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Bedrock Edition



Release date

Xbox, Windows, Android: November 4, 2021

Beta for


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Beta is the sixth beta version for Bedrock Edition 1.18.0, released on November 4, 2021[1], which fixes bugs.

This version was reuploaded around a few hours later on Windows to fix the version having no RenderDragon rendering engine.[2]


World Generation[]

Azalea trees
  • Can now generate in shallow water.
Deep Warm Ocean
  • No longer generate naturally.
Ocean ruins and Shipwrecks
  • Now generate in lower frequency.


  • The game has temporarily been reverted from API 30 to API 29
  • Now the players will lose their data if they uninstall Minecraft, unless checking the box indicating that want to keep the data.
    • This is due to Google's new API requirements.
User Interface
  • Updated the "out of storage" message


  • Loading older worlds will no longer cause chunks to be empty (MCPE-98789).
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent some music tracks from playing in the Nether (MCPE-146266).
  • Fixed Leaf Blocks not remaining transparent when surrounded by partial blocks such as Buttons or Slabs (MCPE-139213, MCPE-53731).
  • Fixed face culling of the block below a Leaf Block, fixing an x-ray effect.
  • Fixed an issue where the Shield would get locked to the player's offhand slot in the inventory screen when opening the inventory screen while crouching (MCPE-146003).
  • Fixed an issue with some Marketplace packs in beta builds spawning the player in the wrong location.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause double chests to split and become unusable (MCPE-146983).
World Generation
  • Frozen biomes no longer generate Ice pillars below Y=0 on worlds with updated chunks (MCPE-125128).
  • Ocean ruins and shipwrecks are now generated in lower frequency (MCPE-143478).
  • Azalea trees no longer generate underwater (MCPE-125919).
  • Azalea trees can now generate in shallow water.
  • Rooted Dirt can no longer generate without an Azalea tree (MCPE-140867).
  • Vanilla Parity: Removed Deep Warm Ocean from biome placement (MCPE-147051).
  • Fixed pillars of Dripstone that could previously be generated on the surface of the Overworld (MCPE-139877).
  • Fixed an issue to prevent Small Dripleaf blocks from being placed inside Lava blocks.
  • Players with existing external storage will be migrated to the new location on start up. They can still play if migration fails by closing the results window (MCPE-144801, MCPE-144776, MCPE-144806).
  • Fixed content error when Molang expression has no tokens to only fire when 'min_engine_version' is 1.17.40 or higher.


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