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Xbox, Windows 10, Android: March 25, 2021

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Beta is the first beta version for Bedrock Edition 1.17.0,[a] released on March 25, 2021,[2] which adds new glow lichen blocks behind experiments toggle, and fixes bugs.



Glow Lichen
  • A dim light source that generates in caves.
  • It can be waterlogged.
  • Use shears to pick it up.
  • Use bonemeal to spread it along block surfaces.
  • Glow lichen can be composted.



Hanging Roots
  • Can now be composted.
Rooted Dirt
  • Can now be turned into grass path using a shovel.


  • Are now attracted to flowering azalea and flowering azalea leaves.


GameTest Framework
  • Added Dimension class
  • Added World.getDimension
  • Updated the GameTest Framework interface:
    • function assertEntityPresentInArea(entityIdentifier : string)
      • Throws an Error if an entity matching the given identifier does not exist in the test region
    • function print(text : string)
      • Prints the given text to the chat
    • function assertEntityInstancePresent(entity : Entity, position : BlockLocation)
      • Throws an Error if the given entity is not present in the given block location
    • Removed function setEntityTamed(entityIdentifier : string, position : BlockLocation)
      • Replaced by component function setTamed(showParticles : bool)
  • Entity
    • function getComponents()
      • Returns an array of supported components
    • function getComponent(componentIdentifier : string)
      • Returns the component matching the given identifier
    • function hasComponent(componentIdentifier : string)
      • Returns true if the given component exists on the entity and is supported
    • function getName()
      • Returns the name of the entity (e.g. "Horse")
    • Components for color, health, leashable, and tamemount were added
    • function kill()
      • Kills the entity
  • World
    • addEventListener(eventName : string, callback : function(entity : Entity))
      • Registers an event listener for entity events Supported Events:
      • onEntityCreated
        • Fires when an entity is created
      • onEntityDefinitionTriggered
        • Fires when an entity definition event is triggered
  • Renamed /gametest runall to /gametest runset
  • The default value for the tag parameter is now suite:default.


  • Added mouse and keyboard support for Android devices that support it (Oreo and newer)
  • Certain Android devices no longer fail to perform multilingual input
  • Crosshair placement is no longer offset on certain Android devices
  • The game will no longer fail to properly shutdown on certain Android devices
  • Fixed resolution issues on certain Android devices
  • Fixed networking issues on certain Android devices
  • Going underwater on certain Android devices no longer makes the screen go pitch-black
  • Powder Snow Block no longer drops when destroyed by an explosion (MCPE-118666)
  • Fixed issue where smelting behavior for several fuel sources was broken (MCPE-121863)
  • First person eating animation is now centered in the frame (MCPE-116678)
  • First person main hand blocking animation now plays properly (MCPE-115536)
  • First person main hand and off-hand shields are now symmetrical (MCPE-116736)
  • Fixed an issue where patterns in the loom with different resolutions than Vanilla assets would not display correctly
  • Crafting (Waxed) Weathered Cut Copper Slabs in the Stonecutter now yields two slabs instead of one (MCPE-121695)
  • Leads now correctly attach to Goats (MCPE-104161)
Lush Cave Blocks
  • Azalea leaves and flowering azalea leaves now correctly dropped when sheared
  • Moss blocks can now correctly be fertilized using dispensers
  • Hanging roots can now correctly be composted
  • Small dripleaf now drops as an item when sheared
  • Placing a big dripleaf on another big dripleaf increases its height by one
  • Using shovel on rooted dirt creates a grass path block
  • Bees consider flowering azalea and flowering azalea leaves as flowers
  • Using Pick Block function on Cave Vines or breaking them with Silk Touch-enchanted tool now yields Glow Berries
User Interface
  • Fixed an issue where cancelling joining a world while generating it caused the user to get stuck in the progress screen (MCPE-114776).
  • Several enums in ActorDataIDs were added by mistake, and are now being removed.
  • Catmull-Rom animations will no longer glitch if the time for a keyframe matches its value.
  • All functions run using the /schedule command now run from the origin they are supposed to, instead of from the server.
  • Replaced "Whitelist" language use to "AllowList". Dedicated server command "whitelist" changed to "allowlist". Dedicated server "whitelist.json" file changed to "allowlist.json" file. JSON format remains the same.
  • Fixed query.is_in_ui so that it is available to use when a data-driven mob is rendering in the UI (query.is_in_ui returns true when the mob is rendering in the UI, such as in the inventory window).


  1. Bedrock Edition 1.16.230 would not be a version of the game and its betas are instead part of 1.17.0.[1]


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