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Xbox, Windows, Android, iOS/iPadOS: April 14, 2022

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Beta (Xbox, Windows, Android) or Preview (Xbox, Windows, iOS/iPadOS) is the second beta/preview version for Bedrock Edition 1.19.0, released on April 14, 2022[1], which adds echo shards and recovery compasses, along with the Swift Sneak enchantment, the removal of copper horn, and bug fixes.



Echo Shard
Recovery Compass
  • A new type of compass which can point to the last place where player died.
  • Randomly spins if not held by a player, the player hasn't died, or when the player is not in the same dimension of the death point.
  • Can be crafted with a compass surrounded by 8 echo shards.


  • Added the Swift Sneak enchantment.
    • Has three levels.
    • Can only be applied on leggings.
    • Allow the player to walk faster while sneaking.
    • Can be found in ancient city chests.



Mangrove Propagule
Reinforced Deepslate
  • Can no longer be pushed by pistons.
Sculk Sensor
  • Now drop experience when mined without Silk Touch.
Sculk Shrieker
  • Added can_summon blockstate, which determines it summon a warden or not.
    • Set to true by default for sculk shriekers placed via worldgen.
    • Set to false by default for sculk shriekers placed by a player or generated via sculk spread.


  • Now have a health of 20♥ × 10, instead of 16♥ × 8.
  • Now have a natural health regeneration of 2♥ per second.
Wandering Trader
  • Wardens now can sniff players from further away (from 16 to 24 blocks).

World generation[]

Mangrove Swamp
  • Biome size and placement now matches Java Edition.
  • Mud now generates all the way from the surface down to stone.
  • Tall mangroves are far more common than short mangroves now.
  • Moss carpet now generates on top of some mangrove tree's roots.
  • Tropical fish now spawn in water.
  • Water color is now cyan instead of yellow like in the normal swamp.


Upgrading of old worlds
  • Several improvements to level chunk blending to match Java Edition.
  • Changed to reflect The Wild Update, showing a mangrove swamp.
    • The changes are not shown due to the beta/preview panorama showing instead.


These additions and changes are accessible by enabling the "Vanilla Experiments" experimental toggle.



Copper Horns
  • Removed from the game.
Goat Horns
  • Sounds played with the tooting animation is now instant.
  • Removed the "Fly" and "Dream" sound variant.
  • More goat horn variations can be found inside pillager outposts chest.


Sculk Shrieker
  • Tweaked the shrieking particles of the sculk shrieker. (MCPE-153007)
  • Sculk shriekers should not be triggered by redstone activation.
  • Added can_summon blockstate to sculk shriekers that determines whether a shrieker can trigger a warden to spawn. Only sculk shriekers placed during world generation in the deep dark and ancient cities will have this state set to true. (MCPE-153801)
  • Running away from a sculk shrieker during shrieking is no longer a viable way of preventing the summoning of a warden.
  • The Sculk shrieker no longer attempts to spawn the Warden in Peaceful mode.
  • The Sculk shrieker now spreads the highest threat level amongst players in the vicinity, not the threat level of the closest player.
  • Warden now has a hurt animation when taking damage. (MCPE-153575)
  • Fixed a bug where the warden's ribcage UVs were overlapping their right tendril UVs. (MCPE-153797)
  • Warden will now prioritize players over mobs when angry.
  • Improved warden suspect tracking gameplay behavior, and increased the warden's "sniff" range.
  • Spawning a warden in Creative mode no longer applies the Darkness effect to the player. (MCPE-153536)
Reinforced Deepslate
  • Reinforced deepslate can no longer be pushed by pistons. (MCPE-153548)
Goat Horn
  • Goat Horn sound is now instant.
  • Added goat horn variations to the pillager outposts.
Touch Controls
  • Player can now change hotbar item slot while in a boat. (MCPE-153762)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if a non-owner player takes an item from the allay while it was chasing its owner.
  • The allay now regenerates two health each second.
Boat with Chest
  • The group of boats with chests now has the correct translation in inventory. (MCPE-153345)
  • Mangrove boat with chest now has a crafting recipe. (MCPE-153738)
Mud Bricks
  • Crafting mud bricks now correctly gives four mud bricks from one craft.
  • Set stack limit for brewing station result slot to 1, as to avoid getting input stacks being overwritten when the brew is complete.
  • Fix crash in block_placer component when the block parameter is an unknown block.
  • Blocks affected by gravity now fall correctly on replaceable blocks. (MCPE-152937)
  • Slabs can now be placed continuously. (MCPE-151887)
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on the top row of pixels of a button in the new Create New World screen didn't properly trigger its action. (MCPE-153239)
  • Fixed a bug causing the fire animation to flicker when the player is standing in a lava cauldron while in creative mode. (MCPE-148999)
  • Fixed incorrect names for white dye, black dye, brown dye, and blue dye. (MCPE-153522)
Stability and Performance
  • Fixed enchantment option on Pocket UI Profile not being displayed.
  • Command selectors will now correctly identify players by name instead of their name tag.
  • Title commands fired before a client was done joining will now show instead of being ignored.
  • The is_moving filter now returns the correct value when an actor is moving.
  • Avoid crashes on certain devices when parsing Molang expressions with many OR or AND operators.
  • Tie consume animation to consume duration.


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