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Xbox, Windows, Android, iOS/iPadOS: March 3, 2022

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Beta (Xbox, Windows, Android) or Preview (iOS/iPadOS, Xbox, Windows) is the sixth beta/preview for Bedrock Edition 1.18.30, released on March 3, 2022,[1] which makes changes to the sculk shrieker, nerfs armor protection and fixes bugs.



  • Added armor toughness to minimize the effects of the new armor penetration mechanics.
    • Diamond armor and netherite armor now have a toughness value of 2 and 3 respectively.
    • Netherite armor will now reduce more damage than diamond armor.
  • Tweaked armor reduction calculation to account for toughness.
  • Armor protects less due to the new penetration system, armor points count for less as the attack strength increases: each 2♥ done by the attack reduces the effective defense points by 1 (🛡), but not below 20% of the armor points. Each armor point now defends 0.8% to 4% instead of always 4%.
  • Lowered the amount of knockback resistance granted by netherite armor. Each armor piece gives 10% of knockback reduction instead of 22.5%, so a full set reduces 40% of knockback instead of 90%.


  • Protection now reduce damage from negative status effects like poison or wither.[2]
  • Protection enchantments have been nerfed to match Java Edition. A full set of armor with Protection IV is not sufficient for a maximum amount of protection.[3]


  • Removed preventsjumpingcomponent from data-driven blocks
  • Testing RenderDragon on all Android, iOS, and iPadOS devices
JumpToBlock Behavior
  • JumpToBlock behavior is now correctly affected by JumpBoost mob effect (MCPE-137432)
Block Components
  • Fixed a case where experimental BlockCollisionComponents did not allow partial specification


These additions and changes are accessible by enabling the "Wild Update" and "GameTest Framework" experimental toggle.



Sculk Shrieker
  • Now listens to the tendril clicking of the sculk sensor.
  • The threat level that causes the warden to spawn (to be added in a future beta/preview) will now be decreased over time.


GameTest Framework
  • BlockExplodeEvent
    • Removed property destroyedBlockPermutation
  • World additions for music management:
    • queueMusic(trackName : string, musicOptions : MusicOptions)
    • playMusic(trackName : string, musicOptions : MusicOptions)
    • stopMusic()
  • Added MusicOptions JS class with volume, fadeSeconds and loop properties
  • Added event entityHurt(entityHurtEvent: EntityHurtEvent, options?: EntityEventOptions), which fires when an entity takes damage
  • Removed 'Minecraft' and 'GameTest' imports
    • mojang-minecraft and mojang-gametest are now used.


Stability and Performance
  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay.
  • Fixed possible crashes on Android when suspending or resuming the app.
  • Vertical field of view is no longer halved in horizontal split screen, making items such as book & quill easier to view when playing in split screen.
  • Tweaked surrounding terrain for structures such as villages during world generation (MCPE-145659).
  • TNT no longer disappears when ignited with the 'TNT Explodes' game rule disabled and the 'Fire Spreads' game rule enabled (MCPE-82485).
  • Gravity affected blocks now fall on top snow when placed above it instead of hovering over it (MCPE-151407).
Vanilla Parity
  • Players flying in Creative mode are no longer pushed by liquid current (MCPE-84592).
  • Farmer villagers can now use bone meal on crops and can turn excess seeds into bone meal at their composter (MCPE-74079).
  • Protection enchantment now properly works on most damage types (MCPE-40651).
  • Fixed a desync issue that could sometimes cause health to regenerate only visually.
  • Landing on a stalagmite is now properly considered fall damage (MCPE-151192).
  • Fixed some issues in where damage invulnerability wasn't properly being applied.
  • Fixed an issue where the Protection enchantments mitigated too much damage. This has been changed to match Java Edition (MCPE-113191).
  • Absorption hearts no longer stay yellow while under the Wither effect (MCPE-131852).
  • Lowered the amount of knockback resistance granted by netherite armor (MCPE-109408).
  • Punching deals less damage now, to better match the Java Edition (MCPE-152713).
  • Fixed a bug in the glow squid's texture where the glow map in the alpha channel was incorrect, causing patches of non-glowing texture to be seen (MCPE-117507).
  • Fixed the crosshair disappearing when Outline Selection for blocks is disabled.
  • Players that are on fire now render fire in front of the player on the inventory screen regardless of in-game camera perspective (MCPE-147777).
  • Fixed a highlight effect on leather armor appearing on paperdolls (MCPE-75321).
  • Bucket of tropical fish no longer displays the incorrect name after catching a fish.
  • The skin equip warning prompt once again appears when equipping a skin from a product page.
  • The ravager now targets and attacks the wandering trader (MCPE-44606).
  • Mobs spawned from a dispenser are now persistent (MCPE-110521).
  • Shulkers no longer like to occupy the same block as another shulker (MCPE-43972).
  • Shulkers now prioritize attaching to neighboring block faces before trying to teleport away.
  • Shulkers now stay attached to the current attached blockface if it is valid, instead of switching to upright position.
User Interface
  • Fixed text in certain languages not being correctly rendered in the new Create New World screen (MCPE-151948).
  • Cartographers now always unlock Woodland Explorer Map trade (MCPE-152725).
  • Correct error output is now displayed when attempting to use the /loot spawn command passing in the position of an unloaded area and there is 0 loot to drop.
  • Added /loot command insert loot and insert kill overload.
  • Title commands fired before a client was done joining will now show instead of being ignored.


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