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Xbox One, Windows 10, Android: November 5, 2020

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Beta is the third beta version for Bedrock Edition 1.16.200, released on November 5, 2020,[1] which added new sounds settings, ray-tracing features from RTX Beta, parity from Java Edition and fixes bugs.



New audio settings in the beta

  • Added more settings to the Audio settings to be in parity with Java Edition:
    • Master Volume
    • Ambient/Environment
    • Blocks
    • Hostile Creatures
    • Friendly Creatures
    • Players
    • Jukeboxes/Note Blocks
    • Weather
  • Added "Upscaling", "Ray Tracing" and "Ray Tracing Render Distance" to the Video settings, ported from the RTX Beta. These options can only be toggled if the user has the required min-spec hardware. https://help.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/articles/360052769812
    • Upscaling used to boost frame rates on GeForce RTX graphics cards with NVIDIA DLSS 2.0.
    • Ray Tracing used to toggle the Ray Tracing on or off.
    • Ray Tracing Render Distance used to control the chunk render distance ray tracing are visible at once.



  • Added various UI elements to communicate ray tracing capabilities in the Marketplace (Windows 10 Only)
    • Resource packs in the Marketplace are now aware of ray tracing capabilities and will display a label indicating support in the UI
    • Attempting to purchase and/or download a resource pack that requires ray tracing will notify the user of a purchasing error when that user does not have the required min-spec hardware.
  • Renamed "Master Volume" to "Main" in the Audio settings.


Performance and Stability
  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
  • Fixed a bug where Minecraft would occasionally crash when loading a local world
  • 'Strawberry Blonde' color now has correct name in the character creator (MCPE-102674)
  • Fixed a bug where if the view bobbing setting was disabled the player's hand would still bob (MCPE-79380)
  • Fixed an issue where loot tables with a set_data function produced incorrect loot items
  • Fixed an issue where the Servers tab would not correctly read text-to-speech prompts when not signed into a Microsoft account
  • Fixed various issues where text-to-speech indices on the start screen were not correct
  • Fixed issues where user interface controls would be improperly indexed in text-to-speech for popup modals
  • Reduced transparency on top row of buttons in Touch UI to improve readability
  • Netherite Armor now gives a 90% reduction in Knockback (MCPE-77430)
  • Bees will no longer stray more than 22 blocks from their home Beehive (MCPE-60252)
Graphics, Textures, and User Interface
  • Ghost items in the crafting grid now have a different colored background depending on item availability in the inventory
  • The Player Permissions menu can now be navigated using a controller regardless of the players permission level
  • Owned packs are now refreshed correctly after restarting the game


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