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Xbox, Windows 10, Android: March 31, 2021

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Beta is the second beta version for Bedrock Edition 1.17.0,[a] released on March 31, 2021,[2] which adds axolotl and deepslate variants behind experiments toggle, and fixes bugs.



  • Currently only generated in blobs below y=16.
  • Has a hardness value greater than that of stone but can be mined with any pickaxe.
  • Drops cobbled deepslate when mined.
  • Can be obtained only with a Silk Touch pickaxe.
  • There are 19 variants in total.
Cobbled Deepslate
  • Drops from deepslate when mined with a pickaxe without Silk Touch.
  • Can't be used interchangeably with cobblestone and blackstone in crafting recipes of basic tools, furnaces and brewing stands.[3]
  • Can be crafted into respective stairs, slabs and walls, Polished Deepslate, Chiseled Deepslate, Deepslate Bricks and Deepslate Tiles, which can be used to craft their respective stairs, slabs, and walls (excluding Chiseled Deepslate).
    • Deepslate Bricks and Deepslate Tiles can also be smelted onto their cracked variants.
  • Can now be smelted back into deepslate.
Deepslate ores
  • Added deepslate variants of all ores, including iron, gold, copper, coal, diamond, redstone, emerald, and lapis lazuli.
  • Takes twice as long to mine as normal ores.
  • Has the texture of deepslate replacing the normal stone texture.
  • Takes place of ores that generate in deepslate.
  • Can be used in blasting and smelting recipes like normal ores.
Oxidized Copper and Oxidized Cut Copper
  • Can now be waxed.


  • Axolotls will spawn underground, in water.
  • Holding a bucket of tropical fish will cause nearby axolotls to follow the player on both land and water.
    • Axolotls cannot be tamed but they can be bred by feeding them buckets of tropical fish.
  • Axolotls will attack fish, squid, drowned, and guardians.
  • Axolotls come in a variety of colors, all with an equal chance of spawning except for blue.
    • Blue axolotls have a small chance of spawning as a mutation when breeding 2 axolotls.
  • Axolotls can survive on dry land for a few minutes. After that they will start to dry out and take continuous damage until rehydrated.
  • When taking damage, there is a chance that the axolotl will play dead. While playing dead, the axolotl will regenerate health and mobs will be unable to target the axolotl.
  • When a player kills a mob that the axolotl was attacking, they are rewarded with the regeneration effect, and their mining fatigue is removed if they have it.
  • Axolotls can be picked up with buckets, like fish.


World generation[]

  • Deepslate is generated in blobs below y = 16.
  • Ore is generated as normal, when the ore is generated where Deepslate has been generated, deepslate ore is generated instead.


GameTest Framework
  • GameTest
    • function assertEntityData(position : BlockLocation, entityIdentifier : string, callback : function(entity: Entity))
      • Asserts that the given condition is true for all entities of the given type at the given location
    • function spawnItem(itemType : ItemStack, position : Location)
      • Spawns an item at the given location
    • function assertIsWaterlogged(position : BlockLocation, isWaterlogged : bool)
      • Asserts that the block at the given location is waterlogged
    • function assertRedstonePower(position : BlockLocation, power : number)
      • Asserts the redstone power level at the given location
    • Added Commands.run
  • New Effect APIs on the Entity Type
    • function getAmplifier()
      • Gets the effect's amplifier level
    • function getDuration()
      • Gets the effect's remaining duration
    • function addEffect(effectType : EffectType, duration : number, amplifier: number)
      • Adds an effect to the Entity
    • function getEffect(effectType : EffectType)
      • Gets an effect from the Entity
  • Updated constructor to ItemStack
  • Updated ItemType
    • constructor (x : number, y: number, z: number)
      • World coordinates
    • function getName()
      • Gets the item's name
  • Add new enumerations: Minecraft.Effects & Minecraft.Items


  • Improved underwater visibility in all sorts of water, water-filled caverns in particular.
  • Oxidized Copper Block variants can now be waxed
  • Tweaked which blocks can be placed on pointed dripstone, to match the Java Edition (MCPE-116098, MCPE-116056, MCPE-116050)
  • Pointed dripstone now correctly breaks when pushed by piston (MCPE-116095)
  • Dripstone and pointed dripstone now have correct sounds when walking/jumping on them (MCPE-119694)
  • Glow lichen is now under the nature category of the Creative inventory (MCPE-122600)
  • Lightning Rods now correctly activate Observers when struck by lightning
  • Big dripleaf can now be waterlogged
  • Big dripleaf now untilts correctly after getting hit by a projectile (MCPE-121666)
  • Small dripleaf can now also be placed on dirt, farmland, grass, moss block, and podzol as long as its stem is underwater
  • Moss block now blocks water (MCPE-121796)
  • Ladder, vines, twisting vines, weeping vines, sweet berry bush, nether sprouts, and fire can now be placed on Moss blocks (MCPE-121828)
  • Spore Blossom correctly drop itself when broken with Shears (MCPE-122054)
  • Mobs can now pathfind across moss blocks (MCPE-121967)
  • Lush caves can now contain classic "jungle" vines
  • Fixed a bug where the screen reader did not read the focused button on some screens
  • Fixed a bug where English screen reader pronounced "A button" as "a button", now saying "Button A" instead
  • Trident in Players' and Mobs' hands are now correctly positioned in all perspective modes (MCPE-116681)
  • Trident raising animation modified for first person to more closely match the previous version
  • Water Buckets can now be used to pick up fish (MCPE-94520)
  • Rabbits can now raid carrot crops (MCPE-113321)
  • Animals can no longer be fed infinitely until they are bred (MCPE-19309)


  1. Bedrock Edition 1.16.230 would not be a version of the game and its betas are instead part of 1.17.0.[1]


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