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Xbox, Windows 10, Android: December 17, 2020

Beta for


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Beta is the third beta version for Bedrock Edition 1.16.210, released on December 17, 2020,[1] which brought changes to powder snow, added full screen keyboard shortcut, and fixes bugs. This was the last beta released in 2020.



Powder Snow Bucket
  • Using a bucket on powder snow creates a powder snow bucket.
  • Powder snow buckets can be used to place powder snow.

Command format[]

  • freezeDamage
    • Whether entities take damage from freezing inside of powder snow.



Powder Snow
  • Now emits particles when an entity is moving inside of it, or landing on it.
  • Freezing effect is now removed from any mobs or players that catch fire.
  • Mobs that have sunk into powder snow now can navigate through it.
  • Entities on fire now have their fires extinguished when stepping into powder snow.
  • Redstone dust, torches and item frames can no longer be placed on powder snow.
  • Gravity blocks no longer break when landing on powder snow.
  • While within powder snow blocks third person camera is no longer pushed to the inside of the character's head.
  • Mobs spawned inside Powder snow no longer have a risk of spawning underground.
  • Powder snow block form are no longer present in Creative Inventory anymore (MCPE-105407).
  • Powder snow no longer stops projectiles in Bedrock (MCPE-104940).
  • Lightweight mobs now can climb and navigate through powder snow blocks.
  • Rabbits, silverfish and endermites don't fall through powder snow blocks.
  • An entity walking through powder snow will make the correct step sound regardless of which block is being walked on.
  • Wearing Leather Boots now allows entities to climb powder snow Blocks (MCPE-105410).
  • Powder snow now have unique interaction sounds.


Leather armor
  • Wearing any piece of leather armor now prevents freezing entirely.


  • Now avoids walking into powder snow while path-finding.

Command format[]

/clone, /fill, /setblock
  • Added new slash command options for passing in a list of block states to set on the block being spawned.
  • Now removed entirely from the game.


Death messages
  • Added death messages for freezing:
    • "<player> froze to death".


  • Fullscreen can now be toggled with F11 keyboard shortcut.
  • Broadcasting options are now completely removed from the game, since Mixer streaming services are no longer available.
  • Added a new particle type: snowflake_particle.


Nether Ambient Sounds
  • Mobile players now experience ambient sounds in The Nether (MCPE-74756).
  • Shulker Boxes no longer lose their inventory when undyed in cauldrons (MCPE-108196).
  • Added new logic for mobs dismounting rideables.
  • This also introduces a more fine grained entity height check allowing different dismount places for entities of different heights.
  • The player will no longer dismount into liquids (lava or water) from rideables such as boats.
  • Sign in failures now have a more helpful error message and provide error codes.
  • In all worlds created with the same seed, the same chest will now always generate the same content in the same order (MCPE-72432).
  • Double Chests placed at chunk borders don't become partially invisible and don't crash the title when they are opened (MCPE-106030).
  • Golden Apple and Enchanted Apple now have colored hotbar text when selecting them (MCPE-64427).
  • Changing RideableComponent property rotate_rider_by to function for custom mobs.


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