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Xbox, Windows 10, Android: August 25, 2021

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Beta is the eighth beta version for Bedrock Edition 1.17.30, released on August 25, 2021,[1][2] which added multinoise world generation from Java Edition 1.18 Experimental Snapshot 1, and fixes bugs.



Campfires and Soul Campfires
  • Can now stack to 64.


  • Added experimental queries for item cooldowns: 'query.is_cooldown_type', 'query.cooldown_time', and 'query.cooldown_time_remaining'.
  • Updated many Molang content errors to specify which operator or query was involved.
Data-Driven Items
  • Updated documentation for 'IconItemComponent' and it now provides a list of all IDs for the 'legacy_id' field.
Data-Driven Sounds
  • Removed the "replace" element from 'sound_definitions.json' for being ambiguous in its usage (and was never used).
  • Data-driven blocks can now be added to the Creative menu.
  • Knockback Roar is no longer stronger than it used to be.


These changes are accessible by enabling the "Caves & Cliffs" experimental toggle.

World generation[]

Deep Warm Ocean
  • Now generates naturally.
Noodle caves
  • A thinner, squigglier, tighter variant of spaghetti caves.
  • These are an improved version of the mesh caves announced around Minecraft Live.
  • Now uses the multi-noise biome source type.
Ore veins
  • Terrain generation is now independent from biomes, with biomes adapting to whatever terrain they happen to generate throughout.[3]
    • This allows for natural variation in the terrain of any individual biome, both in terms of shape and elevation.
      • For example, forests and deserts could form up on a hill without needing a special biome just for that purpose.
    • This additionally allows for smoother transitions between biomes.
  • Terrain is now smoother and more extreme.


  • Campfires and Soul Campfires now stack in the inventory (MCPE-67890).
  • Candle now drops when Candle Cake is pushed by a Piston (MCPE-130594).
  • Collecting Fish or Axolotl no longer immediately releases them (MCPE-44320).
  • Renamed Structure Blocks will no longer have the incorrect data mode on creation (MCPE-41625).
  • Fall damage is no longer applied when falling into Scaffolding (MCPE-108459).
  • Fixed missing rightmost outline pixels on Signs when using §l for wide letters and Glow Ink Sac (MCPE-137802).
  • The Thorns enchantment now does Knockback to mobs (MCPE-56212).
  • Tweaked Iron Golem spawning logic to better match the Java Edition.
  • Crimson Roots now have a small chance of growing on Warped Nylium blocks when using Bone Meal (MCPE-83616).
  • The /spawnpoint command can now be used while the player is sleeping and outputs success when setting to the player's existing spawnpoint (MCPE-106720).
  • The camera shake command no longer shakes every player's screen when "@s" is used as the selector (MCPE-120383).
  • Fixed "CR" characters incorrectly appearing at the end of lines for some display languages.
User Interface
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the Sign In button to appear behind the Marketplace button.
  • Fixed the Noto Sans Smooth font on Windows and Xbox platforms with the Japanese locale to address legibility and usage of correct characters.
  • Fixed movement prediction interpolating with invalid data in even more scenarios (MCPE-108568).
  • Fixed crash after firing a transform item event.
  • Fixed particles not emitting when using animation controllers.
  • Attachables that are visible in first person will no longer render backwards.

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