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1.19.10 is a minor update to Bedrock Edition released on July 12, 2022, which brought more parity with Java Edition and fixes bugs.[1]



Spawn eggs

Command format[]

  • Added /locate biome, which can look for specific biomes.


  • Added the following splash text for pride and for the commemoration of Technoblade:
    • "You are valid!"
    • "I'm glad you're here!"
    • "You are welcome here!"
    • "Your gender is valid!"
    • "Contains infinite genders!"
    • "Technoblade never dies!"



Flowered Azalea Leaves
Lapis lazuli block
  • Renamed to "Block of Lapis Lazuli".
Monster Spawners
  • Now drop XP only when destroyed by a pickaxe.
Sweet Berry Bushes


Goat Horn
  • Decreased its poison level from IV to II.


  • Can now dance when a nearby jukebox is playing.
  • If an allay is given an amethyst shard while dancing, it can "duplicate", creating another allay and consuming the shard.
    • It has a 5 minute cooldown between each duplication.
Trader Llama
  • Are now separate from normal llamas.
Wandering Trader
  • Wardens' sonic boom attack now bypasses the damage reduction by armor enchantments such as Protection.
  • Now despawn when stuck in a liquid instead of digging away.

Command format[]

  • Locating structures now use /locate structure instead of /locate
    • The original /locate still exists however.


  • Added Bluetooth mouse and keyboard support on iOS and iPadOS.
Death messages
  • Death messages are now displayed on the death screen as well as in the chat.
Death screen
  • Changed and revamped the screen to be similar to Java Edition's death screen.
  • Removed the Vanilla Experiment and Wild Update toggle since it has no active experimental content.
  • Music is now included in the iOS and iPadOS app and is no longer needed to be downloaded from the marketplace.
  • Equipping armor using the inventory now plays a sound.
  • Placing items that aren't armor (such as pumpkins and skulls) in the headwear slot now plays a generic equip sound.


Performance / Stability
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when boats are unloaded from the world
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a wither is loaded into the world
  • Fixed a crash that could occur in multiplayer when a player left the game while changing dimension
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a fishing rod was cast through dimension-changing portals (MCPE-154161)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when players died while affected with the Wither effect
  • The game no longer crashes when entering the coin starter bundle screen
  • Loading a world no longer takes a very long time when having the Holiday Creator Features experimental toggle enabled
  • Players are no longer pushed by doors as they close (MCPE-154734)
  • Items now stack properly in the offhand when inventory is full (MCPE-34959)
  • Equipping items in armor slots through inventory screen now produces sounds (MCPE-46939)
  • Players can now hear each other equipping items in armor slots
  • Fixed a bug where players could take fall damage when walking around on scaffolding at certain heights (even when not actually falling) (MCPE-154779)
  • Fixed a bug that reset the player's vertical camera angle upon entering a boat (MCPE-152762)
  • Advanced pick block now copies the items inside when used on a boat with chest (MCPE-153410)
  • Resistance effect is no longer one level weaker than it should be (MCPE-156012)
  • Haste I will now properly increase the player's mining speed (MCPE-102237)
  • Conduit Power I now grants the effect of Haste I instead of Haste II
  • Fixed an issue with extra health from Health Boost not persisting after exiting the world (MCPE-153504)
  • Container entities like boat with chest can now be opened on mobile devices without crouching if all the seats are occupied
  • The player no longer endlessly jumps after entering a boat while holding down the jump button (MCPE-155774)
  • Fixed a bug causing player hitboxes to not reset if they die while swimming (MCPE-155232)
  • Fixed an issue where new users given Operator permissions by default were not able to use operator commands
  • Fixed an issue where worlds that gave Operator permissions to new players only gave Member permissions
  • Removed the Vanilla Experiment and Wild Experiment toggles, since they no longer have any active experimental content
World Generation
  • Fixed a bug where upgrading old worlds could result in water columns below y=0
  • Mangrove swamps are now denser to more closely match Java Edition (MCPE-153748)
  • Grass blocks in mangrove swamps now have dirt blocks underneath them (MCPE-155414)
  • Clay patches now correctly generate in mangrove swamps
  • Campground structures now generate correctly in ancient cities (MCPE-156084)
  • Updated ancient city structures to match Java Edition
  • Sculk vein feature can now generate within the same height-span as the sculk patch feature (MCPE-156074)
  • Fixed issues with mobs disappearing after going through nether portals (MCPE-155678)
  • Fixed a bug causing tamed mobs to disappear when they go through a nether portal in a multiplayer world (MCPE-88322)
  • Villagers now spawn as swamp villagers in mangrove swamp (MCPE-153731)
  • Villagers will now flee from zoglins (MCPE-74974)
  • Parrots are once again poisoned by cookies (MCPE-151671)
  • The trader llama now has the correct name displayed when opening its inventory (MCPE-47165)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented trader llamas from becoming aggressive towards entities that attack the wandering trader (MCPE-94996)
  • The wandering trader will now flee from zoglins
  • The wandering trader will now drink milk to clear its Invisibility effect (MCPE-44605)
  • Fixed a bug causing riding passengers to stop riding when reloaded if they were across chunk borders
  • Breaking a boat with chest or minecart with chest will now anger nearby piglins (MCPE-153393)
  • Fixed entities disappearing when importing worlds converted from legacy console editions of Minecraft
  • Fixed a bug where slimes would no longer spawn in flat worlds made before 1.18 (MCPE-119396)
  • Fixed a bug where failed slime spawn attempts would reduce the spawning rates of other mobs (MCPE-153502)
  • Wither now breaks obsidian when attacked by players (MCPE-64630)
  • Wither no longer breaks surrounding blocks after a shorter delay than intended after being attacked
  • Entities entering nether portals exit in same relative position and rotation to the portal (MCPE-139835)
  • Edited health points of cod, pufferfish, salmon, and tropical fish to be 3, matching Java Edition
  • Shulker projectile now adds effect "Levitation" instead of "Levitation II" on hit
  • Tadpoles now grow up into temperate frogs in meadows, and into cold frogs in deep darks
  • Frogs no longer lay frogspawn on shallow, flowing water (MCPE-152559)
  • Allays can now follow players through nether portals (MCPE-155678)
  • Taking a stackable item from an allay now correctly adds the item to existing stacks (MCPE-153540)
  • Taking a stackable item from an allay no longer cause item duplication
  • Allay pickup range is changed from 64 to 32 blocks to match Java Edition (MCPE-251766)
  • Allay now retains information about the vibration it is reacting to through save and load
  • Items held by allays now glow in darkness (MCPE-153533)
  • Warden can now path through lava (MCPE-153582)
  • Warden can now pass through water (MCPE-153602)
  • Warden is no longer pushable while emerging or digging
  • If the warden is in liquid when attempting to despawn, it will not do the digging animation, instead it will just despawn without any animation/sound (MCPE-155706)
  • Warden now always chases a nuisance after it roars at it
  • Warden now increases its anger towards an attacking nuisance by 100 anger for each attack
  • There are no longer graphical artifacts from the warden’s emerge or dig particle effects (MCPE-153580)
  • Warden's hurt animation no longer differs between Bedrock Edition and Java Edition (MCPE-153967)
  • Wardens can now spawn on more types of non-full blocks, such as upper slabs, redstone dust, snow layers, buttons, and tripwires (MCPE-155821)
  • Warden now retains information about the vibration it is reacting to through save and load
  • Warden’s sonic boom attack now bypasses enchantment damage reduction such as Protection (MCPE-156282)
  • Nether sprouts and fungi can now be placed on mud and muddy mangrove roots
  • Froglight walk sound volume is now more similar as other blocks walk sound volume (MCPE-154879)
  • Monster spawners now drop XP only when destroyed by a pickaxe
  • Fixed a visual issue where barrier blocks would show a red texture/overlay when being viewed from the inside (MCPE-98938)
  • Renamed "Flowered Azalea Leaves" to "Flowering Azalea Leaves"
  • Renamed "Lapis Lazuli Block" to "Block of Lapis Lazuli" (MCPE-105452)
  • Cut copper slab and its variants can now be placed on the top half of a block on the first attempt (MCPE-154302)
  • Campfires can now provide full-faced bottom support to other blocks
  • Lecterns can now provide full-faced bottom support to other blocks
  • Weeping vines can now be placed underneath all blocks which can provide full-faced bottom support (MCPE-153083, MCPE-104717)
  • Fixed an issue where carved pumpkins launched from dispensers weren't equipping to nearby mobs
  • Bell now rings when hit by any type of projectile
  • Hit sound is now played when amethyst block is hit by projectiles (MCPE-137090)
  • Amethyst clusters are no longer destroyed if attached to a sculk sensor
  • Structure blocks can no longer be waterlogged (MCPE-59566)
Mangrove and mud blocks
  • Muddy mangrove roots are now broken fastest with a shovel (MCPE-153710)
  • Mangrove roots are now broken fastest with an axe (MCPE-155606)
  • Mangrove leaves are no longer collected into different stacks when using Silk Touch (MCPE-153786)
  • Mangrove leaves are no longer collected into separate stacks when using shears
  • Stripped mangrove logs now craft into stripped mangrove wood instead of mangrove wood (MCPE-155365)
  • Mangrove log is now included in bonus chest loot tables (MCPE-153924)
  • Mangrove propagules are no longer blocked to grow by Leaves (MCPE-154928)
  • Mangrove propagules now render correctly when placed in flower pots (MCPE-155528)
  • Mangrove propagules now use grass sounds
  • Mangrove propagules are no longer destroyed by flowing water (MCPE-154011)
  • Mangrove signs now use mangrove plank textures for breaking particles (MCPE-156568)
  • Mangrove propagule is now placed at a random offset (MCPE-153735)
  • Iron bars and glass panes now connect to mangrove roots (MCPE-153871)
  • Sweet berry bushes can now be planted on mud, muddy mangrove roots, and rooted dirt (MCPE-153916)
Sculk Blocks
  • A sculk vein block now drops as many items as its number of faces when mined with Silk Touch
  • Sculk catalyst can now spread sculk through mud and muddy mangrove roots (MCPE-153924)
  • When a mob dies in proximity of multiple sculk catalysts, only the closest one will bloom
  • The "It Spreads" achievement is no longer unlocked when a sculk catalysts blooms after the death of a mob which carries no XP
  • Sculk shriekers now scan for wardens in a box with side 48 blocks, not 96 blocks
  • Sculk shriekers now apply the Darkness effect to players with threat level 3 or 4
  • Sculk shriekers now detect players when riding any type of entity (MCPE-153814)
  • Sculk shriekers now activate repeatedly while players are standing on them (50%) (MCPE-153818)
  • Sculk shriekers now implicate the player that provokes it from afar
  • Sculk shrieker now retains information about the vibration it is reacting to through save and load
  • A sculk shrieker can no longer summon a warden underwater (MCPE-15379)
  • Sculk shrieker particles are now correctly rendered from behind (MCPE-153591)
  • Sculk shrieker now detects players when riding all types of entities, including striders, skeleton horses, pigs, and llamas (MCPE-153814)
  • The sculk sensor now correctly detects when a big dripleaf block changes its tilting state (MCPE-153115)
  • The sculk sensor now correctly detects when a grass, grass path, dirt, coarse dirt, or rooted dirt block is tilled with a hoe (MCPE-153734)
  • Sculk sensors cannot detect a player equipping a handheld item anymore (MCPE-153971)
  • Sculk sensors are now occluded by wool in a consistent manner, no matter which direction vibrations come from (MCPE-153815)
  • Sculk sensors cannot detect a player placing, destroying, walking and falling on carpets anymore (MCPE-153956)
  • Sculk sensors cannot detect wool and carpets hitting the ground in item form anymore (MCPE-152998)
  • Sculk sensor now retains information about the vibration it is reacting to through save and load
  • Sculk sensors can now detect a boat with chest having its chest opened and closed (MCPE-156199)
  • Sculk sensors give out a redstone signal of 12 and 13 when detecting fluids being placed and picked up, respectively
  • Sculk sensors can now detect a player drinking milk
  • Sculk sensors can now detect a player picking up powder snow via bucket (MCPE-153817)
  • Sculk sensors cannot detect an entity jumping on wool covered by sculk veins anymore
  • Sculk sensors cannot detect an entity standing still in scaffolding anymore (MCPE-118454)
  • Sculk sensors can now detect an entity moving in powder snow and cobwebs (MCPE-153105)
  • Sculk sensors can now detect items being placed in the hand of an armor stand
  • Sculk sensors cannot detect any more items being equipped on mobs at spawn time
  • Goat horn now correctly drops when goats ram mangrove logs (MCPE-154912)
  • Goat horn now has the same sound for the “Call” variant as Java Edition (MCPE-154886)
  • The last sound for goat horn was renamed from “Resist” to “Dream” to match Java Edition (MCPE-155059)
  • Fixed bottles being not usable on water and boats not placeable on water (MCPE-156451)
  • Wooden tools can now be repaired using mangrove planks, crimson planks, and warped planks (MCPE-153808)
  • Smelting gold and iron tools and weapons into nuggets now rewards XP (MCPE-136467)
  • Shields that are disabled when struck by an axe or by warden now plays broken item sound (MCPE-153315)
  • Items in off-hand are once again rendered properly
  • Pufferfish now gives Poison II effect instead of Poison IV when consumed (MCPE-105392)
  • Players now have their hands back when they are holding a map when they have one item in offhand and one in main hand. (MCPE-100259)
  • Darkness effect now works in the Nether and the End dimensions
  • Lava and powder snow fogs now take priority over Darkness and Blindness fogs (MCPE-154928)
  • Fixed animation system issues for players in split-screen situations
    • Fixed crossbow, trident, and shield rendering for other players (MCPE-118528)
    • Fixed split-screen render position when sleeping in a bed (MCPE-65705)
    • Fixed elytra's animation during split-screen
    • Fix attached lead position when second player is using first person perspective
  • Fixed an issue with reloading RTX worlds that caused DX11 to be used, resulting in a black screen (MCPE-152645)
  • Fog settings with negative fog start will no longer cause UI elements get tinted by fog color
  • Fixed a visual bug where liquids could have unexpected heights in the corners depending on diagonally-adjacent blocks (MCPE-152995)
  • Fixed terrain flickering in and out of the fog when playing on Nintendo Switch
  • Fixed an issue with underground light sources being generated when breaking or placing a block (MCPE-155808)
User Interface
  • Fixed touch control's right d-pad button not working when the d-pad area overlapped with the hotbar area (MCPE-156103)
  • Infinite loading should no longer occur when entering the Dressing Room (MCPE-156209)
  • Fixed up some of the text for the emote wheel so it would fit inside the box
  • Added settings to change duration of notifications
  • Friendly Fire game rule toggle has been moved to the Multiplayer tab on the Create New World screen
  • On mobile devices, the experience bar is now centered over the entire length of the hotbar, including the ellipsis at the end
  • Fixed issue where info and buttons did not appear for downloaded skin packs (MCPE-152216)
  • On the death screen in Pocket UI, moved the Main Menu button to the top navigation to avoid accidental button presses when dying mid-fight
  • Fixed incorrect positioning of "Select (A)" tip on the death screen when using a gamepad controller
  • Added correct death message when dying from sweet berry bush (MCPE-103583)
  • Added a minimum size to yellow splash screen text
  • Fixed a typo in notification duration label for Accessibility Settings (MCPE-156901)
  • Fixed "Crafting" word above the crafting slots in the inventory on Classic UI (MCPE-152697)
  • Worlds created with a template will now always disable achievements
  • Fixed an issue where items could be dropped by clicking in the dark gray area of the player inventory when using a furnace, blast furnace, smoker, enchanting table, grindstone, brewing stand, anvil, beacon, smithing table, loom, cartography table, and stonecutter
  • Fixed an issue where some paragraphs of text in modals were misaligned (MCPE-153789)
  • Container screen cursor can now be controlled by the wireless controller touch pad on PlayStation 4 (MCPE-106320)
  • Fixed a typo in notification duration label for Accessibility Settings (MCPE-156901)
  • Player can now continuously jump while holding down the jump button (MCPE-117045)
  • Player can now descend from the top of scaffolding with the new touch controls (MCPE-154309)
  • Realms players can once again post screenshots to their Realms Feeds and comment on Realms Feed posts
  • Fixed a bug wherein failure to join a Realm gave misleading or incorrect error messages (REALMS-7242)
  • Different types of Realms subscriptions will always show the "Manage" button on the Settings > Subscriptions page if they are manageable on the current platform
  • Added a popup to notify players on Google Play about holds on Realms subscriptions
  • Clicking "Play on Realm" from World Settings now copies the world's game rules to the Realm
Spectator Mode (Experimental)
  • Players in spectator mode no longer get effects from gameplay
  • Players in spectator mode no longer trigger raids while in village with the Bad Omen effect
  • While in spectator mode, actors in other chunks are no longer culled away
  • Players in spectator mode can now breathe anywhere
  • Players in spectator mode can no longer be pushed by pistons
  • Spectators will be ignored for sleeping rules to skip the night
  • Moving around as a spectator will no longer affect player's hunger level
  • Spectators no longer broadcast self-made sounds; such as footsteps, climbing, watersplash, etc.
  • Player's insomnia timer stops ticking once the player switches to spectator mode
  • The head only renders for other players in spectator mode
  • Players in spectator now render semi-transparently to other players in spectator mode
  • Projectiles such as arrows, tridents, fireballs will now shoot through spectators
  • Spectators playing with gamepad no longer are shown unusable tooltips


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