrock at y=0 (MCPE-156679, MCPE-156698)
User Interface
  • Fixed a typo in notification duration label for accessibility settings (MCPE-156901)
Mangrove Swamp
  • Mangrove Swamps are now denser to more closely match Java Edition (MCPE-153748)
  • Grass blocks in Mangrove Swamps now have Dirt blocks underneath them (MCPE-155414)
  • Fixed a bug causing tamed mobs to disappear when they go through a Nether portal in a multiplayer world (MCPE-88322)
  • Edited fish health points of Cod, Pufferfish, Salmon, and Tropical fish to be 3 to match Java Edition
  • Fixed an issue that broke Slime spawn behavior and prevented Slimes from spawning in Swamp biomes that were also Slime chunks (MCPE-156411)
Wandering Trader
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Trader Llamas from becoming aggressive towards entities that attack the Wandering Trader (MCPE-94996)
  • The game no longer crashes when entering the Coin Starter Bundle Screen
Vanilla Parity
  • Shulker projectile now adds effect "Levitation" instead of "Levitation II" on hit
  • Pufferfish now gives Poison II effect instead of Poison IV when consumed (MCPE-105392)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the owner of the "minecraft:angry" component from broadcasting anger to its friends if it has no target. A mob with this component will now be able to get angry if it both does not have a target and the component's "filters" list is empty (MCPE-94996)
  • Mobs can now be hit by projectile when their hitboxes are outside the mob's bounds


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