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Release date

Xbox One, Windows 10, Android: October 2, 2019

Beta for


Protocol version


Beta is the eleventh and final beta version for Bedrock Edition 1.13.0, released on October 2, 2019,[1] which fixes bugs.


  • Fixed a crash that occurred when accepting the storage permission on Android.
  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when scrolling through languages in the Settings. (MCPE-52009)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using the character creator on Android. (MCPE-52474)
  • The "Beam Me Up" achievement can once again be unlocked.
  • Fixed players falling from the sky after riding an entity in Creative mode. (MCPE-52957)
  • Fixed players spawning in unexpected locations after roaming a world save to a different Xbox One.
  • Carpets once again appear on the llama's inventory screen.
  • Crossbows no longer fire immediately after loading. (MCPE-52179)
  • Fixed the ability to discard damaged tools from the Creative inventory. (MCPE-52465)
  • Compasses and clocks once again animate on the hotbar. (MCPE-52901)
  • Armor can once again be equipped directly from the Creative inventory on touch screens. (MCPE-52413)
  • Frost Walker boots once again freeze water.
  • The breaking animation once again appears on chests.
  • Fixed the player's head looking wrongly when sneaking. (MCPE-51181)
  • Fixed the player's arms not animating when swimming. (MCPE-49749)
  • Mob heads once again fit properly on players.
  • Fixed the crafting table icon not showing its grid on top in certain GUI scales.
  • Fixed several missing and broken textures in the inventory. (MCPE-52442)
  • Fixed some skins appearing with a white cape. (MCPE-52005)
  • Fixed armor not respecting extra layers on skins.
  • Fixed destroyed blocks leaving shadows.
User interface
  • Various fixes and loading time improvements to the character creator interface.
  • External servers once again appear on the Servers screen.
  • Fixed the inventory screens of some blocks not appearing on the first attempt after the block's state has changed, like hoppers and dispensers.
  • The Profile screen can now be accessed when playing split-screen.
  • The "Read More" button once again appears next to packs on the Global Resource menu.
  • The '/summon' command once again properly names entities, if defined.
Add-ons and script engine
  • Fixed spawn eggs not appearing in the Creative inventory for custom mobs.
  • Item held by scaled mobs are once again sized appropriately.
  • Using 'format_version' 1.2.0 no longer breaks the 'on_damage' component.
  • Triggering custom animations for entities is once again functional.
  • Using the 'transformation' component on 'xp_orb' once again removes the source entity.
  • The 'spawn_entity' component is now executed when an entity is being ridden.
  • Fixed the ender dragon not appearing correctly in some add-on packs.
  • Errors are once again listed on the pack manifest validation screen.