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Bedrock Edition

Internal version
Windows 10:

Release date

Nintendo Switch – July 19, 2018
Android, iOS, Fire OS, Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Gear VR, Xbox One – July 20, 2018

Protocol version


Other instances
of 1.5.1

1.5.1 is a minor update to Bedrock Edition released on July 19-20, 2018,[1] which fixes bugs from 1.5.0.[2]


  • Fixed several crashes that occurred during gameplay.
  • The game will now prevent player inventories from being lost. (MCPE-35324)
    • For those who have lost items, the team is doing further investigation into the issue.
  • Fixed instances of not being able to login to a Microsoft Account on Nintendo Switch.
  • Fixed download process getting stuck when joining a game with a Mash-up Pack applied.
  • Textures no longer become corrupted after applying certain packs in Global Resources on Nintendo Switch. (MCPE-34633)
  • Infinite notifications no longer occur when switching to Local Network mode during content download.
  • Fixed several screens being unscrollable with a controller on VR devices.