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Xbox, Windows 10, Android: May 6, 2021

Beta for


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Beta is the seventh beta version for Bedrock Edition 1.17.0, released on May 6, 2021,[1] which added infested deepslate and fixes bugs.



Infested Deepslate
  • An infested variant of deepslate.
  • Spawn a silverfish when mined.
  • Infested Deepslate can be found in Extreme Hills biomes.


  • Added Creator settings tab.
    • Currently only has content log settings.


  • Added Volumes feature.
    • Create volumes in your world: simply create a "volumes" folder in a saved world, and put JSON files in there - 1 JSON file per volume.
    • Currently, the player can attach a fog - minecraft or your own custom fog - to a volume. When the player enters the volume, the fog will take effect.



Azalea Leaves and Flowering Azalea Leaves
  • Now drop themself when mined with Silk Touch tools.
Block of Copper
  • Are now crafted from 9 copper ingots, instead of 4.
  • Can now be crafted down into 9 Copper Ingots.
Block of Raw Metal
Copper and Deepslate Copper Ore
  • Now drops 2–3 raw copper when mined, or more when using a tool enchanted with Fortune.
Pointed Dripstone
  • Stalactites now drip water a bit more often when filling Cauldrons.
Powder Snow
  • Dispensers can now dispense a Powder Snow Block using a Powder Snow Bucket.
  • Mining time of Powder Snow Block now matches mining time in Java Edition.
Rooted Dirt
  • Tilling Rooted Dirt no longer instantly turns it into a Farmland block.
Spore Blossom
  • Spore Blossom can no longer be waterlogged.


  • The texture has been changed. The gold is now more vibrant and better matches other instances of gold in the Texture Update texture.
  • The texture has been changed. The iron is now more vibrant and better matches other instances of iron in the Texture Update texture.
Raw Metal
  • Tweaked the texture.


  • Axolotls no longer play dead on land.
  • Added new sounds.
  • Added the screaming goats.
    • Increased chances of getting screamer goat by breeding screamer goat with non-screamer goat.
  • Piglins now admire Deepslate Gold Ore, Raw Gold, and Block of Raw Gold.
Squid and Glow Squid
  • Now make a specific sound when they let ink out.

World generation[]

  • Minecarts with Chests can also appear in Mineshafts at -y.
  • Strongholds will be more hidden in larger caves.


  • Moved content log settings from Profile to the new Creator settings.
Title screen
  • The main menu background is now in an amethyst geode.
    • The new background however is not visible due to the beta resource packs being applied in all beta versions.


GameTest Framework
  • Components
    • Removed function setColor(color : Number)
    • property value : Number
      • Gets or sets the color of the entity
    • Added additional component interfaces. movement, navigation, healable, breathable, ageable, and tameable components can be referenced via entity.getComponent(componentName : string)
    • minecraft:color
  • Container - New interface for interacting with entity containers. Can be referenced via entity.getComponent("inventory").container
    • function setItem(slot : Number, itemStack : ItemStack)
      • Adds itemStack to the container at the given slot
    • function getItem(slot : Number) : ItemStack
      • Gets the itemStack at the given slot
    • function addItem(itemStack : ItemStack)
      • Adds the given itemStack to the first available slot of the container
    • function transferItem(fromSlot : Number, toSlot : Number, toContainer : Container)
      • Transfers an ItemStack from fromSlot of the container to toSlot of toContainer
    • function swapItems(slot : Number, otherSlot : Number, otherContainer : Container)
      • Swaps ItemStacks between slot of the container and otherSlot of otherContainer
    • function worldLocation(relativeLocation : BlockLocation)
      • Transforms the coordinates of given GameTest location to its corresponding world location
    • function relativeLocation(worldLocation : BlockLocation)
      • Transforms the coordinates of given world location to its corresponding GameTest location


Caves & Cliffs
  • Axolotl can no longer move on its own while playing dead (MCPE-124128).
  • Skeletons no longer freeze when standing inside of Powder Snow, and will transform into strays after 45 seconds (MCPE-116781).
  • Mobs can now pathfind properly on top of Powder Snow (MCPE-118214).
  • Vanilla Parity: Powder Snow can no longer support Scaffolding (MCPE-120947).
  • Players can no longer Jump on top of Powder Snow to avoid sinking (MCPE-112023).
  • Copper now has correct graphical and sound effects when waxing/dewaxing (MCPE-121827).
  • Old signs no longer glow when being dyed (MCPE-117835).
  • Underside of leaves now render correctly when placed on top of Copper Slabs.
  • Fixed an issue where first person offhand items were rendered when zooming in with the Spyglass (MCPE-125825).
  • Spyglass is now part of the "Equipment" category in the Creative inventory (MCPE-126079).
Vanilla Parity
  • Falling blocks now break when landing on Shulkers.
User Interface
  • Fixed controller cursor sensitivity scaling (MCPE-33868).
  • Fixed a bug preventing users from reassigning key 'E' in "Keyboard & Mouse" settings (MCPE-124224).
  • Fixed issue where Minecart with Command Block was not affected by the 'CommandBlocksEnabled' gamerule (MCPE-93666).
  • The /kick command works properly if cheats and command blocks are disabled, and it no longer uses target selectors.


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