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Xbox One, Windows 10, Android: April 15, 2020

Beta for


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Beta is the ninth beta version for Bedrock Edition 1.16.0, released on April 15, 2020,[1] which adds more Nether Update features, more parity and fixes bugs.



  • Naturally generates in basalt deltas and bastion remnants.
  • Generates in all Nether biomes below lava level.
  • Can be used to craft stone tools and furnaces.
Blackstone Slab, Blackstone Stairs, Blackstone Wall
  • Decorative blocks crafted from blackstone.
  • Currently can't be crafted
  • Generates in Bastion Remnants
  • Has the appearance of top chain of lanterns, making them good for decorations.
Chiseled Nether Bricks
  • Crafted from 2 Nether brick slabs.
Cracked Nether Bricks
  • Obtained by smelting Nether bricks in a furnace.
Crying Obsidian
Gilded Blackstone
  • Variant of wood using the Nether types.
  • Also has a stripped variant.
  • Crafted with 1 netherite ingot and 8 chiseled stone bricks.
  • Using a compass on it turns the compass into a lodestone compass which points to the connected lodestone.
  • Works in all dimensions.
  • Currently only available through Experimental Gameplay.
Nether Gold Ore
Polished Blackstone
  • Crafted from 4 blackstone.
  • Can be crafted into pressure plates, buttons, slabs, stairs, and walls.
Polished Blackstone Bricks
  • Crafted from 4 polished blackstone.
  • Can be crafted into slabs, stairs, and walls.
Polished Blackstone Brick Slab, Polished Blackstone Brick Stairs, Polished Blackstone Brick Wall
  • Decorative blocks crafted from polished blackstone bricks.
Polished Blackstone Button and Polished Blackstone Pressure Plate
  • Redstone blocks crafted from polished blackstone.
  • Works like their stone counterparts.
Polished Blackstone Slab, Polished Blackstone Stairs, and Polished Blackstone Wall
  • Decorative blocks crafted from polished blackstone.
Quartz Bricks
  • Variant of quartz blocks.
  • Crafted from 4 blocks of quartz.
Respawn Anchor
  • Crafted with 6 crying obsidian and three glowstone.
  • Requires a diamond pickaxe or higher to mine.
  • Can be used to respawn in the Nether
  • It is charged with glowstone and can be charged up to four levels. Whenever someone who charged the respawn anchor dies, they respawn near it and the level goes down by 1.
  • Can be charged with dispensers.
  • When it is not charged, it does not do anything.
  • Similar to how a bed explodes in the Nether, attempting to use a respawn anchor in the Overworld or the End causes it to explode.
Soul Campfire
  • Acts the same as a normal campfire.
Twisting Vines


Piglin Banner Pattern
Pigstep Music Disc
Spawn eggs
Warped fungus on a stick
  • Crafted with a fishing rod and warped fungus.
  • Can be used to control striders in the same way a carrot on a stick controls pigs.


Soul Speed


  • Created when a hoglin is brought into the Overworld.
  • Unlike hoglins, they cannot be bred or fed, and they do not flee from warped fungus.
  • Attack most mobs on sight, except for creepers and other zoglins.

World generation[]

Basalt deltas
Bastion Remnants
  • Structures built from blackstone and filled with piglins.
  • Contains chests, blocks of gold, and various forms of loot protected by piglins.
  • Generate in every biome except basalt deltas.
Ruined Portal
  • Structure found in the Overworld and the Nether
  • May contain a Chest
  • Can be found underground


  • You can toggle the emote menu with B, or D-pad left on Xbox one controllers, or Emote button.png by default
  • Added "Wave" emote


  • Added Rubedo, Chrysopoeia, and So Below, by Lena Raine.
  • Added Update Aquatic underwater music.
  • Added the following splash text:
    • "Honey, I grew the bees"
    • "Find your claw!"
    • "Everybody do the Leif!"
    • "<3 Max & 99 & Ducky"
    • "Bushy eyebrows"
    • "Edit is a name"
    • "From free range developers"

Command format[]

  • Used to kick players from a world.



  • Can now be fed with netherite ingots
Smithing tables
  • Now has functionality and used to upgrade diamond tools.
Jigsaw Block
  • Changed texture.
  • Now has functionality and can be obtained by /give command.
Honey Block, Honeycomb Block, Netherrack, Nether Brick, Nether Quartz Ore, Bone Block and Soul Sand.
  • Added new sounds.
Soul Fire Torch
  • Renamed "Soul Fire Torch" to "Soul Torch".
  • Can now also be crafted with soul sand.
Soul Fire Lantern
  • Renamed "Soul Fire Lantern" to "Soul Lantern".
Block of Netherite
  • Netherite blocks can now be used as the base of a beacon.
  • Are no longer only available through Experimental Gameplay.


Fungi, Nether Sprouts, Roots, Nether Wart, Nether Wart Block, Warped Wart Block, Twisting Vines, and Weeping Vines
  • Can now be composted.


  • Mobs that panic now do so for all damage types
  • Now deal damage when in a boat on water.
Magma Cubes
  • Spawn commonly in basalt deltas.
  • Updated the bartering to match Java Editon.
  • Piglins now "inspect" the gold ingot before giving the player an item, as opposed to giving the item instantly.
  • The health has been reduced from 24♥ × 12 to 16♥ × 8.
  • Now have their own new sounds.
  • Changed hoglin model to match Java Edition.
  • Now have new sounds.
  • Now drop leather when killed.

World Generation[]

Soul Sand Valleys
Bee Nests
  • Now have a 3% chance to generate in flower forest.
  • Now have a 5% chance to generate in plains and sunflower plains.
  • Now have a 0.035% chance to generate in forest, wooded hills, birch forest, tall birch forest, birch forest hills, and tall birch hills biomes.

Command format[]

  • Can now be used in the Nether.


  • Villager trade values have been changed to closely match Java Edition (MCPE-47141).


"New Server" window
  • Created a new server tab play screen layout to provide more information about third-party servers.
  • Added new information sections about third party servers: description, screenshots, available games, and news/updates.
  • Removed colors from third party server messages for accessibility purposes.
  • Added message which explain what adding a server does.
Server moderation
  • Players can be now be kicked or banned from worlds by pausing and going to the "Player Permissions" screen.
    • Anyone with Operator permissions will be able to kick players.
    • Kicked players will not be able to rejoin LAN games while the world is open.
  • Realm owners can now change permissions of players in their Realm from the "Player Permissions" screen.
  • Latency value is now provided separately from the user count when in a multiplayer world.
Pause screen
  • The name of the Realm is now shown on the pause screen when in a Realms world.


  • Fixed a crash related to exploding beds in the nether.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when typing a character into chat that we don’t have a font sheet for.
  • Using the /fill command with Soul Fire no longer causes the game to crash (MCPE-65672).
  • Light propagation now works correctly, fixing hostile mob spawning (MCPE-49616).
  • Typing in the inventory Search field no longer creates lag (MCPE-64584).
  • The smooth camera option (from full keyboard gameplay) is no longer jittery, and is smooth again (MCPE-54969).
  • Fixed an issue with the Marketplace not always loading in correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with notifications not showing in iOS.
  • The hay blocks in the town center in the Abandoned Village seed are now generated correctly.
  • The screen reader now only reads the generating world message once when converting worlds to Bedrock
  • Ender Dragon’s fireball lingering particles are no longer invisible
  • Activator rails now dismount players and other mobs at the correct position (MCPE-30744).
  • The Wither’s spawning explosion no longer breaks obsidian (MCPE-59502).
  • Obfuscated text color code works on signs placed in the world (MCPE-33780).
  • Bamboo has been changed to be unpathable by mobs to prevent them getting stuck (MCPE-46805).
  • Target block redstone signal duration is based on projectile type - Long for trident and arrows, short for other projectiles (MCPE-65413).
  • Armor stands no longer shift and fall through blocks when a world is reloaded (MCPE-29170).
  • Fixed ping latency clarity for users.
  • Giant spruce trees once again generate podzol underneath (MCPE-65046).
  • Fixed an issue with player experience being lost when reloading a world.
  • Minecarts no longer collide with other minecarts on parallel tracks (MCPE-59302).
  • Falling top snow can no longer break solid blocks (MCPE-63214).
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes allowed villagers and players to respawn inside blocks when getting out of bed (MCPE-46064).
  • The XP cost is now readable in the anvil UI screen (MCPE-51908).
  • Bamboo can now be placed on top of bamboo saplings without Experimental Gameplay being enabled (MCPE-50088).
  • The Iron Golem's legs don't swing as far anymore.
  • Reduced the melee attack range of mounted mobs (MCPE-48539).
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented mobs from burning on bottom-half slabs (MCPE-32822).
  • Turtles now lay eggs correctly (MCPE-59043).
  • Guardians can now spawn in bubble columns (MCPE-37671).
  • Fixed a bug that caused Vex mobs to move too slowly when moving on X and Z axes (MCPE-41879).
  • Smooth quartz now uses the correct texture (MCPE-42276).
  • Using Silk Touch on giant mushrooms now drops the correct blocks (MCPE-34114).
Scripting and add-ons
  • Implemented AvoidMobTypeDefinition and converted hardcoded properties to be data-driven.
  • A content error will now show up if you provide an invalid item name to minecraft:interact in the transform_to_item field.
  • Add documentation for minecraft:density_limit (MCPE-61126).
  • Adding a new subject to filters so damage sensors can filter on projectiles.
  • Fixed an issue with custom brewing recipes.