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Release date

Xbox One, Windows 10, Android: June 25, 2020

Beta for


Protocol version


Beta is the first beta version for Bedrock Edition 1.16.20, released on June 25, 2020,[1] which adds piglin brutes and fixes bugs.



Spawn eggs


Piglin brute
  • A stronger variant of the piglin.
  • Spawn in bastion remnants.
  • Are not distracted by gold.
  • Attacks players on sight, even if they are wearing gold armor.
  • Can spawn with golden axes.
  • Doesn't spawn with any armor.



Crimson and warped planks
  • Now play wood sounds when being placed and stepped on.
  • Breaking a furnace now gives the experience for the smelted things inside.
Soul campfire
  • Now emits light level of 10.
Vines, twisting vines and weeping vines
  • Now play sounds when climbed.


  • Now floats on lava.
Netherite armor
  • Now have its own sounds while equipping.


  • No longer attacks players on peaceful when being too close to them.
  • Now have its own sounds.
  • No longer spawn with enchanted weapons.


  • Baby pigs now despawn properly
  • Dolphins, fish, and squid now spawn in bubble columns again (MCPE-73967)
  • Mobs max spawn radius is now 44 blocks (MCPE-79359)
  • Walls now connect to open trapdoors (MCPE-79490)
  • Walls now connect to glass blocks (MCPE-79483)
  • Breaking a Furnace will now drop the stored experience from smelting (MCPE-71651)
  • Stem blocks now break again when the block below them is destroyed (MCPE-79577)
  • Using Bonemeal on flowers or grass blocks no longer consumes the item if nothing can grow (MCPE-73889)
  • Wither health bar no longer depletes to zero after half of the health is gone (MCPE-79661)
  • Boats are no longer slowed down by objects with no collision (MCPE-81316)
  • Ambience cave sounds are no longer played in marketplace content
  • Slime blocks pushed by pistons launch players correctly again (MCPE-62419)
  • Soul Campfires now emits correct light level (MCPE-73890)
  • Climbing vines now emits sounds (MCPE-69741)
  • Corrected sound for Nether Wart placement
  • Placing or stepping on Warped or Crimson processed materials or planks now make wood sound (MCPE-69029)
  • Hoglins no longer attack on peaceful mode when too close (MCPE-71939)
  • Piglins can no longer naturally spawn on Shroomlight
  • Tamed wolves no longer disappear when returning to overworld through a Nether portal
  • Piglins now spawn on peaceful difficulty
  • Netherite items no longer bounce on lava (MCPE-65372)
  • Netherite armor now have a unique sound when equipped (MCPE-69047)
  • Zoglins now have sounds distinct from pigs (MCPE-73220)
  • Speed of credits roll is no longer dependant on framerate
  • Using locate command to find a Ruined Portal will no longer return a placeholder text (MCPE-79323)
  • Hyphae blocks now take as long as stem blocks to destroy (MCPE-72045)
  • New Nether biomes, blocks and structures no longer generates into worlds with a fixed version (MCPE-66357)
  • The tooltip 'Open' is no longer shown when looking at Piglins (MCPE-79376)
  • Piglins arms are now behaving more like the players arms, and less like the zombies arms (MCPE-74089)
  • Piglin killed with a single blow while admiring Gold Ingot now drops admired the Gold Ingot
  • Fixed issues around duplicating items, when reloading a world while Piglin is admiring an item
  • Netherite items in lava no longer disappear when reloading world (MCPE-70774)
  • Updated Piglin geometry and entity files, fixed issue with scaling carried item for baby humanoid mobs
  • Quartz Block can no longer be created from Chiseled Quartz Block and Pillar Quartz Block in a Furnace
  • Quartz Bricks can no longer be crafted from anything but Quartz Blocks on the Stonecutter
  • Target Block's zones for particular redstone signal strength are no longer misplaced because of old Arrow Geometry
  • Accessing a beacon in a version locked world no longer produces Netherite content log errors (MCPE-66357)
  • Setting Soul Sand on fire no longer produces a placeholder Soul Fire block on Pre Nether version locked content
  • Piglin no longer drops up to a full stack of Gold Ingots upon giving him one by right-clicking and reloading a world while he is admiring it, instead it drops something from its loot table
  • Piglins no longer pick up entire stacks of Gold (MCPE-76080)
  • Wither boss bar now reappears when returning from other dimensions
  • Piglin no longer spawn with enchanted gear
  • Husks now prefer Iron armor over Chain armor
  • Player can no longer interact with Piglin babies
  • Fixed recipes when crafting a barrel from Warped or Crimson slab
  • Updated Piglin geometry and entity files, fixed issue with scaling carried item for baby humanoid mobs


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