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1.2.10 is a minor update to Bedrock Edition released on February 7, 2018.[citation needed] Due to stability issues, this version did not include all of the fixes from the 1.2.10 beta.



  • Gamepad cursor sensitivity can now be adjusted in Controller settings
  • Increased tick radius range, which can be adjusted when creating or editing a world


  • Enabling the Mute toggle will no longer suppress non-chat messages like players leaving and joining
  • Cartographer Villagers will now give maps for new Ocean Monuments and Woodland Mansions that are not in known generated chunks
  • Fixed the hunger bar not filling up in converted Xbox One worlds
  • Opening the chat screen with "/" no longer place the cursor before the slash
  • Changed the error message that appeared when attempting to purchase content and not having enough Minecoins
  • Players can no longer accidentally purchase marketplace content from the patch notes screen by repeatedly mashing the A button


Video made by slicedlime: