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Bedrock Edition



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Xbox, Windows 10, Android: September 22, 2021

Beta for


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Beta is the second beta version for Bedrock Edition 1.17.40, released on September 22, 2021,[1][2] which allows old worlds to upgrade to the new world generation behind experimental toggle, and fixes bugs.



  • As part of continued testing, removed RenderDragon engine support on Android devices (ARMv7) (MCPE-141319)


These additions and changes are accessible by enabling the "Caves & Cliffs" and "Enable GameTest Framework" experimental toggle.

World generation[]

Dripstone Caves
  • In world generation, grass is replaced with stone (if generated near grass).
  • Mountain tops are now more jagged and pointy.
  • Mountain areas and peak biomes now are slightly larger on average.
Stone shores
  • Sometimes generate layers (strips) of gravel.
Stony peaks
  • Sometimes generate layers (strips) of calcite.
  • Added new world/cave generation when upgrading saved chunks below Y=0 using the Caves and Cliffs experimental toggle.
    • Chunks previously upgraded with Bedrock underneath will not see this change.
  • Upgrades older flat worlds to the new extended heights available with the Caves & Cliffs experimental toggle
  • New flat worlds using the Caves & Cliffs experimental toggle will generate starting at "y=-64"


GameTest Framework
  • Updated the GameTest Framework interface and added a new SimulatedPlayer capability:
    • Added 'SimulatedPlayer'class to GameTest. This class enables GameTest to simulate a variety of player behaviors such as movement, using items, and interacting with blocks and entities. See the GameTest API reference documentation for more details.
      • Added function spawnSimulatedPlayer(blockLocation: BlockLocation, name: string): SimulatedPlayer
      • Added function removeSimulatedPlayer(simulatedPlayer: SimulatedPlayer): void
    • mojang-gametest.Test type
      • Changed signature of function assertEntityInstancePresent(entity: Entity, blockLocation: BlockLocation, isPresent: boolean = true)
    • mojang-minecraft components
      • Component inventory now works with Player inventories


  • Fixed an issue in beta builds where flying above the world limit (255 for non-Caves & Cliffs experimental, 319 for Caves & Cliffs experimental) would be prohibited (MCPE-141360).
  • Copper Ore now generates up to y=96 instead of y=64 (MCPE-125233).
  • Vanilla Parity: Players are now able to activate Elytra gliding while moving upward (MCPE-59580).
  • Using Dye on Signs that contain formatted color text will overwrite the formatted color text.
World Generation
  • Fossils are now much less likely to generate in, and destroy structures.
  • Dungeons are no longer misplaced or missing outside of the Caves & Cliffs experimental toggle (MCPE-121708).
  • Iron Golem now spawns only on solid blocks (MCPE-140145).
  • Wielded weapons now render properly on Pillagers and Vindicators (MCPE-141321).
User Interface
  • Riding an animal now displays the correct button prompt when playing with non-touch controls.
Character Creator
  • Back appearance pieces will no longer cover the left and right arrows in the profile screen.
  • Fixed featured items in the profile screen not opening the featured catalog in the Dressing Room.
  • Fixed default clothes changing color if another item’s color was edited previously.
  • Sidebar options can now be selected in expanded view after navigating back from previously selected sidebar option while using controller.
  • Sidebar no longer opens upon expanding any of the classic skin packs in the Dressing Room.
  • Improved the navigation flow for Character Creator so that it always switches to the selected Character Creator profile (MCPE-139022).
  • Skins that are equipped from Marketplace while in-game now apply to character.
  • Fixed a bug that caused animations to be restarted when changing render controllers.
  • Fixed text on Signs losing their formatting when new lines or word-wrapping are encountered. Formatting will now persist until the reset code or an overriding code is found. This is not retroactive and previously created Signs will not be changed.
  • Molang expressions that contain capital letters are properly evaluated now.
  • 'query.get_equipped_item_name' will now recognize Sea Lantern (MCPE-67893).
  • Add new compile errors for expressions like 1 + (9 10), which were previously ignored (This is a Versioned Change as of engine version 1.17.40).


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