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Bedrock Edition



Release date

Xbox One, Windows, Android: January 5, 2022

Beta for


Protocol version


Beta is the fifth beta version for Bedrock Edition 1.18.10, released on January 5, 2022[1], which adds new /damage command, more parity features from Java Edition, some of The Wild Update features (especially new blocks, froglights) behind the experimental gameplay and fixes bugs.


Command format[]

  • Used for players deal damage to entities.



Glow Lichen
  • Now emits with light level 7, instead of 10. Parity with Java Edition.


Iron Golems
  • Now starts cracking upon losing health.
    • A sound plays on every cracking stage.
      • There are 4 stages, from uncracked to fully cracked, before the golem dies.
  • Can be healed using iron ingots.
    • A sound plays each time the golem is repaired.
  • One iron ingot restores 25♥ × 12.5.
    • It takes 4 iron ingots to repair an iron golem from 1 HP to full health.
  • Now only attack players with a very bad standing in a village after attacking a villager. Parity with Java Edition.
Villagers and Wandering Traders


Iron Ingots
  • Can be used to repair Iron Golems. Parity with Java Edition.

World generation[]

  • Now has more variety of trees.




These additions and changes are accessible by enabling the "Wild Update" and "Enable GameTest Framework" experimental toggle.


  • Added froglights, with 3 variants: Ochre, Pearlescent and Verdant.
  • Emit a light level of 15.
  • Dropped when frogs eat small magma cubes.
    • When eaten by Swamp frogs, drop Ochre Froglight.
    • When eaten by Tundra frogs, drop Verdant Froglight.
    • When eaten by Tropical frogs, drop Pearlescent Froglight.


  • Added their sounds.
  • Added their sounds.
  • Now panic near Axolotls.


GameTest Framework
  • Entity
    • Added function teleport(location: Location, dimension: Dimension, xRotation (optional): float, yRotation (optional): float).
    • Added function teleportFacing(location: Location, dimension: Dimension, facingLocation: Location).
  • Added registerAsyncmethod to register and properly track the state of GameTests using async functions.
  • Added support for blocks having the same name as long as they belong to different namespaces.


  • Frogs and Tadpoles now have sounds. (MCPE-150742)
  • Frog panic speed is now appropriate.
  • Glow Lichen can no longer be placed on top of Frog Egg. (MCPE-150738)
Stability and Performance
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the entities in a chunk to not save when exiting a world. (MCPE-144208)
  • The game now loads certain seeds and worlds around Mesa biomes without crashing. (MCPE-149659)
Vanilla Parity
  • Iron Golems now show different degrees of cracking depending on their health. Iron Ingots can be used on damaged Iron Golems to repair them. (MCPE-74081)
  • Glow Lichen now has similar brightness as on Java Edition. (MCPE-126883)
  • Foxes now aim downwards when they pounce. (MCPE-143664)
  • Removed the emerald icon above a Villager's head when trading.
  • Updated trade tables for Butchers, Cartographers, Librarians, and Wandering Traders.
  • Iron Golems now only attack players with a very bad standing in a village after attacking a villager.
  • Text-to-speech (TTS) now correctly reads the names of experimental toggles.
  • Placing Cocoa Beans with /setblock or /fill commands no longer results in an error.
Feature placement
  • Large Dripstone feature does not generate floating on top of lava anymore. (MCPE-141131)
  • Pointed Dripstone clusters no longer have a chance of spawning only stalagmites of height one. (MCPE-148588)
  • Blast Furnaces and Smokers once again give XP. (MCPE-150427)
  • Pointed Dripstone now sometimes generate on large stalactites and stalagmites. (MCPE-128128)
  • Lava pools now only generate in positive Y coordinates. (MCPE-146459)
    • Lava pools that generate close to Y=0 will have Deepslate and Stone blocks casing.
  • Coral now generates in the deeper depths of Warm Oceans. (MCPE-147399)
  • The Grove biome now has more variety of trees. (MCPE-148361)
  • Fixed Light Block's brightness not being adjustable when playing in VR.
  • Fixed Light Block not being continuously placed while holding right-click and moving. (MCPE-135669)
  • Light Blocks can now be waterlogged. (MCPE-148391)
  • Fixed issue where breaking blocks, opening chests, and entering portals would be delayed/not work when there are lots of mobs nearby. (MCPE-149214)
  • Grass and double flowers now have proper animations when breaking. (MCPE-150786)
  • Flower blocks are now properly destroyed by explosions when inside snow layers. (MCPE-146492)
  • Skeleton Horsemen now pathfind correctly. (MCPE-147521)
World Generation
  • Iceberg features no longer replace Snow Blocks of Igloo structures. (MCPE-147690)
  • Water in open air mountain caves no longer generates unevenly. (MCPE-149417)
  • Aquifers no longer generate with missing water blocks. (MCPE-146452)


  • Reapplied changes to use "allowlist" instead of "whitelist". (BDS-14119)
  • JumpToBlockGoal now correctly searches the same distance upwards and downwards when looking for jumpblockcandidates, allowing a mobs that use the goal to jump equally high as low.
  • Fixed animation controller recursion checks from falsely disallowing normal repeat usage of a controller.
User Interface
  • Fixed issue where up and down arrow buttons in the Resource Pack Settings screen became bigger when highlighted. (MCPE-147708)


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