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Revamped cats and precious pandas come to Minecraft!

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1.8.0, the first experimental release for Village & Pillage, is a major update to Bedrock Edition released on December 11, 2018.[1] It adds Village & Pillage features including pandas, bamboo, scaffolding, crossbows, and cats as a separate mob from ocelots, and more.[2]



  • Can be found while fishing in jungles and will appear in some chests
  • Spawning naturally in the world will come in a future update.
  • A new climbable block that can be crafted using bamboo and string.


  • Re-added to the game, but can only be spawned using an NBT Editor[verify]
  • New weapon.
  • Crossbows can be enchanted with three new enchantments
  • Stronger than the bow, but takes longer to recharge.
  • Only available through Experimental gameplay.
Spawn eggs


  • Can be only summoned using /summon command.
  • Spawn in jungles.
  • Eat bamboo and cake items.
  • Have different personalities – lazy, playful, aggressive or worried.
  • Have a rare brown variant.
Stray cats
  • Spawn in villages.
  • Can be tamed using fish.
  • Bring gifts to the player.
  • Have dyeable collars, like dogs.


  • New Achievements, which include the following:
    • Top of the World - Place Scaffolding to the world limit (20G)
    • Where have you been? - Receive a gift from a tamed cat in the morning (20G)
    • Zoologist - Breed two Pandas with bamboo (40G)
  • Quick Charge
  • Multishot
    • Used on crossbows to shoot 3 arrows or fireworks but only consumes 1.
    • Only available through Experimental gameplay.
  • Piercing
    • Used on crossbows to shoot through mobs.
    • Only available through Experimental gameplay.

Command format[]

  • Runs a function from add-ons.
  • Added randomtickspeed.
    • Controls how often a tick occurs.
    • Set to 1 by default.
  • Only the following particles are available (prefix minecraft: is necessary):[3]
    • minecraft:mobflame_emitter
    • minecraft:test_beziercurve
    • minecraft:test_bounce
    • minecraft:test_catmullromcurve
    • minecraft:test_colorcurve
    • minecraft:test_combocurve
    • minecraft:test_highrestitution
    • minecraft:test_linearcurve
    • minecraft:test_mule
    • minecraft:test_smoke_puff
    • minecraft:test_sphere
    • minecraft:test_spiral
    • minecraft:test_watertest
  • Reloads all function files from all behavior packs.
  • Added minecraft: prefix to separate vanilla entities and add-on entities.


  • Added "Pandamonium!"



Command blocks
  • Now have the default name of "!" instead of "@".
Packed ice
  • Can now be crafted with ice.
Shulker boxes
  • Added a recipe for undyed shulker boxes.


  • The bow in the hotbar now shows an arrow when being drawn.
  • "Dandelion yellow", "rose red" and "cactus green" have been renamed to "yellow dye", "red dye" and "green dye", respectively.
Firework rockets
  • Can now be placed in the off-hand slot.
  • Can now be crafted with bamboo.


  • Can no longer be tamed.
  • The player can still feed them to gain their trust.
  • Ocelots can now be fed pufferfish and tropical fish items.
  • Are now afraid of cats and will not swoop while cats are around.
Skeleton horses and zombie horses
  • Foals now have a chance of being spawned using a spawn egg.
Tropical Fish

World generation[]

Witch huts
  • Now spawn with a black cat in them.


  • The Lion Tamer achievement's description has now been changed from 'Tame an Ocelot' into 'Gain the trust of an Ocelot' due to ocelots no longer being able to turn into cats by feeding them fish. Now to unlock this achievement the player must feed fish to an ocelot until it trusts them, which is indicated by the ocelot emitting heart particles.
  • Catches have been changed in jungle biomes.
    • Now only raw cod and raw salmon can be caught as fish in a jungle.
    • Bamboo can now be caught as a junk item from fishing in a jungle.

Command format[]

  • The autocomplete list for player mentions now work in slash commands.
  • The following rules can now be run in game without turning on cheats:
    • showcoordinates
    • dofiretick
    • tntexplodes
    • domobloot
    • naturalregeneration
    • dotiledrops
    • pvp
  • Only players with operator permissions can now use game rules.
  • The commands to set scoreboards' names are now recognized.


  • The player can now add their own mobs, particles and more without having to replace any vanilla features.
How to play
  • The player can now send links to Marketplace content using the share button.
  • Content can now be sorted by 'Updates available' in the Marketplace inventory.
  • Content can now be sorted and filtered by rating in the Marketplace.
  • Bundles of content can now be purchased.
Menu screen
  • Updated the panorama background.
Splash screen
  • Now has an animated loading bar.
Skin packs
  • More skin packs are now shown in the skin picker menu, and each pack can be opened and viewed in its own page.
  • Improvements to how and when spawn positions are moved to safer places.
  • Health Boost and Absorption icons have now changed to look different.
  • Can now be enabled on Nintendo Switch.
  • Removed "MCPE!".


  • Fixed several crashes that occurred during gameplay.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur if the player was disconnected while loading resource packs.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur on Xbox One if the player signed out too quickly after signing in.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur during the splash loading screen on Windows 10 Mobile.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur on startup for Gear VR.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur due to a recent Windows 10 update (MCPE-36274)
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when hovering over a renamed firework charge (MCPE-37822)
  • Using a bucket of fish in a dispenser no longer crashes the game. (MCPE-38194)
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when using lava buckets on fish.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when kelp grows.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when suspending and resuming the game on the main menu.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur in worlds that contained locator maps.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when leaving the Realms settings screen.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when downloading or saving data on Nintendo Switch.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur on Switch when split-screen players broke a large chest.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when killing and summoning a salmon with its navigation component removed.
  • Improved performance on some devices with less available memory.
  • Fixed a bug where multiple UI screens could be opened at once, causing the game to crash.
  • Shulker boxes that contain tropical fish buckets no longer cause performance issues. (MCPE-27167)
  • Fixed a bug that caused a significant performance drop when rendering chunks. (MCPE-37192)
  • Improved the loading time of various game files.
  • Fixed delayed touch response on the bottom of the screen on iOS. (MCPE-29718)
  • Fixed the bug where the player would unexpectedly turn in a random direction on touch screens. (MCPE-35910)
  • The "Body Guard" achievement can once again be unlocked after creating an iron golem. (MCPE-33686)
  • Fixed an issue with custom player permissions that might not apply correctly in multiplayer. (MCPE-34864)
  • Worlds larger than 1GB can now be copied and exported on Windows 10. (MCPE-37269)
  • Fixed an error that occurred when attempting to start a split-screen session with a guest on Xbox One.
  • Split-screen players no longer get stuck on the loading screen when re-joining Old worlds.
  • Lightning no longer strikes if the destination is in a cold biome. (MCPE-19015)
  • Players will no longer teleport when standing against a non-full block and reloading the game. (MCPE-31242)
  • Fixed rare enchantments being too hard to get at higher levels.
  • Potion of Slow Falling will now slow down elytra descent. (MCPE-34926)
  • The player locator map marker now faces the right direction when aboard a boat.
  • Players will now face forwards when entering a boat. (MCPE-36795)
  • Explosions will now drop blocks if the default game mode is Creative and tile drops are enabled. (MCPE-23498)
  • Planting crops continuously will no longer skip blocks. (MCPE-35857)
  • Fixed a bug where only white firework stars could be crafted.
  • Crafting multiple cakes using the recipe book will now return the correct amount of empty buckets to the player. (MCPE-37387)
  • Dyed beds now have the correct crafting recipe.
  • Fixed an exploit where rails could be duplicated (MCPE-36917)
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed tridents to be duplicated. (MCPE-37900)
  • Fixed enchanted tridents being lost from anvils following a server disconnect. (MCPE-37526)
  • Flower pots that contain saplings will once again drop the correct type when broken. (MCPE-37328)
  • Large slimes and magma cubes now have the correct sized hitbox based on their size. (MCPE-18518)
  • Fixed mobs not always taking fall damage when they should. (MCPE-37257)
  • Tamed wolves will now tilt their heads when the player is holding meat. (MCPE-17144)
  • Magma cubes no longer inflict damage during their death animation. (MCPE-14426)
  • Kelp will now only grow into water source blocks or full downward flowing water, and no longer creates a new source block. (MCPE-37155)
  • Pistons no longer drop as items when being pushed or pulled. (MCPE-37492)
  • The hitbox of piston arms now matches the size and shape correctly. (MCPE-13758)
  • Players no longer fall through shulker boxes as they open. (MCPE-28812)
  • Double wooden slabs can now be placed regardless of crosshair position. (MCPE-13799)
  • When the player has just moved out of a block space, they can no longer place a repeater or comparator that can't be powered. (MCPE-36762)
  • Mobs in minecarts no longer activate adjacent detector rails. (MCPE-21863)
  • Fixed the bug where players on Realms could be instantly killed in one shot by a blaze fireball attack. (MCPE-19535)
  • Fixed a bug that caused horses (and variants) to show flashing colors on certain devices. (MCPE-31726)
  • Fixed a bug where players could see through solid blocks when swimming.
  • Water now renders correctly when surrounded by barrier blocks.
  • Wall signs no longer show different types of wood particles when being broken. (MCPE-16141)
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause black visual glitches to appear around blocks when riding a horse.
  • The player's hands are now properly rotated and positioned when aboard a boat and holding a bow.
  • Fixed the ghast projectile firing animation.
  • Ghast sounds are no longer repeated when they are shooting fireballs (MCPE-19156)
User interface
  • Multiple items can be collected when trading with villagers again when using touch controls. (MCPE-32635)
  • Fixed incorrect interact buttons appearing briefly for certain mobs on touch screen devices.
  • The right bumper button now correctly scrolls through the tabs in the game menu on Nintendo Switch.
  • Reassigned Page Up and Page Down keys are now labeled correctly on the Settings screen.
  • The multiplayer toggle is now accurately shown when using platform restricted content on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.
  • The achievements button no longer appears in the pause menu if not signed into Xbox Live.
  • Controller hints now show the correct usage of "Open" and "Use" when looking at containers.
  • Fixed the buttons used on the startup message for players using Windows Mixed Reality.
  • Removed "MCPE!" from the list of splash screen messages. (MCPE-36741)
  • Search results in the Marketplace are now more consistent when searching through all content.
  • Only templates are suggested in the "Get More Templates" menu now.
  • Fixed incorrect message when accepting an invite from a notification on Nintendo Switch with certain parental controls set.
  • Running the 'title' and 'subtitle' commands will once again override any titles and subtitles currently on screen.
  • Relative coordinates in commands are once again consistent below 3 on the y-axis. (MCPE-35130)
  • Using ⇧ Shift + Tab ↹ to reverse cycle through slash command auto-complete suggestions now properly cycles to the end of the list.
  • Lava blocks no longer appear green in the command autocomplete area. (MCPE-33788)
  • Player names that are made up of only numbers are now surrounded with quotation marks when using autocomplete for slash commands.
  • 'minecraft:navigation.walk' can now be used in component groups without causing the game to crash.
  • Added an underscore to "frozen_river" in the 'biomes_client.json' file so it matches the other vanilla resource pack entries. (MCPE-36799)



A trailer for the update was released on November 11, 2018.


Video made by slicedlime:


  • The update has been referred to internally as "Holiday Update", though the name was never made official.


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