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For a guide about all content in this release and the other releases of the Update Aquatic, see Bedrock Edition guides/Update Aquatic.

1.4.0,[2] also known as Phase One of the Update Aquatic, is a major update to Bedrock Edition released on May 16, 2018.[1] It adds many new features focused primarily around ocean-related content, such as dolphins, shipwrecks, fish, tridents, buried treasure, drowned, and many other changes and fixes. Improvements to the technical aspect of the game were also added in this update, as well as an option to toggle various features from Minecraft Education into worlds.

Because of the vast amount of content to be added in Update Aquatic in Bedrock Edition, it was later decided to split the update into two major updates, with things like turtles, conduits and bubble columns being pushed back to Phase Two (1.5.0). Non-aquatic features from the Java version of Update Aquatic (such as phantoms and the Slow Falling status effect) were also postponed to 1.6.0.



Blue ice
  • Generates in icebergs.
  • Version exclusive: Emits a light level of 4.
Buttons, pressure plates, and trapdoors
  • Now come in all 6 wood types.
  • Come in 5 variants: brain, bubble, fire, horn, and tube.
  • Can be placed only underwater.
  • Naturally generate in coral reefs.
  • Can be obtained only with a Silk Touch enchanted tool.
Coral blocks
  • Come in 5 variants: brain, bubble, fire, horn, and tube.
  • Naturally generate in coral reefs.
  • Must be mined with a Silk Touch pickaxe to drop itself, otherwise they drop a dead coral block.
Coral fans
  • Come in 5 variants: brain, bubble, fire, horn, and tube.
  • Naturally generate in coral reefs.
  • Can be placed on the sides or tops of blocks.
  • Can be obtained only with a Silk Touch enchanted tool.
Dead coral blocks
  • Come in the same 5 variants as coral: brain, bubble, fire, horn, and tube.
  • Obtained by mining a coral block without a Silk Touch pickaxe.
  • Naturally generate in coral reefs.
Dead coral fans
  • Come in the same 5 variants as coral: brain, bubble, fire, horn, and tube.
  • Naturally generate in coral reefs.
  • Can be placed on the sides or tops of blocks.
  • Can be obtained only with a Silk Touch enchanted tool.
Dried kelp block
  • Crafted with 9 dried kelp.
  • Can be used as a fuel in furnaces, smelting 20 items per dried kelp block.
  • Generates in oceans.
  • Can be placed only in water.
  • Can grow multiple blocks high.
  • Has animated textures.
  • Can be smelted into dried kelp.
  • Generates in oceans, rivers, and swamps.
  • Can additionally be generated when using bone meal on blocks underwater.
  • Has a tall variant.
  • Has animated textures.
  • Version exclusive: Has a darker green color.
Sea pickles
  • Light-emitting blocks that generate in warm oceans, usually around coral reefs.
  • Up to 4 can be placed on a block.
  • Each one adds 3 to the light level, but only when placed underwater.
  • Can be smelted into lime dye.
  • Version exclusive: The player does not collide with it.
Slabs and stairs
  • Added slabs and stairs for all types of prismarine blocks.
Stripped logs
  • Barkless variant of logs.
  • Obtained by using an axe on a log.
  • Can be used to craft planks.


Bucket of Fish
  • Come in 4 variants: cod, salmon, pufferfish, and tropical fish.
  • Obtained by using a water bucket on a fish mob.
  • Version exclusive: Bucket of Pufferfish has a unique texture, showing a pufferfish with the old texture in a water bucket.
  • Version exclusive: An empty bucket can also be used to obtain a fish bucket.
Dried kelp
  • Obtained from smelting kelp.
  • Can be used to craft dried kelp blocks.
  • Can be eaten, restoring 1 (🍗) hunger point.
Heart of the Sea
  • Currently has no use.
  • Its purpose is to craft a conduit in a future update.
Nautilus shells
Spawn eggs
  • A new weapon.
  • Can be thrown or used as a melee weapon.
  • Obtained by killing drowned. (Experimental Gameplay Only)


  • Spawn in any non-frozen ocean.
  • Are neutral.
  • Can be fed raw cod.
  • Drop raw cod upon death.
  • Give the player a speed boost when swimming near them.
  • Underwater variant of zombies that spawn in oceans and rivers.
  • Can spawn with tridents.
  • Version exclusive: A drowned equipped with a trident uses melee attacks on targets within 3 blocks.
  • Available only through Experimental gameplay.
Fish mobs
  • Cod
    • Spawn in cold, normal, lukewarm oceans, and their variants.
  • Salmon
    • Spawn in cold, normal, frozen, lukewarm oceans, and their variants.
  • Pufferfish
    • Inflicts Poison to the player if they get too close to it.
    • Inflate themselves when a player gets near.
  • Tropical fish
    • Spawn only in warm and deep warm oceans.
    • Come in 14 different colors and patterns.
  • Version exclusive: Have a 25% chance of dropping bones upon death.

World generation[]

  • Added warm, lukewarm, cold, deep warm, deep lukewarm, deep cold, and deep frozen ocean biomes.
Buried treasure
  • Structures that consist of a buried chest with loot in it.
Coral reefs
  • Naturally generate in warm oceans.
  • Consist of coral, coral blocks, and coral fans.
  • Generate on frozen oceans.
  • Can be found in oceans and beaches.
  • Contain 1–3 loot chests containing different types of loot depending on the ship.
  • Can generate upright, sideways or upside down.
  • Version exclusive: Stripped logs generate as part of them.
Underwater ruins
  • Come in many different shapes and sizes.
  • Cold ocean ruins generate in normal, cold, and frozen ocean biomes, as well as their deep variants.
  • Warm ocean ruins generate in warm, lukewarm, and deep lukewarm ocean biomes.


  • Version exclusive: More achievements, which include the following:
    • Atlantis? - Find an underwater ruin (20G)
    • Ahoy! - Find a shipwreck (20G)
    • Castaway - Eat nothing but dried kelp for three in-game days (20G)
    • Me Gold! - Dig up a buried treasure (30G)
    • Alternative Fuel - Power a furnace with a kelp block (20G)
    • Sail the 7 Seas - Visit all ocean biomes (40G)
    • Sleep with the Fishes - Stay underwater for one day without a potion (30G)
    • I'm a Marine Biologist - Collect a fish in a bucket (20G)
  • Channeling
    • Has only one level.
    • Used on tridents to summon a lightning bolt on impact with a mob during thunderstorms.
  • Impaling
    • Goes up to level V.
    • Used on tridents to deal more damage to players and mobs in water or rain.
  • Loyalty
    • Goes up to level III.
    • Used on tridents to make it return to the player when thrown.
  • Riptide
    • Goes up to level III.
    • Used on tridents to launch the player when thrown while in water or rain.
  • Added a new swimming animation.


  • Added an Inventory section to manage all of the player's acquired content.
  • Added sorting and filtering.
World options
  • Added an option to toggle certain Minecraft Education features into worlds.
    • When used on an existing world, the world is copied and marked with "[EDU]" to distinguish it from the original world, similar to Experimental Gameplay.
    • Cannot be disabled once the world is made.



  • Using a bed during the daytime now sets the player’s spawn point to that bed.
  • Buttons made from oak planks and stone are now named "Oak Button" and "Stone Button", respectively.
  • Can now be placed underwater.
  • Has been overhauled.
  • Has a new texture and color.
  • Has a new behavior mechanic.
    • A water source block can now be placed inside of most non-solid blocks.
    • Flowing water still does not flow into non-solid blocks.
    • Blocks can now be placed underwater without creating pockets of air around them.


Book and Quill
  • Default author now reads "Author Unknown".
  • Updated textures for all fish items.
  • Can now be attached to boats.


Baby zombies
  • Now burn in the daylight.

Non-mob entities[]

  • Items and block drops now float in water.

World generation[]

Caves and ravines
  • Can now generate underwater.


Oxygen bar
  • The player's oxygen bar no longer regenerates instantly when they get out of water.
  • The player can now swim through 1x1 holes.


  • Most of the new features introduced in 1.2.13 are no longer under Experimental Gameplay.
  • Tweaked the directional movement of the gameplay cursor for more predictable movement.


  • Fixed several of the top crashes that occurred during gameplay.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when importing an add-on with an invalid manifest file.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred after rating content in the Marketplace.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when using the '/fill' command directly after '/clone' in the same tick.
  • Reduced the delay when placing or destroying blocks.
  • Improved load times in the skin picker and when applying resource packs.
  • Improvements to Store load times.
  • 'Delicious Fish' achievement can now be unlocked after cooking and eating salmon.
  • Activated resource packs now stay active upon downloading any other resource pack during world creation.
  • Several fixes to joining as a second player on Xbox One split-screen.
  • Split-screen controls are no longer mixed up when the game is launched while using keyboard and mouse input on Xbox One.
  • Disconnecting a controller while making input no longer continues that input until the controller is reconnected.
  • Fishing now gives the proper chance of catching a stack of 10 ink sacs.
  • Items can no longer be duplicated by rapidly dropping them while playing multiplayer.
  • Lava with a block on top no longer prevents fire damage to entities and fixes chicken cookers.
  • Fire resistance potions now protect snow golems from dying in warm biomes.
  • Soul sand and gravel once again generate in the Nether.
  • Fixed the crafting recipes of prismarine bricks and dark prismarine being swapped.
  • When riding a boat and hitting a mob with the Knockback enchantment, the mob is no longer always knocked toward the East.
  • Zombies and skeletons now burn in daylight while in boats.
  • Players can once again build straight down while holding the jump and place buttons simultaneously.
  • Fixed villager trades becoming deactivated in certain cases when using touch controls.
  • Curse of Binding and Vanishing books can no longer be acquired by trading with a librarian villager.
  • Cocoa beans now display correctly when using HD Resource Packs.
  • Farmland and grass paths no longer have water textures when seen underwater.
  • Disconnected water flows no longer visually show as connected.
  • Water source blocks surrounding glass, slime blocks, and sea lanterns no longer turn into flowing water blocks.
  • Snow covered leaves no longer appear red when Smooth Lighting is disabled.
  • Fixed the appearance of bubbles around the guardian laser attack.
User interface
  • "Destroy Block (vibrate)" toggle once again appears in Touch settings.
  • The paper doll is no longer in a running pose on the main menu.
  • Firework rockets now appear in the recipe book when being searched for in Survival.
  • Initiating world template screen now shows a progress bar.
  • Fixed the 'Disconnected from server' prompt being too large on Gear VR.
  • Fixed some toggles and buttons staying highlighted in Settings when they shouldn't.
  • Chroma Hills HD texture pack fonts now apply correctly.
  • '/clear' now clears items held in hand when playing in Classic UI.
  • Commands in chains of command blocks now run sequentially when other chains are running nearby.
  • Selectors targeting players in '/title' commands now properly show the player's name.
  • When applying the 'spell_effects' component, entities now receive the defined effect.


Video made by slicedlime:


  • Originally, this update was going to be released as 1.3.0, however that number was skipped because of various technical reasons relating to version numbering on certain platforms.
  • This update was known for having a very wonky version labeling during the beta, as no such beta version under the name "beta 1.3.0.x" or "beta 1.4.0.x" was released. Instead, multiple betas were released under the names of versions that were released later on, making a sort of "pseudo-beta":
    • Beta to included additions through Experimental Gameplay, which made it into the official 1.2.13 release.
    • Beta and added features in the world generation, but this did not make it into the full 1.2.14 release on iOS, which was completely different from the labeled beta version.
    • Beta and added more features, but was labeled under a version named "1.2.20", which was never released. Instead, this was merged into the full 1.4.0 release.


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