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[[Bedrock Edition 1.16.210

ndroid: February 3, 2021|1.16.210
ndroid: February 3, 2021]]
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Beta is the eighth beta version for Bedrock Edition 1.16.210, released on February 3, 2021,[1] which brought technical changes and fixes bugs.


Command format[]

  • Now removed entirely from the game again.


  • Broadcasting options are now completely removed from the game again, since Mixer streaming services are no longer available.


Component Variables
  • main_hand - An optional object storing optional transform data for first_person and third_person for the player's right hand.
  • off_hand - An optional object storing optional transform data for first_person and third_person for the player's left hand.
  • first_person - An optional object storing 3 vectors 'position', 'rotation', 'scale' used to build the first person matrix.
  • third_person - An optional object storing 3 vectors 'position', 'rotation', 'scale' used to build the third person matrix.
Render Offsets Component
  • Simple items, like swords or pickaxes, can have an optional offset applied to them to modify the way they are rendered.
    • Note this component should not be added to an attachable item.


  • The screen reader now properly announces edit/create character button text for each character on the profile screen.
Performance and Stability
  • Fixed a number of crashes that could occur during gameplay.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when opening the achievements screen when the anti-aliasing setting was set to 1 (MCPE-110164).
  • Fixed ticks not affecting blocks changing states - this means that things like crops and saplings will once again grow correctly (MCPE-116221).
  • Fixed the player being unable to interact with a tool in their inventory after breaking blocks with it in survival (MCPE-115341).
  • Fixed dried kelp block bottom and carried textures so that rope pixels are aligned (MCPE-35476).
  • Fixed an issue where snow accumulated in lines with certain simulation distances (MCPE-73468).
  • TNT submerged in water will once again launch players in Survival mode.
  • Fixed an issue where achievement names and descriptions would not be translated, independent of language selection. (MCPE-85813).
  • The online status of cross-platform friends' shown on the invite screen will now update when a change has been detected (MCPE-70004).
  • Fixed an issue that prevented achievement rewards from showing correctly after changing the language setting.
  • Owned and purchasable skins no longer get mixed into different categories while offline.
  • Emote title no longer shows previously previewed emote upon re-entering tab.
  • Updated the in-game links to the feedback site and bug tracker.
  • Goat and other tinted spawn eggs now look correct when held in hand (MCPE-104145).
  • Fixed an issue with screen resolution which could flicker when resizing a window (MCPE-69721).
  • Entities that use material state "Blending" now render correctly behind transparent parts.
  • On the "Dragons!" Marketplace map, behavior animation controller will no longer stop working after reloading the map with a saddled dragon.
  • Disabled loading of entities in custom biome features.
  • Fixed UVs of data-driven blocks to not be slightly shrunk, which caused texel warping.
  • Fixed data driven blocks being pushed by pistons not working correctly.


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