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Bedrock Edition



Release date

Xbox, Windows, Android: January 27, 2022
iOS/iPadOS: January 31, 2022

Beta for


Protocol version


Beta is the first beta version for Bedrock Edition 1.18.30[a], released on January 27, 2022[2], which tweaks world seeds, frogs, and fixes bugs.

iOS/iPadOS would also receive this version on January 31, 2022, as Preview



  • Untamed wolves can now be leashed.


  • Updated villager trade tables for armorer, cleric, fisherman, and weaponsmith to match Java Edition.
    • Fishermen boat trades now change wood type based on villager biome type.
    • Clerics now offer glowstone instead of glowstone dust.
    • Weaponsmith enchanted iron sword trade has been moved to Novice.
    • Armorer diamond trade has been moved to Journeyman.

Command format[]

Target selectors
  • Added the hasitem filter for target selector of entities.
    • Allows the player to target entities based on the items that have in their inventory or are wearing.


Create New World
  • The Create New World screen has been given a new design that is now available for some players.
  • Removed "Additional Modding Capabilities" toggle.
  • Worlds can now be created with 64-bit seeds.
  • Re-enabled on Android devices.


  • A world with "StorageVersion" 8 or lower will be increased to 9 and have its "RandomSeed" upgraded from using only the lower 32 bits of a 64-bit number to using the full 64-bit range while still representing the same number.
    • This is only relevant for negative 32-bit seeds, which need a sign bit extension.


These additions and changes are accessible by enabling the "Wild Update", "Upcoming Creator Features", and "Enable GameTest Framework" experimental toggle.


Command format[]

  • Used to create, remove, and list volumes in the world.



Frog Spawn
  • Renamed from "Frog Egg".
  • Texture was slightly changed.
  • The time to hatch into Tadpoles has been increased. [more information needed]


  • Frogs now jump more frequently.
  • Frogs in Meadow biomes are now of the temperate variant.
  • Tweaked frog's jump and tongue animations.
  • Tadpole hitbox is now larger.


  • Cleaned up the frog animation, entity and controller files.
  • Changed frog water and swim animations from linear to smooth.


GameTest Framework
  • Added a mojang-minecraft-ui module with API structures for creating simple dialog boxes:
    • Added ActionFormData/ModalFormData/MessageFormData types in the mojang-minecraft-ui namespace.
  • mojang-minecraft module
    • World
      • Updated property directionto blockFace in world.events.beforeItemUseOn and world.events.itemUseOn
      • Added event World.event.beforeDataDrivenEntityTriggerEvent
        • Fires before the data driven trigger is applied
      • Added event World.event.dataDrivenEntityTriggerEvent
        • Fires after the data driven trigger is applied
      • For the above events, each accept an optional
    • EntityDataDrivenTriggerEventOptions
      • (Breaking Change) property entityremoved
      • Added property entities: Entity[]
        • If specified, will restrict to just the specified entities.
      • Changed return type of function getPlayersto PlayerIterator
    • EntityDataDrivenTriggerEventOptions
      • Inherited from EntityEventOptions
      • property eventTypes: string[]
        • If specified, will restrict to events with the specified name (I.E minecraft:ageable_grow_up)
      • (Inherited) property entities: Entity[]
        • If specified, will restrict to just the specified entities
      • (Inherited) property entityTypes: string[]
        • If specified, will restrict to entities with the specified type (I.E minecraft:creeper)
    • DefinitionModifier
      • read only property componentGroupsToAdd: string[]
        • List of component groups that will be added as part of this modifier
      • read only property componentGroupsToRemove: string[]
        • List of component groups that will be removed as part of this modifier
      • property triggers: Trigger[]
        • List of triggers that will fire as part of this modifier
    • Trigger
      • property eventName: string
        • Event name of the trigger
    • DataDrivenEntityTriggerEvent
      • read only property entity: Entity
        • Entity that the event triggered on
      • read only property id: string
        • name of the event
    • BeforeDataDrivenEntityTriggerEvent
      • read only property entity: Entity
        • Entity that the event triggered on
      • read only property id: string
        • name of the event
      • property modifiers: DefinitionModifier[]
        • List of modifiers that will be applied when the event triggers
      • property cancel: bool
        • If true, the event will not be triggered
    • EnchantmentType
      • Added EnchantmentType class
      • Read-only property id: string
        • The name of the enchantment type
      • Read-only property maxLevel: int
        • The maximum level this type of enchantment can have
    • EnchantmentInstance
      • Added EnchantmentInstance class. This represents a binding of an EnchantmentType and level that can be added to an item
      • Constructor EnchantmentInstance(type: EnchantmentType, level : int)
      • Read-only property type: EnchantmentType
        • The enchantment type of this instance
      • Property level: int
        • The level of this enchantment instance
    • EnchantmentSlot
      • Added EnchantmentSlot enum. This enum represents the item slot or type that an enchantment can be applied to
    • EnchantmentList
      • Added EnchantmentList class. This class represents a collection of enchantments that can be applied to an item
      • Constructor EnchantmentList(slot : EnchantSlot)
      • Read-only property slot: EnchantSlot
        • The item slot/type that this collection is to be applied to
      • Read-only property allEnchantments: EnchantmentInstance[]
        • All enchantments as part of this enchantment collection
      • Method canAddEnchantment(instance : EnchantmentInstance): bool
        • Returns whether or not the provided EnchantmentInstance can be added to this collection
      • Method addEnchantment(instance : EnchantmentInstance): bool
        • Attempts to add the enchantment to this collection. Returns true if successful
      • Method removeEnchantment(type : EnchantmentType)
        • Removes an EnchantmentInstance with type type from this collection if present
      • Method hasEnchantment(type : EnchantmentType): int
        • If this collection has an EnchantmentInstance with type type, returns the level of the enchantment. Returns 0 if not present
    • ItemEnchantmentComponent
      • Added ItemEnchantmentComponent Item component class.
    • ItemStack
      • Property enchantments: EnchantmentList
        • Gets a copy of the current set of enchantments on this ItemStack. Or allows the user to set the EnchantmentList for the ItemStack
      • Method removeAllEnchantments
        • Removes any enchantments that might be present on this ItemStack
      • Added function setLore(loreList: string[]): void
        • Sets the lore text for the item
      • Added function getLore(): string[]
        • Gets the lore text for the item


Vanilla Parity
  • Worlds can now be created with 64-bit seeds (-9223372036854775808 to 9223372036854775807) and those can be copied between Bedrock and Java to produce the same world (MCPE-144994, MCPE-148168)
  • Non-numeric seed UI inputs now produce the same seeds as Java Edition
  • Player's arm no longer twitches while charging a bow (MCPE-148486)
  • Falling blocks have full-block hitbox again
  • Fixed an error where journeymen clerics would offer glowstone dust instead of glowstone blocks (MCPE-57524)
  • Untamed wolves can now be leashed (MCPE-82050)
  • TNT blocks now correctly move in a random X/Z direction once lit
  • Fixed an issue with resource drops occasionally remaining black after breaking and placing a block quickly in its place
  • Top Snow no longer clips with the block beneath when falling
  • Fixed fangs from the illager spells not being spawnable in blocks with no bounding boxes
  • Water and lava buckets can now be used on underwater blocks cohabitating with water, such as light blocks or big dripleaves (MCPE-148392)
  • Players in Visitor Mode can no longer break paintings and minecarts (MCPE-132869)
  • Teleporting vertically beyond the visibility distance now loads the terrain correctly (MCPE-150021)
  • Improved accuracy of damage calculations
  • Fixed an issue where interacting with the bell while holding a chargeable item would not continuously ring it (MCPE-56968)
  • Fixed a bug where the player could switch to gliding when riding in certain scenarios (MCPE-147904)
  • Mobs are now able to path over azalea blocks (MCPE-129373)
  • Mobs are now able to path over dripleaf blocks and properly pathfind on top of them, when not fully tilted
  • Mobs are now able to path over pointed dripstone blocks and properly pathfind on top of them (MCPE-133270)
  • Mobs can now move properly on top of solid partial blocks, like bells, brewing stands, and enchanting tables
  • Mobs can now jump from high enough solid partial blocks to full ones at a higher position
  • Mobs can now jump over fences if they are standing on an adjacent slab or on another block high enough
  • Mobs can now move through less than half-block tall top snow even when the ceiling, if any, is as tall as the mobs themselves (MCPE-148355)
  • Mobs can now move through coral and coral fans, as they do not consider them as solid obstacles anymore (MCPE-128687)
  • Fixed an issue where players could not access a villager's trades while holding a spawn egg (MCPE-76153)
  • Fixed an issue where witches spawned during village raids could despawn during the raid (MCPE-149883)
  • Cod, salmon, pufferfish, tropical fish, and dolphins once again spawn in deep variants of ocean biomes (MCPE-150191)
Stability and Performance
  • Fixed a crash that could occur upon leaving the Zooming menu in the Dressing Room.
User Interface
  • Default tabs changed to "Craftable" on left side and to "Crafting" on right side of the Pocket UI inventory screen
  • Removed the question mark button on the Pocket UI inventory screen
  • Items requiring 3x3 recipes are no longer shown when the crafting table is not used
  • Players can now use auto-move to take off or equip armor in crafting table's menu while in Pocket UI (MCPE-148970)
  • Updated generic controller face button icons on mobile
  • Control + Backspace will now erase the whole word before the caret
  • Control + Delete will now erase the whole word after the caret
  • Control + Left Arrow will now move the caret to the beginning of the word before the caret
  • Control + Right Arrow will now move the caret to the beginning of the next word after the caret
  • Fixed an issue where villagers did not hold the item they would trade when presented with Emeralds by the player (MCPE-150303)
  • Villagers no longer avoid zombified piglins (MCPE-94102)
  • Villagers no longer share seeds and beetroot seeds.


  1. Bedrock Edition 1.18.20 is not a version of the game and its betas are instead part of 1.18.30.[1]


  1. 1.18.20 rolled into 1.18.30; CornerHard on Twitch - March 30, 2022
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