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Release date

Xbox One, Windows 10, Android: August 12, 2020

Beta for


Protocol version


Beta is the second beta version for Bedrock Edition 1.16.100, released on August 12, 2020,[1] which brings more parity from Java Edition, changes the achievement screen, and fixes bugs.



  • No longer destroyed by ghast fireballs.
  • Now take slightly more time to break.


  • Now dry out at the same rate as Java Edition.
Snow Golems
  • Shearing them now drops the pumpkin.
  • Now play a sound when they lay eggs.

Non-mob Entities[]

Experience orbs
  • Will now float up in water.


  • If the player has the Mending enchantment on any items, XP will now always go to healing the items before going to the XP bar.


  • Gamepad bumpers can now be used to switch tabs in the achievements screen.
  • Tweaked the default focus on the tabs in the achievements screen.
  • Added extra space between the end of the list and the "input legend" at the bottom.
  • The achievement detail screen now shows "Completed on other platform" section.
  • Item names of the format minecraft:item.someitem no longer need the item. portion and it will be ignored.
  • Added Entity Movement Prediction.


Stability and Performance
  • The game no longer crashes if a player opens a Shulker Box they're standing on after rejoining a multiplayer session (MCPE-60856)
Vanilla Parity
  • Sea Turtles now play a sound when they lay eggs
  • Dolphins will now dry out at the same rate as they do in Java Edition; 120 seconds
  • Undamaged Mending items will no longer prevent damaged Mending items from being repaired (MCPE-80156)
  • Basalt can no longer be destroyed by Ghast fireballs (MCPE-75252)
  • Basalt blocks now take slightly more time to destroy
  • TNT no longer activates when a Redstone Torch is placed directly on it (MCPE-81258)
  • Experience Orbs now float in water (MCPE-64039)
  • Adjusted Netherite movement in lava (MCPE-65372)
  • Trade discounts from Hero of the Village and Curing Zombie Villagers now match the Java Edition (MCPE-70782)
  • Pistons can no longer be extended above the build height limit or into the void (MCPE-37825, MCPE-51067)
  • Grindstone no longer shows a result unless it changes the item (MCPE-54256)
  • Water from bubble columns now flows as it should (MCPE-36463)
  • Custom named boats and minecarts will now save their name after placing and breaking. Their names will also be shown in the world (MCPE-25845)
  • Smelted items (prior to 1.13) no longer contain incorrect damage values and can be stacked (MCPE-54617)
  • Hostile mobs can now spawn in thunderstorms during the day (MCPE-34409)
  • Shearing a Snow Golem now drops a carved pumpkin (MCPE-66967)
  • Bees now leave their hive/nest after an allotted time in the End and Nether dimensions (MCPE-58322)
  • Water now flows correctly near edges
  • Fixed a bug that could cause falling blocks to duplicate near a portal (MCPE-68229)
  • Villagers no longer get locked into the wrong profession (MCPE-62080)
  • Dragon Egg no longer disappears if placed on pedestal and Ender Dragon is respawned (MCPE-78400)
  • Music is no longer interrupted when entering water in ocean biomes (MCPE-76213)
  • Saplings will no longer incorrectly transform into a bee nest when next to a tree and flowers (MCPE-80543)
  • Hoppers with containers above them can no longer collect dropped items (MCPE-80555)
  • Gravity affected blocks no longer break when their supporting block is moved by a piston (MCPE-81106)
  • Podzol no longer generates below the top layer when spawning large spruce trees (MCPE-71995)
  • Fixed an issue that caused rails to not be powered correctly along the x-axis (MCPE-81987)
  • Turtles and Dolphins on land will now successfully move towards water (MCPE-44918)
  • Compass items will now point the correct direction when the player is in a boat (MCPE-56876)
  • Mob's inactivity timer is now reset when closer than 50 blocks from the nearest player
  • Ghasts once again spawn in all light levels (MCPE-85747)
  • Fixed Vex movement along the x and z directions (MCPE-41879)
  • Blaze now switch between melee attack and ranged attack based on the distance from the player (MCPE-45469)
  • Falling blocks now break after falling for extended periods of time (MCPE-73124)
  • Name tags now work correctly again (MCPE-65535)
  • Collecting fish with a bucket now works more consistently
User Interface
  • Fixed a visual issue where clicking to edit the text box in the NPC dialog would not show the caret (Education Edition Features)
  • Fix for ItemDescriptors