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Release date

Xbox One, Windows 10, Android: October 15, 2019

Beta for


Protocol version


Beta is the second beta version for Bedrock Edition 1.14.0, released on October 15, 2019,[1] which fixes bugs.



Honey blocks
Honeycomb blocks
Slime blocks


Menu screen
  • The title screen background has been changed again to look exactly like how it does on Java Edition.


  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when breaking a crafting table.
  • Fixed a crash that could sometimes be triggered by certain honey block states.
  • Fixed a crash that could sometimes happen after pressing any button during chat UI closing animation.
  • UI textures now load in more quickly when joining and leaving a world.
  • Bee nests now spawn in more types of tree, as they do in the Java Edition.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause some models to appear incorrectly in the character creator.
  • Various tweaks and fixes to the character creator.
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause the loading screen background to not show correctly when joining a split-screen multiplayer game.
  • Fixed a navigation issue that could cause an incorrect focus change when choosing an option from the pause menu.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing worn items to transfer between character creator models unexpectedly.
  • Breaking a beehive while in creative mode will no longer drop the block as an item.
  • The honeycomb block now uses the stone block sound instead of the slime block sound. (MCPE-53577)
  • Green particles are now shown when crops get pollinated by bees.
  • Mob behavior when jumping on honey blocks is now more consistent for all mobs.
  • Fixed an issue that could sometimes cause touch screen controls to become inverted. (MCPE-50256)
  • Pick block now works correctly on bees. (MCPE-53445)
  • Fixed the held item bobbing animation when moving in first person view. (MCPE-51212)
  • Reduced the time that bees take to search for a new hive when a hive is full.
  • Bees no longer try and find their way home if they end up in the Nether or the End dimension.
  • Bees can now be tempted and fed with two-high flowers.
  • Bees will now attack if a player harvests honey from the hive at night.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing bees to not get angry when their hive was harvested.
  • Bees now escape from the hive when it is on fire. (MCPE-53609)
  • Changed return-to-home priority so that bees are more eager to go home when it's raining.
  • Bees no longer clip inside honey blocks when flying near them.
  • Bees now spawn only in blocks the player can move through (instead of getting stuck inside leaves, for example).
  • Bees are now able to gather nectar from flowers that have been placed in the Nether.
  • Bees now hover correctly over flowers, instead of beside them.
  • If a bee's home hive is blocked, it will no longer hover endlessly outside the hive.
  • Fixed an issue that was sometimes preventing bees from entering hives that are not full.
  • Baby pigmen now hold their swords in their hands, rather than around their necks. (MCPE-53454)
  • Dragon heads now appear at the correct height. (MCPE-53129)
  • Fixed a bug that was sometimes causing chests to become invisible. (MCPE-52790)
  • Held items no longer render incorrectly in front of the worn pumpkin vignette.
  • The block breaking animation will again show if a block is below water when the player is above.
  • The player's hand no longer disappears when gliding with elytra. (MCPE-53092)
User interface
  • Fixed an issue that could cause some UI flickering when navigating through the character creator.
Add-ons and script engine
  • Fixed an issue with entity geometry that was causing some custom mob models to break.
  • Fixed an issue with particle billboarding that was causing them to appear flipped in the wrong direction.
  • Fix for scaling item in hand rendered items when the mob scale is non 1.0.
  • Fixed an issue with pivot points for custom geometry cube models.


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