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Release date

Xbox One, Windows 10, Android: November 13, 2019

Beta for


Protocol version


Beta is the first beta version for Bedrock Edition 1.14.1, released on November 13, 2019,[1] which fixes bugs.


  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur on Xbox One whilst trying to sign out of Xbox Live.
  • Fixed a crash that could sometimes occur when switching between Minecraft and the Minecraft Club page, on Xbox One.
  • Fixed a crash that could sometimes occur when loading in the character creator.
  • Fixed an issue that could sometimes cause split-screen to see a flickering screen when joining a world on Xbox One.
  • Downloading the free Minecraft Music Pack no longer shows an error message in the Marketplace.
  • The loading screen tips now load in correctly when using the Japanese language option.
Character creator
  • Equipping a skin from the Marketplace now updates the player model correctly when navigating back through the character creator.
  • Adding or removing the founder's cape from the player using the in-game character creator now updates the player's skin in-game, without needing to restart.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent capes from being added when re-entering the character creator.
  • Skins that don't roam to Minecraft Earth no longer display "Usable Everywhere" in the character creator.
  • Optimized the size of character creator skins, to improve performance when playing on a server.
  • Buckets can once again be used to milk cows. (MCPE-54623)
  • Milk buckets can again be used to craft cakes. (MCPE-52774)
  • Milk buckets no longer play the drinking animation continuously, when the "use" button is held down. (MCPE-54555)
  • Fixed an issue that was causing sugar cane to break when a nearby water source became waterlogged. (MCPE-52314)
  • Leashed bees can no longer sting the player twice. (MCPE-55068)