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Xbox, Windows 10, Android: April 21, 2021

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Beta is the fifth beta version for Bedrock Edition 1.17.0, released on April 21, 2021,[1] which adds amethyst, calcite, raw metal, spyglass, tinted glass and tuff.



Amethyst Bud
  • Grows from budding amethyst, which is found in amethyst geodes.
  • Starts out tiny, but grows into medium after a while, large after even more time, and eventually becomes an amethyst cluster.
  • Unlike crops, each growth stage is a separate block instead of a block state.
  • Drops only when mined with a Silk Touch pickaxe.
  • There is a total of 3 variants (stages).
Amethyst Cluster
  • The final, mature stage of the amethyst bud, which grows from budding amethyst in amethyst geodes.
  • Drops amethyst shards if broken, in an amount affected by Fortune, but can also be picked up with Silk Touch.
    • Breaking by hand, piston, or other means drops only 2 amethyst shards instead of 4 that would be dropped by using any pickaxe.
  • Emits a light level of 5.
Block of Amethyst
  • A decorative block found in amethyst geodes.
  • Unlike Budding Amethyst, the Block of Amethyst can be obtained when mined.
  • Can also be crafted with 4 amethyst shards.
Block of Raw Metal
Budding Amethyst
  • Generates amethyst buds/clusters on any side that is exposed either to air or a water source block.
  • Cannot be obtained when mined, even with Silk Touch, and does not drop anything.
  • Breaks immediately if pushed by a piston or sticky piston.
    • Cannot be pulled by sticky pistons.
  • Generates in amethyst geodes.
Smooth Basalt
  • A basalt variant that composes the outer layer of amethyst geodes.
  • Can be obtained by smelting basalt.
Tinted Glass
  • A black variant of glass that is transparent to players, but does not let light through.
  • Can be crafted with 4 amethyst shards and a glass block.
    • Stained glass cannot be used to craft tinted glass.
  • Drops itself if mined without Silk Touch or even by hand, unlike glass.
  • A deep grayish stone that can generate in blobs between Y = 16 to Y = 0 of the world.


Amethyst Shard
  • Obtained from breaking amethyst clusters.
  • The amount dropped can be increased with the Fortune enchantment.
  • Can be used to craft tinted glass, blocks of amethyst, and spyglasses.
Raw metal
  • Crafted with 2 copper ingots and an amethyst shard.
  • When used, it zooms in on wherever the player is looking but limits their view to a square.
  • There is a unique animation for using the spyglass, which is visible in a third-person perspective or by another player.

World generation[]

Amethyst Geodes
  • A new feature found uncommonly underground (can rarely appear exposed to the surface close to sea level).
  • Contains blocks of amethyst and budding amethyst blocks, which are encased in a shell of calcite and tuff.
    • Also generates with a small air pocket nearby which may open into the geode.
  • Most commonly generates at lower levels. (y = 6 to y = 47)
  • Overrides standard caves and ravines, but is overridden by mineshafts.


  • Added "Spyglass Damping" scale option ranging from 0 to 100.
    • Sets the camera movement speed when looking through a Spyglass to make it more comfortable to use.



Azalea Leaves and Flowering Azalea Leaves
  • Now have a chance to drop Azalea or Flowering Azalea when broken.
Blackstone, gilded blackstone, and stair, slab and wall variants
  • Slightly changed the texture.
Block of Copper
  • Copper surfaces now deoxidize in a more random pattern when struck by lightning.
  • Horizontally placed Lightning Rods now interact properly with respect to de-oxidizing Copper Blocks.
  • Copper Blocks struck by lightning now deoxidize even if there's no Lightning Rod present.
  • Added sounds for scrapping off wax and oxidization.
Deepslate Coal Ore, Deepslate Copper Ore, and Deepslate Lapis Lazuli Ore
  • Changed and slightly tweaked the textures of these blocks.
Cobbled Deepslate
  • Can now be used as crafting material for tools, furnaces, and brewing stands.
Glow Item Frame
  • Glow Item Frame textures are no longer inconsistent between Bedrock and Java.
  • Now produces redstone signals.
Glow Lichen
  • Now available outside the Caves & Cliffs experiments toggle.
  • Can now be placed with all six faces set.
Snowy Grass Block
  • Changed snowy grass block side texture.
Lightning Rod
  • Blocks connected to a Lightning Rod now correctly conduct redstone signal when the rod is hit by lightning.
Moss Block
  • Can now replace Dirt, Podzol, Rooted Dirt, Stone, and Cave Vines.
Pointed Dripstone
  • If a stalactite is hanging from a dripstone block with a water source above, it will slowly grow both the stalactite from above and a stalagmite from below.
    • Growth speed is random but very slow; a single growth step can take several in-game days.
  • A stalactite will only grow up to 7 blocks long.
  • A stalactite will only cause stalagmite growth if the floor or stalagmite below is within 10 blocks.
  • If the stalactite tip is inside water it won’t drip, and therefore will not trigger any growth.
  • If the stalagmite tip is inside water or there is a fluid between the two dripstone blocks, it will not receive the water drops, and therefore will not be grown by a dripping stalactite.
    • A stalagmite or stalactite will never grow when submerged in fluid.
Powder Snow
  • Now available outside the Caves & Cliffs experiments toggle.
  • Powder Snow blocks are now removed by flowing water and lava.
  • Changed the textures of oak signs to reflect new textures in the Texture Update.
Small Dripleaf
  • Applying bone meal to small dripleaves now creates big dripleaves of a random height between 1-5 blocks.
  • Changed the top texture of the smoker.


Jungle Doors
  • Changed the texture of the jungle door item to reflect the block texture in the Texture Update.
  • Changed textures of all sign items.
Sugar Cane
  • Changed the texture of the sugar cane item to better reflect biome tinting.


  • Bucketing an Axolotl no longer unlocks the "I am a Marine Biologist" achievement.
  • Now much more likely to spawn.
  • No longer grant themselves regeneration when killing their target.
  • Can now walk over powder snow without sinking.
Guardian and Elder Guardian
  • Removed some stray pixels from the texture file.

Non-mob entities[]

  • Changed the back texture to reflect the planks texture in the Texture Update.

World generation[]

Dripstone Caves
  • Now randomly generate rarely underground
    • Can only be generated by enabling "Caves & Cliffs" toggle in the world settings.
Lush Caves
  • Now randomly generate rarely underground
    • Can only be generated by enabling "Caves & Cliffs" toggle in the world settings.
  • Cobwebs no longer generate suspended in the air in mineshaft.


Bone Meal
  • Added distinct damage sounds for burning, freezing, and drowning.
  • Walking sound will now play below y=0.


  • Internal state flag CAN_RIDE_TARGET that was stopping interactions with items will be properly set/cleared when looking at a mob that cannot be ridden.
  • Added two new variables to the biomes_client.json file: remove_all_prior_fog and inherit_from_prior_fog, which control fog merging and/or inheritance.
    • remove_all_prior_fog, when true, will clear all previous fog definitions stored on the stack, making the current pack the new "starting point" for fogs.
    • inherit_from_prior_fog, when true, will merge a biome's fog definition with matching biomes on the stack then create a new merged definition for it.
  • transparentattachable tag should only affect rendering in first person camera perspective.


Caves & Cliffs
  • Player now receives experience points after breeding Axolotls (MCPE-123708)
  • Copper Stairs now produce their unique footstep sounds at positions below y=0 (MCPE-121955)
  • Cobbled Deepslate, Deepslate Bricks, and Deepslate Tiles now give experience from smelting in a Furnace (MCPE-123671)
  • Landing on Dripstone no longer deals fall damage when gamerule falldamage is set to false
  • Dripstone Block is now correctly named (MCPE-119573)
  • Only the tips of stalagmites deal increased fall damage (MCPE-119917)
  • Cauldrons fill slightly faster with water from dripping stalactites
  • Throwing a Channeling trident at a rod during a thunderstorm now correctly converts nearby mobs (MCPE-116137)
  • Throwing a Channeling trident at a rod during a thunderstorm now correctly affects villagers
  • Moss Carpet now has Block Placing sound (MCPE-121663)
  • Azalea and Flowering Azalea now have ambient occlusion (MCPE-121660)
  • Powder Snow blocks are now removed by flowing water and lava (MCPE-111729)
  • Foxes can now walk on Powder Snow (MCPE-116836)
  • Exiting a world while being slowed down from freezing will no longer keep the Character slowed after rejoining (MCPE-117814)
  • Powder Snow now only applies the freeze component to entities server-side
  • Glow Lichen no longer generates floating in air
  • Glow Lichen can no longer exist with no faces present
  • Fixed invite icon remaining on start screen after signing out of Microsoft account.
  • Fixed a bug where Text-to-speech read the wrong text when displaying toasts.
  • Renamed Structure Blocks will no longer have the incorrect data mode on creation (MCPE-41625).
  • Cubemap no longer blinks when loading the game, loading into a world or leaving a world (MCPE-103842).
  • Fixed Strider, Hoglin, Zoglin, Piglin, Piglin Brute Spawn Eggs turning red when quick-moved inside any Inventory in RenderDragon builds.
  • Fixed enchantment glint shape of Charged Bow and Crossbow icons in RenderDragon builds.
  • Using an axe on Wood blocks turns them into Stripped Wood blocks (MCPE-105998).
  • Fixed items playing “attack” and “using” animations at the same time on touch input (MCPE-117133).
Vanilla Parity
  • Critical hit particles now generate around a mob instead of under it (MCPE-39599).
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes happened when an entity with a scoreboard value was removed from the level.
Stability and Performance
  • Added content warnings for invalid map item parent id caused by the outdated Marketplace world templates.


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