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Xbox One, Windows 10, Android: September 17, 2020

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Beta is the seventh beta version for Bedrock Edition 1.16.100, released on September 17, 2020,[1] which makes technical changes, and fixes bugs.



Add-ons and script engine
  • Added minecraft:placement_filter component which allows the player to set conditions for where the block can be placed.
  • Added serialization to Block Descriptor.
  • Added static anyMatch functions to BlockDescriptor to compare a list of BlockDescriptors against: Block*, BlockLegacy, or BlockDescriptor.
  • Added a function to compare two BlockDescriptors.
  • Changed the BlockDescriptor BlockLegacy member variable to a Block*, to set the block states during deferred block resolution and get the block with the states set.
  • Removed all the existing Block* json parsing.
  • Added unit tests to verify parsing and serializing block descriptors.
  • Added unit tests to verify comparing a BlockDescriptors against each other.
  • Added unit tests to verify getting a block from BlockDescriptor with the states set.
Experimental Gameplay
  • Added "Experimental Add-On Features" toggle.
  • DataDrivenBlockEvents
    • Adds support for parsing and performing the following event responses:
      • Added the set_block_at_pos event response.
      • Spawn Loot.
      • Set Block.
    • Added support for the on_interact trigger component.
      • Added support for the on_player_placing trigger component.
      • Also added MoLang queries for cardinal_block_face_placed_on and cardinal_player_facing for getting placement context.
  • DataDrivenBlockModels
    • Added the first pass of the new data driven block tessellation pipelin.
    • Added the minecraft:geometry component to allow using a block model for rendering.
    • Added the minecraft:unit_cube component to allow using a default unit cube for rendering. Unit cubes get some extra effects like ambient occlusion and face removal.
    • Added the minecraft:material_instances component to allow mapping faces and material_instances in a geometry file to an actual material.
  • DataDrivenBlockModels - SmoothLighting
    • Fixed smooth lighting and ambient occlusion with new data driven blocks.
  • ExecuteCommand
    • Added support to item json events for the execute_command keyword.
  • Items
    • Created RepairableItemComponent that data-drives how an item is repaired in game.
    • Renamed and split item ID to be in parity with the Java item IDs.
    • Added new BlockRaycastComponent that can override the AABB used for outlines and raycasting.
    • Added new BlockCollisionComponent that can override the AABB used for entity collision.
    • Added new BlockPropertyComponent that can replace the blockProperties : Unwalkable, Infiniburn, PreventsJumping, Immovable, BreakOnPush, OnlyPistonPush and BreaksWhenHitByArrow.
    • Added new BlockQueuedTickingComponent that triggers events for a block on a range of time set by the creator.
    • Added new BlockRandomTickingComponent that triggers events for a block randomly.
    • Added a Rotation Component that allows a block to rotate The component only allows axis-aligned rotations.
    • Adds the base implementation of the CraftingTableComponent.
      • Allows the creation of custom crafting tables.
      • Currently only supports 3x3 grids.
  • Records
    • Items can now be made records to play music in jukeboxes. Their component variables:
      • sound_event A string value corresponding to a sound event in the game code. This string must be one these for music to play: "13", "cat", "blocks", "chirp", "far", "mall", "mellohi", "stal", "strad", "ward", "11", "wait", "pigstep"
      • duration A float value that determines how long particles are spawned from the JukeBox Block, should approximately match length of sound event.
      • comparator_signal An integer value that represents the strength of the analogue signal, used by the Comparator Block.
  • RunCommand
    • Added support to entity json events for the run_command keyword alongside the current add and remove keywords.
    • Updated the following components to parse and use BlockDescriptor instead of Block*: BlockBreakSensorComponent, BlockListEventMap, BreathableComponent, BreedableComponent, BuoyancyComponent, EntityPlacerItemComponent, PreferredPathComponent, SeedItemComponentLegacy.
    • Updated the following features to parse and use BlockDescriptor instead of Block*: NoSurfaceOreFeature, OreFeature, SingleBlockFeature.
    • Updated the following goal definitions to parse and use BlockDescriptor instead of Block*: GoalDefinition, RaidGardenGoal, VanillaGoalDefinition.
    • Updated the following surfaces code to parse and use BlockDescriptor instead of Block*: MesaSurfaceAttributes, SurfaceMaterialAdjustmentAttributes, SurfaceMaterialAttributes.
    • Updated the following tests to reflect the changes from updating code to use BlockDescriptors: BuoyancyComponentServerTests, FeatureHelperTests, NoSurfaceOreFeatureTests, OreFeatureTests, SingleBlockFeatureTests.
    • Updated the following trees to parse and use BlockDescriptor instead of Block*: AcaciaTreeCanopy, AcaciaTreeTrunk, FallenTreeTrunk, FancyTreeCanopy, FancyTreeTrunk, MegaPineTreeCanopy, MegaTreeCanopy, MegaTreeTrunk, PineTreeCanopy, RoofedTreeCanopy, SimpleTreeCanopy, SimpleTreeTrunk, SpruceTreeCanopy, TreeHelper.
  • Schema
    • Split allowed_blocks into use_on and dispense_on.
    • use_on specifies what blocks an entity placer item is allowed to be used on, omit to allow all blocks.
    • dispense_on specifies what blocks an entity placer item is allowed to be dispensed on, omit to allow all blocks.


Performance and stability
  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay.
  • Fixed a crash on startup on Xbox One.
Achievement screen
  • Time played now displays correctly on the achievement screen (MCPE-66331).
  • Allow navigating the focus to the summary by pressing left on the gamepad when narration is enabled.
  • Updated input legends for achievement list and achievement reward.
  • "Screen" is now narrated when opening an achievement detail screen.
  • Fixed how we calculate how many rewards a player has.
  • Show the achievements, even after a timeout, when the data has been fetched.
  • Don't play click sounds when using a mouse button that is not primary.
  • Fix issue where the scrollbar would appear even when there is no content to scroll.
  • Added acceleration to focus navigation while using a gamepad.
  • Fixed focus persistency while switching from the All tab.
  • Fixed support for the mouse "back button" to go back from the achievements screen.
  • Fixed support for the Escape button to go back from the achievements screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the Input Legend for a Tab would be "open" even when the Tab was already selected.
  • Fixed text-to-speech not reading the messages on various screens.
  • Fixed maps not being in the list of items when using the /clear command.
  • Fixed sign-in button becoming unresponsive after backing out of sign-in prompt screen.
  • Cobblestone is now shown as the default ingredient for stone tools (MCPE-71843).
  • Reduced and reintroduced linear attenuation for raid horn sound (MCPE-85593).
  • The correct sounds are now played for breaking and placing item frames (MCPE-98901).


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