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Xbox, Windows, Android, iOS/iPadOS: May 4, 2022

Beta for


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Beta (Xbox, Windows, Android), Preview (Windows, iOS/iPadOS) or Preview (Xbox) is the fifth beta/preview version for Bedrock Edition 1.19.0, released on May 4, 2022[1], which added new achievements, makes changes to spectator mode, and bug fixes.



  • Version exclusive: Added four new achievements.
    • "It spreads"
    • "Birthday song"
    • "With our powers combined!"
    • "Sneak 100"



  • Now drop experience when killed by a player.

Non-mob entities[]

Boat with Chest, Minecart with Chest, Minecart with TNT and Minecart with Hopper
  • Now drop themselves when broken.


  • Changed the texture of the sonic boom particle.


These additions and changes are accessible by enabling the "Spectator Mode" and "Gametest Framework" experimental toggle.


Command format[]

  • Used to create GameTest script performance traces.



Spectator mode
  • Custom input mapping for Spectator Mode added.
  • Spectators are now unable to:
    • Attack
    • Build
    • Drop items
    • Use items
    • Open inventory
    • Interact with the world through input
    • Interact with chests or other container UI
  • Spectators no longer fly slowly when entering Spectator Mode from ground.
  • Players enter noclip and flying when enabling Spectator Mode.
  • Players stop riding, using items, sleeping, and gliding when entering Spectator Mode.
  • Double-jump no longer breaks Spectator Mode.


GameTest Framework
  • GameTest module type changed from javascript to script in manifest.json file.
    • Added an optional attribute language which has only one supported value – javascript.


  • Submit Feedback button is now described as a link by Text-To-Speech
  • "Controller connection lost" popup now will also be shown on Main Menu screen
  • Allay no longer stops moving when attempting to reach an item that is too far away while being leashed
Ancient Cities
  • Ancient Cities are no longer flooded with water or lava as often (MCPE-153568)
  • Darkness effect in water no longer creates colorful jumping lines around sources of light (MCPE-145696)
  • Darkness effect fade-in is no longer abrupt (MCPE-153708)
  • Breaking an activated Sculk Shrieker no longer stops the Warden from spawning (MCPE-154000)
  • Structure Void block no longer generate in Ancient City with Sculk Vein generated around it (MCPE-153541)
  • Trap mechanism variant under main central structure in Ancient City now works properly (MCPE-154409)
  • Sculk Shriekers can once again be waterlogged
  • Warden now emits darkness every 6 seconds
  • Prevent Warden from building anger towards and targeting experience orbs (MCPE-154210)
  • Prevent Warden from attacking non mob type actors such as the Trident
  • Warden can now detect vibrations emitted by a Sculk Shrieker shrieking
  • Warden now prefers investigating the closest mobs position after sniffing
  • Warden now doesn't play anger listening sounds when getting angry through an attack
  • Warden’s heartbeat now reflects the anger towards either the Warden’s target or the highest recorded anger
  • Fixed the little jumping bug after Warden has emerged from the ground (MCPE-154544)
  • The sonic explosion particle has been updated to a new texture
Sculk Sensor
  • Sculk Sensors correctly detect when Turtle Eggs and Slab Blocks are placed on their respective existing blocks (MCPE-153109)
  • Sculk Sensors now activate repeatedly when an entity is on top of them (MCPE-153818)
  • A projectile hitting Wool or Wool Carpet does not produce vibration anymore
  • A player looking at a tamed animal does not produce vibrations anymore
  • A player crouching with a Shield in the offhand slot does not produce vibrations anymore (MCPE-153971)
  • The Sculk Sensor correctly detects when a Dirt, Coarse Dirt, or Rooted Dirt Block is tilled with a Hoe (MCPE-153734)
  • Sculk Sensors can now detect Boat movement
  • Sculk Sensors can now detect a Boat above a bubble column making splashes
  • The Sculk Sensor correctly detects when a Dirt, Coarse Dirt, or Rooted Dirt Block is turned into a Mud block when interacted with while holding a Water Bottle (MCPE-154057)
  • Sculk Sensors can be waterlogged once again
  • The lower face of Sculk Sensors can now provide support to other blocks
  • A Sculk Sensor can no longer detect a player sneaking on another Sculk Sensor
  • Mangrove Propagule now grow into trees at the same speed as in Java Edition (MCPE-154001)
  • Bees can now pollinate Mangrove Propagules (MCPE-153783)
  • Mangrove Planks can now be crafted from Stripped Mangrove Logs (MCPE-154017)
  • Mangrove blocks are now sorted next to other Overworld wood types (MCPE-153835)
  • Mangrove Roots are no longer located in the 'Woods' section of the Creative Inventory
  • Mangrove Wood map colors now match Java Edition (MCPE-153802)
  • Mangrove Log and Stripped Mangrove Log map colors now match Java Edition (MCPE-153799)
  • Mangrove Roots are now flammable (MCPE-153742)
Mud Block
  • Gravity blocks now break when falling on Mud blocks (MCPE-153812)
  • Turning Dirt to Mud now produces a splash sound (MCPE-153716)
  • Mud block is now placed beside Dirt in the Creative Inventory (MCPE-153836)
  • Mud Brick Slabs now play sounds when two Slabs are stacked into a full block (MCPE-153775)
  • Frogs now provide same experience points as other animals like Cows and Goats (MCPE-154185)
  • Frogspawn is no longer affected by random tick speed (Vanilla Parity)
  • Tadpoles hurt sounds volume has been increased, and Tadpoles now have a grow-up sound (MCPE-151538)
  • When in the Nether, Endermen, Piglins, Skeletons, and Wither Skeletons now spawn in a wider range of light levels (from light level 0 to 11)
  • Torches can no longer be placed on Bells
  • Added Wild Update Achievements; "It spreads", "Birthday song", "With our powers combined!", and "Sneak 100"
  • Fixed a bug where Leads would render on top of Glass (MCPE-145764)
  • Reverted mirrored mob parts in Wolf model according to current Art Direction
  • A Boat with Chest now drops a single item when destroyed instead of two items (Boat and Chest) (MCPE-153392)
  • Mangrove Roots can no longer be used as fuel in Furnaces
  • When broken each Minecart variant (Chest/Hopper/TNT) drops itself as a single item, instead of splitting into two items (such as Chest and Minecart)
  • Mobs do not get stuck into open Trapdoors anymore (MCPE-154106)
Stability and Performance
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when players are battling and both players are wearing Thorns enchanted Armor (MCPE-153593)
  • Fixed crash that could occur when blending worlds with air filled chunks
  • Fixed a crash that could occur during splitscreen play


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