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Xbox, Windows, Android, iOS/iPadOS: April 6, 2022

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Beta (Xbox, Windows, Android) or Preview (Xbox, Windows, iOS/iPadOS) is the first beta/preview version for Bedrock Edition 1.19.0, released on April 6, 2022[1], which adds the mangrove swamp biome, mangrove wood, mud and its variants, and fixes bugs.



Mangrove Leaves
  • A new type of leaves.
Mangrove Log
  • A new type of log, as well as a stripped variant.
  • Can be used to craft mangrove woods and planks.
Mangrove Planks
Mangrove Propagule
  • A new type of sapling.
  • Can be grown by bonemealing the mangrove leaves, grows from the exposed bottom of it.
    • Propagules can also grow spontaneously from leaves, but only if they're naturally generated (not player placed leaves).
    • Have 4 stages to fully grown, can be accelerated by bonemealing.
  • Can break off a fully grown one, plant it to growing a mangrove tree.
  • Can be planted underwater.
  • Can be placed in flower pots.
Mangrove Roots
  • A see-through block just like leaves, but can be waterlogged.
  • Mining faster when using axes.
  • Unlike leaves, it will not break when moved by a piston.
Mangrove Wood
  • A new type of wood, as well as a stripped variant.
  • Can be used to craft mangrove planks.
Mud Bricks
Muddy Mangrove Roots
  • Can be crafted from 1 mud and 1 mangrove roots.
  • Unlike regular roots, they are an opaque block that can't be waterlogged.
  • Mining faster when using axes.
Packed Mud
  • Can be crafted from 1 mud and 1 wheat.


Mangrove Boat

World generation[]

Mangrove Swamp
  • A new swamp located in warmer and more humid places, a place which a swamp can be found often.
  • Contains Mangrove trees, a new type of tree. Currently, the logs are regular oak logs instead of mangrove logs
  • The floor is coated with a thick layer of mud.


  • A new accessibility slider has been added in the options menu called “Darkness Effect Strength”.
    • It controls how dark the Darkness effect gets when a Warden or Sculk Shrieker gives it to the player.
  • Added the following splash text:
    • "Shriek like a Sculk Shrieker!"
    • "Who let the frogs out?"
    • "RIBBIT!"
    • "Croak team!"
    • "Nooooooooooooo!"
    • "Flower forest TM perfume"
    • "Hat Fridays!"



Sculk Sensor
  • Can now detect more types of vibration, including:
    • Sneaking in water
    • Containers being opened/closed
    • Candles being placed, lit or unlit
    • Players eating food or drinking potions
    • Big Dripleaves changing state
    • Goat Horns being played (not including Copper Horns).
    • Projectile landing (unless the player is sneaking whilst shooting)
    • Falling in lava
    • Players sneaking on top of them


  • Can now be leashed and nametagged if holding an item
  • Now have new sound effects
  • Now move slower when not attempting to follow its owner, and will only start following its owner from a further distance than before
  • No longer croak whilst eating mobs
  • Can now imitate the warden
Wandering Trader
  • Can no longer open or close doors
  • Now randomly moves around
  • Changed drinking sound to match Java Edition
  • Added new sound effects for gaining and losing invisibility
  • Can now be named with a name tag, but this will not stop them from despawning
  • No longer gets angry at inanimate objects, such as minecarts, or other wardens
  • Can now preserve anger level towards despawned entities
  • Added new hurt, death and angry listening sound effects


Darkness effect
  • Updated to have a black distance fog, similar to Java Edition


  • All the Wild Update features are no longer behind experimental gameplay.


Wild Update
  • Allay can now be leashed if it is already holding an item (MCPE-153068)
  • Allay can now be named by a Name Tag if it is already holding an item (MCPE-153079)
  • Sculk Sensors can now detect players sneaking in Water (MCPE-117244)
  • Sculk Sensors can now detect containers being opened or closed (MCPE-135140)
  • Sculk Sensors can now detect Candles being placed, lit, or unlit (MCPE-141453)
  • Sculk Sensors can now detect players eating food or drinking potions (MCPE-135114)
  • Sculk Sensors can now detect Big Dripleaves changing their state (MCPE-153115)
Mobile Touch Controls
  • Block highlights will no longer stay if players lift their block breaking finger off the screen while still using a second finger to move around with non-classic touch controls
  • Fixed issue where Boats were not controllable with new touch controls (MCPE-152984)
  • Fixed issue where players were not able to descend while on top of Scaffolding (MCPE-152989)
  • Removed inversion of movement when in front facing third-person camera (MCPE-153168)
  • Fixed a bug causing the Parrot's head to always face the player while riding the player
  • Fixed bug causing player to take fall damage after getting into a Bed while falling (MCPE-153122)
  • Fixed bug causing baby Llamas to fire llama spit from above their head (MCPE-144948)
  • Fixed a crash when loading a Behavior Pack with non-JSON object in entity components, component_groups, and "add"/"remove" events (MCPE-151377) (MCPE-151380)
  • Fences and Walls no longer connect to Bells (MCPE-152757)
  • Fixed a texture bug in the Warden's bioluminescent texture where the right arm's bottom face didn’t have bioluminescent colors (MCPE-153664)
  • Fixed a bug where the Trident, Bow, Spyglass, Crossbow, and Shield would not be visible when held by an Allay (MCPE-152965)
  • Fixed a bug where the Trident, Bow, Spyglass and Crossbow would not render when picked up by a Fox (MCPE-135346)
  • Mirrored the Spider's left legs (MCPE-152927)
  • Mirrored the Wolf's left ear and left legs (MCPE-152931)
  • Fixed a bug where the Brewing Stand's arms textures did not touch the base (MCPE-152932)
  • Moved the Brewing Stand's base UVs and updated the base texture
  • Fixed the Brewing Stand's arms rotation
  • Created a better transition between the End Portal Frame side texture and the End Stone (MCPE-152930)
  • Removed unused pixels in the End Rod texture (MCPE-152929)
  • Updated the Mycelium's side texture to match other dirt-based textures (MCPE-152928)
  • Fixed a bug where End Crystal beams would point far above their target blocks
  • Fixed a bug causing z-fighting to occur on bottom of player’s head while wearing a Skull (MCPE-149125)
Wandering Trader
  • The Wandering Trader no longer opens or closes doors (MCPE-113452)
  • The Wandering Trader now randomly moves around (MCPE-45756)
  • The Wandering Trader now matches Java Edition's drinking sounds (MCPE-47057)


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