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1.19.20 is a minor update to Bedrock Edition released on August 9, 2022, which brought more parity with Java Edition, and fixes bugs.[1]



Sculk Catalyst
  • Now drops 5 XP instead of 20 XP.
Amethyst Block
  • Can no longer catch on fire or be destroyed by fire.
End Portal
Oak Wood Planks, Spruce Wood Planks, Birch Wood Planks, Jungle Wood Planks, Acacia Wood Planks, and Dark Oak Wood Planks
  • Removed the word "Wood" from their names.
Oak Wood Stairs, Spruce Wood Stairs, Birch Wood Stairs, Jungle Wood Stairs, Acacia Wood Stairs, and Dark Oak Wood Stairs
  • Removed the word "Wood" from their names.
Oak Wood Slab, Spruce Wood Slab, Birch Wood Slab, Jungle Wood Slab, Acacia Wood Slab, and Dark Oak Wood Slab
  • Removed the word "Wood" from their names.


Ender Dragon




Performance / Stability
  • The game no longer crashes when browsing the Marketplace
  • Fixed a crash related to spawn eggs (MCPE-159302)
  • Prevent client/server portal travel desync on low render distance settings (MCPE-158167)
  • Fix potential crash when returning to the Overworld from the Nether or The End
  • The game no longer crashes when entering Coin Starter bundle screen
  • Fixed bugs where client state can get out of sync with server if using an item is cancelled or failed
  • Improved the performance of the locate biome command to mitigate stalls on the server while searching for a biome that is far away (MCPE-157609)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when connected devices, like gamepads, were missing
  • Fixed a crash that was caused by a villager changing its profession while trading. The trade screen will now close if the villager changes professions mid trade
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when pistons were extending or retracting near moveable blocks and arrows
  • Fixed a crash when exploring multiple categories in Marketplace on Xbox and PlayStation
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when teleporting and killing an entity in the same tick
  • The wandering trader's spawning now matches Java Edition and it will no longer spawn in water, lava, or underground (MCPE-46911)
  • Fixed a bug where Bows could fail to shoot an arrow the first time they were used, this also affected crossbows and tridents (MCPE-159467)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the new Wild Update music to not play in the Wild Update biomes when in Creative mode
  • Fixed an issue that prevented fisherman villagers from offering to buy boats at max level
  • The secret door that leads to the redstone room in the center of an ancient city now opens/closes properly (MCPE-156718)
  • Lava buckets will no longer disappear when failing to be placed or dispensed into partial blocks (MCPE-50664)
  • Fixed an issue where enchantments on ranged weapons on mobs were not being applied (MCPE-113623)
  • Fixed volume level of amethyst step chime sound when walked on by a mob
  • Fixed an issue where some items with durability would fail to be created from the Creative inventory
  • Ancient cities have more frequent sculk patch generation (MCPE-154229)
  • Player no longer takes damage from entering a nether portal if it is placed at Y=-21 or below (MCPE-154888)
  • Fixed an issue where scores on scoreboards were not being ordered properly (MCPE-141427)
  • Fixed a bug where fishing hooks would drop loot when killed with the /kill command (MCPE-142329)
  • Player’s Soul Speed is now properly activated and de-activated on soul sand (MCPE-157152)
  • Fixed a bug causing health_boost to display incorrect health values, causing the player to turn invisible and unable to interact with the world on dying
  • When trading, the villager plays the correct sound based on the item in the input slot (MCPE-152555)
  • Skulls in ancient cities now better match the orientation they have in Java Edition (MCPE-153547)
  • Enable event filters in the root definition to be evaluated independent of sequence or randomize when a format_version of 1.19.20 or higher is specified
  • Fixed issue with health boost extra life not staying (MCPE-153504)
  • Polar bears no longer panic when attacked
  • Tadpoles flopping while on land now more closely match Java Edition and fishes in speed (MCPE-154316)
  • Piglins will now stop attacking if the player puts on gold armor (MCPE-65516)
  • Jobless zombie villagers are no longer unable to ride Minecarts or Boats (MCPE-76831)
  • Ravagers are now able to destroy mangrove leaves, azaleas, azalea leaves, cave vines, dripleaves, spore blossoms, and hanging roots (MCPE-156551, MCPE-125322)
  • Releasing a bucketed custom mob now spawns the correct type of mob
  • Fixed the order in which a bucketed mob is created when released, which means any Actor Properties on it will load correctly
  • Allays can now pick up and drop items at their owner when in a boat (MCPE-156377)
  • Allay can now always pick up dropped scaffolding blocks (MCPE-157512)
  • Allay now correctly stops dancing when music from jukebox ends
  • Allays now look at targets such as players (MCPE-158222)
  • Fish do not shake anymore when placed in an isolated water block
  • Fixed a bug that caused Wolves to spawn red when summoned with entity_born or on_tame events
  • Fixed a bug that could cause witches to stop spawning. The witch hut structure is now set as a surface spawner for Witches (MCPE-60552)
  • The ender dragon can no longer destroy crying obsidian, respawn anchors, light blocks, deny blocks, allow blocks, border blocks, and jigsaw blocks (MCPE-158343)
  • Fixed a bug causing baby mobs with the minecraft:behavior.sleep goal to have a shrunken hitbox (MCPE-46040)
  • Allays and bees are now less likely to get stuck in non-full blocks (MCPE-155777)
  • Wardens can now detect a player sneaking on top of a sculk sensor (MCPE-155804)
  • Wardens can now let itself fall up to 20 blocks down, instead of just 3 (MCPE-158304)
  • Allays can now pick up armor pieces with a different durability than the one they are holding (MCPE-158339)
  • Entities that die completely now have their data removed from the world file (MCPE-155283)
  • Fixed a bug which could cause mobs to not load into the world if their saved y-position was greater than or equal to 25
  • Removed "Wood" from the names of mangrove wood planks, stairs, and slabs (MCPE-156791)
  • Twisting vines and weeping vines with no support now pop even when the random ticking speed is set to 0 (MCPE-69305)
  • Hanging mangrove propagules no longer drop a propagule item when silk touched if not at max growth (MCPE-156821)
  • Muddy mangrove roots can now be placed sideways (MCPE-153721)
  • Hanging mangrove propagules no longer changes color when certain blocks are placed nearby (MCPE-156570)
  • End portal frame block is now named "End Portal Frame" instead of "End Portal" (MCPE-76821)
  • Amethyst block has been renamed to "Block of Amethyst" (MCPE-125821)
  • Mangrove log, mangrove wood, and stripped mangrove wood can now be used to craft a campfire with charcoal (MCPE-157271)
  • Campfires can once again be stacked correctly (MCPE-159398)
  • Fixed a bug where pistons sometimes did not drop the piston item when broken by the arm (MCPE-158314)
  • Sounds of the smithing table when a villager is working are now the same as sounds when the player uses the table (MCPE-79716)
  • Bells can no longer catch on fire or be destroyed by fire
  • Mangrove and azalea leaves no longer prevent tree growth (MCPE-154980)
Sculk Blocks
  • If two vibrations are emitted at the same time, sculk sensors will now react to the closest one (MCPE-155793)
    • If two vibrations are emitted at the same time and at the same distance, sculk sensors will now react to the one with the highest frequency
  • Sculk sensors now detect a creeper exploding with a frequency of 15
  • Sculk sensors now detect an end crystal exploding with a frequency of 15 (MCPE-153733)
  • Sculk sensors now detect a fish being let out of a bucket with a frequency of 12
  • Sculk sensors now detect a TNT being fired out of a dispenser with a frequency of 12
  • Vibration particles are now always oriented towards the target sculk sensor (MCPE-156648)
  • Sculk catalysts now play the blooming sound effect when blooming (MCPE-153562)
  • Sculk catalysts do not spread sculk anymore on players' death if the Keep Inventory game rule is set to True (MCPE-157884)
  • Sculk catalysts do not get covered in sculk veins anymore if a mob dies on top of them
  • Sculk catalyst now blooms when a mob with no experience dies next to it
  • Sculk sensors can now also detect bees, chickens, allays, phantoms, and ender dragons flying (MCPE-153725, MCPE-154055)
  • Sculk sensors can now emit the whole range of redstone signal strengths, based on the distance a vibration has been emitted at. Previously, the output was either 1 or 15
  • Sculk sensors no longer detect boats staying still in water (MCPE-155368)
  • Reduced sculk catalyst experience drop from 20 to 5
  • Sculk patch features can now be placed on additional block types (MCPE-156669)
  • Fixed bug causing FOV to stutter when sprinting while the player has a speed effect applied
  • With data-driven block tessellation, geometry box pivot-base rotation now rotates around the correct pivot point
  • Fixed x-ray vision when top snow falls on top of the player so it now behaves as a solid block when top snow covers player's vision (MCPE-150709)
  • Fixed an issue with RTX on Windows where point lights were unintentionally accumulated for emissive blocks (MCPE-159485, MCPE-159488)
User Interface
  • The Toggle Perspective hint now shows the player’s assignment instead of the default assignment
  • Saddled pig's tooltip changed to "Ride" instead of "Mount"
  • Added content warnings for large icons for texture tessellation (e.g. objects in hand)
  • Fixed an issue where players were not able to hover over UI elements inside a scroll view if a portion of it fell outside of the view when using mouse + keyboard on iOS. This was a result of the scroll view auto focusing onto the nearest non-clipped element
  • Hover text for can_place_on blocks for items in inventory is now in a consistent order between game saves (MCPE-153516)
  • Removed the controller settings tab for Oculus
  • Goat horn sound is now placed in the jukebox/note blocks sound category in Settings (MCPE-154885)
  • Fixed the Add Server feature not saving IPV6 addresses (MCPE-66233)
  • Updated the Realms Plus FAQ to clarify that all Bedrock platforms can purchase Realms Plus (MCPE-157869)
  • Fixed an error where creating a new Realm would navigate out to the Play screen instead of returning to the Create New World screen
  • The Realms feed screenshot button is now available for VR platforms
Spectator Mode (Experimental)
  • Removed emotes functionality while in spectator mode
  • Player can now place blocks where spectator is hovering
  • Players now have their hands back when they are holding a map when they have one item in offhand and one in main hand
  • Spectators’ heads are now properly rendered as semi-transparent
  • Character Creator head items (hats, hoods, helmets, etc.) are now properly rendered semi-transparent while in spectator mode
  • Capes and animated back items are no longer rendered while in spectator mode (MCPE-156929)
  • Spectators can no longer use or get affected by portals (MCPE-156684)


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